Grab your torches and pitchforks because SKYRIM is back baby!

It’s been about… 7 months? yeah 7 months since the release of SKYRIM and ever since then people have been wondering “When will we get some friggen DLC?” Well now the time has come to join together and get DAWNGUARD, the new SKYRIM DLC that is coming out soon. When will it come out? Possibly towards the end of the summer.

Honestly I am fine with that decision to wait towards the end of summer for new content release. I want this to be better than Shivering Isles. No no no I am not saying at all that Shivering Isles was bad! That’s completely opposite of what I am saying! I’m only saying that now that we know how badass SKYRIM is, we cannot go back to the old ways. You know what I am saying? However it would be cool to see Sheogorath again.

What is the DLC about? For right now it has something to do with a sect of Vampire Lords and their raging constant battle between the Dawnguards (the destroyers of the vampires). The trailer reveals that there will be the use of two different bases for the sects/clans/whatever and they are both castles.

Here are the pictures so far of what the castles will look like:

I think you can tell which is which.

There has also been a new skill tree area revealed that is specifically for werewolves and vampire lords. What are these powers? Don’t know. But I do know that If you end up becoming a vampire lord, you will look like freaking Man-Bat from the Batman comics. Seriously. Who doesn’t wanna be that???

Here is what a vampire lord looks like:


Also it looks like you can fly in the trailer!!! 0___0!!! Man that would be awesome. Also maybe SKYRIM can figure it out that we need dragon mounting for god sakes!

Anyways that’s all I got on this for now EXCEPT I know that XBOX 360 fans will be able to get this DLC earlier than ANYONE ELSE. They will have a 30 day head start and be able to downloaded before PC or PS3 users. So if you’re hooked up with a XBOX then lucky you. For others, well not so much but you’ll get it regardless.

Here is the trailer for DAWNGUARD:

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