#1: March Blogs

Blog #8: March 31 2012
Movie Reviews: The Spiderman Trilogy
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Blog #7: March 29 2012
Movie Reviews: The Hunger Games
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Blog #6: March 21 2012
Movie Reviews: The Three Musketeers 2011
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Blog #5: March 15th 2012
My Personal Views on Filmaking
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Blog #4: March 13th 2012
Movie Reviews: This Means War
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Blog #3: March 10th 2012
Movie Reviews: Hugo
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Blog #2: March 10th 2012
What If – Cheeseburgers Ruled The World?

I always wanted to do a video with food in some way. I felt that in order to do something with food I should try not to do something that would offend people with either A). talking about killing animals (to eat) and B). promoting people to eat meat cause it’s the right thing to do (of which would get the entire vegetarain community on me). Again with this video I wanted to keep it silly yet entertaining and creative to tell people what I think would happen.

In all honesty I thought this video would go down differently. I had originally thought to have the end being a battle with the animals and the humans but I decided that would go on one of the two rules I was talking about earlier. To be honest I thought that the ending I put was better than the original one. I don’t think I would have gotten much approval from people going “OMG THAT’S SO MEAN!!!” and other things like that.

Anyways I hope you enjoy and give me your thoughts below…

Blog #1: March 7th 2012
What If – Darth Maul Lived?

I want to try and do some more of these “What-If” videos to explain my thoughts to other people as to what might have happened but make them funny. I always try to wonder whether it is in a movie or in real life what would happen if things were different. Most of my ideas are wacky and insane for what could happen but that’s why I want to make these videos honestly. It’s a good way to get my ideas across and make it into a really short video.

For this video, one of my biggest complaints with STAR WARS in general is the death of Darth Maul. I mean “Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace” was not a good movie and was a big disappointment over all but I think the only good things in there were 1. Darth Maul and 2. Pod-racing. Who hasn’t played that pod-racing game from N64 anyways? Right? That game was awesome! Anyways, With Darth Maul I feel that because he is a total badass with his double bladed lightsaber and has a silent but mysterious feel to him, he could have lived longer in future movies. I mean sure he had to die eventually cause he is not around when Darth Vader is the Emperor’s Apprentice, but still I feel he could have made “Attack of the Clones” WAY more enjoyable to be honest.

I just felt that Darth Maul deserved to come back in “Attack of the Clones” and I am not saying that Christopher Lee didn’t do a good job as Count Dooku, I would have just rather seen more double bladed lightsaber fights.

On another note I hope that George Lucas does not ruin Darth Maul for me in that Clone Wars TV Show because apparently he is coming back.. idk how or why but i’ll watch that.

Enjoy the video.

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