#1: Is Ryan Reynolds The New Dark Knight?

Is this the new face of batman? Warner Brothers seems to think so.

A new article from wegotthiscovered.com reports that Warner Brothers is not ready to lose the caped crusader just yet after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits theaters this summer.

This is a good move for Warner Brothers (in terms of keeping Batman around) because not only does that mean we can continue to look forward to more Batman movies in the future and not have a long wait till another one comes out. But is putting Ryan Reynolds in the seat of the Batmobile the smartest idea possible?

In terms of actors Ryan Reynolds is great.. as a comedian and in some drama roles. But is he really ready to be Batman? My answer is no. No no no… not ready in the least bit. It’s not that I don’t have faith in Reynolds’ acting abilities it’s just that being Batman is a sacred honor that only a selected few can ever be. It’s like being the president. Not everyone can lead a country and make decisions for the good of mankind. The same can be said for Batman. Not everyone can put on a cape and cowl and say “I’m Batman” and make the audience believe it.

Let’s not also forget that Ryan has already become two super powered beings already in film by portraying Deadpool in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE as well as Hal Jordan in GREEN LANTERN. If he was to become Batman, this would mean that not only would Ryan Reynolds become the first person to be 3 different superheroes (the part he played in BLADE: TRINITY doesn’t count) but it would also screw up the DC universe side in films. So him being Batman and Green Lantern at the same time obviously won’t work. That means either A) Reynolds will NOT get the part of Batman and will continue being Green Lantern in any future movies that get made (even though we hope that never happens because GREEN LANTERN sucked major ass). Or B) Reynolds gets to be Batman and Warner Brothers finds someone else to become Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Or or! A third option. They could go with C) Reynolds being GL and Batman at the same time. Won’t that be an F-ed up Justice League movie? Batman and GL will see each other and make a joke about how they look really similar. (Sighs…) Dammit! That’s probably what will happen won’t it? Yeup. With my luck it will be.

Here’s one more thing to note: Reynolds is a talker. In almost every movie he is in he talks A LOT. You can see lots of examples of this in the movies WAITING, BURIED, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, JUST FRIENDS, and BLADE TRINITY. Now picture him talking his ass off… as Batman. Hmmm… Yeah that’s not a good idea. I mean what is he going to do? Scare Scarecrow to death his constant remarks? Go into a two and a half hour debate with The Riddler about who can come up with better riddles? Uggh… Really this is the BIGGEST problem that has to be worked around with Reynolds if he wants any shot at being Batman. Here’s the only thing you should ask yourself right now if you have ignored everything that was just said from me: CAN YOU REALLY LISTEN TO BATMAN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND BEING A SMART ASS FOR 2 -3 HOURS? No. I cannot do that.

Then again… Ryan could pull a Heath Ledger and be the greatest Batman ever. As for now I have a hard time seeing why Ryan is even considered for the Dark Knight. Only time will tell if this is true or if Ryan will be offered the part down the line. We will have to wait and see for ourselves.

To read the article go to the website below:


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