Important Things to See

Here are all my shortcut links:


  1. Iron Man Star, Robert Downey Jr., Wants $100 Million to Returnclick here
  2. Professor Xavier’s Possible Return in The Wolverine – click here
  3. War Machine and Falcon Get No Stand-Alone Moviesclick here
  4. Huge Possible Spoiler Revealed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2click here


  1. The Avengers vs. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Dark Knight Risesclick here
  2. Call Me Maybe Has Got To DIE!!!click here
  3. Recap of the Batman Movies Before THE DARK KNIGHT RISESclick here
    Part 2: What I Think MIGHT Happen In THE DARK KNIGHT RISESclick here
  4. Only 1 Villian in The Amazing Spiderman? YEAH RIGHT! click here
    Part 2: One Last Villian To Considerclick here
    Part 3: The Secret Villain is Revealed!click here
  5. SKYRIM DLC IS COMING!!!!!click here
  6. Justice League Movie Will Come Out WHEN?click here
  7. Is Ryan Reynolds The New Dark Knight?click here

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