#2: April Blogs

Blog #13 & #14: April 25th 2012
2 New Videos: Alien vs Robot and Hell on Earth!
Check these videos out under 2012 Youtube Videos or click here to see more videos

Blog #12: April 7 2012
Is Ryan Reynolds The New Dark Knight?
Check this out under my “Important Things to See” tab or click here

Blog #11: April 5 2012
Batman Arkham Asylum Game Review
Check under my Video Game Reviews tab to learn more
EDIT: Game is now titled “Batman Arkham Series”. click here to read about it!

Blog #10: April 3 2012
One of the Worst Things I Have Ever Seen
Check under my Miscellaneous tab to learn more or click here

Blog #9: April 1 2012
007 Goldeneye – Stupidest Lines

I felt that Pierce Brosnan had the most ridiculous lines in James Bond history. While his movies are good, there was hardly a moment that passed by where he did not have some kind of stupid remark to say in all of his movies. I wanted to make this video, and other ones as well that will be coming out later, to show everyone how corny the lines in the James Bond movie franchise can get to be. It really is just sometimes too much. But on other points it’s really funny and cool to watch. I will always love James Bond though. I hope that while he is mainly the ultimate badass that every guy wants to be, the corny-ness will not overwhelm future movies.

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