#2: Justice League Movie Will Come Out WHEN?

Everyone knows that The Avengers movie was an absolutely brilliant way for MARVEL STUDIOS to make some serious $$ over the course of 5 films and then again with the coming together film at the end. We all knew it no matter how bad or good The Avengers would end up being.

Warner Brothers now wants to take the reigns from MARVEL STUDIOS and say “Uh.. We are making a Justice League Movie now!!” but here is the problem WB, WHEN THE HELL IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN???? 

Let’s just assume, for now, that WB wants to take the same path as Marvel and make a movie for every single member of the organization. That would mean that Batman and Superman are done. I believe that it was a brilliant move to reintroduce Superman to the big screen. The 2005 something Superman Returns movie that came out didn’t count. It was a disaster (except for Kevin Spacy). And to be honest I really think that Green Lantern needs to be redone as well. The movie from June 2011 really just hit us all in the crotch and left us all bleeding on the floor with feelings of anger, depression, and pain. Lots and lots of pain.

That would mean that there are a TON of movies left to make: Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern Redo (Maybe), Green Arrow (Maybe), Hawkman/Hawkgirl, and of course, Aquaman.

Out of all of those, I feel that Green Lantern and Aquaman are going to need the most work in order to be successful films. Why you ask? Well lets dive into some facts shall we:

1. Aquaman is the LEAST popular Justice League character. I’m sorry but when you were a kid did you ever want to be Aquaman and only be able to A). breathe underwater, and B). talk to undersea animals? No? Me Neither. No kid wants to be Aquaman! They wanna be Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, or Flash. Not Aquaman! Plus I feel that there has got to be some kind of big extensive reason for why Aquaman is summoned to be part of the Justice League because Aquaman only cares about his home Atlantis and The Ocean. Beyond those two reasons, Aquaman doesn’t give a damn what happens to the humans.

2. Again I will say this: GREEN LANTERN WAS A TERRIBLE MOVIE! And the worst part about it was that it was so damn boring and laughable (and not in a good way). The villian was god-awful, Ryan Reynolds gets a pass here because the writing and story was just garbage, and to top it off, Synestro may not become a bad guy after all because WB may not give GREEN LANTERN 2 the “Green” Light.  UGGGHHH!!! I think that WB needs a major redo of the Green Lantern character in order to sell the appearance and attitude of what the Green Lantern is.

These ideals/ideas need to be taken into account in order to get these two characters on track for the Justice League Film.

Ok. Let’s do a little math here: IF the next wave of DC Superhero movies (after Superman 2013) comes out starting in 2014, and only made 1 DC Movie per year per each superhero, that would mean that a Justice League movie MAY not come out until 2020 at the latest! That’s 8 more friggen years until it happens! Jeez!

I really don’t think the public can wait that long for a Justice League movie. So really what I think will happen is that WB will take shortcuts on movies and instead just include them already for the Justice League movie and release it around 2015-2016 in time for the next Avengers Movie to premiere so that the two movies will have a battle over the summer. That really just makes a ton of sense. But here’s the bad part: We will not be able to feel for the characters because there will be no origin movie until AFTER the Justice League movie! And that really is just a stupid idea.

Why couldn’t WB just start thinking about an idea like this from the start of Batman Begins? We all know that there are tons more members of the Justice League than The Avengers! SO why would they not want to start back in 2005?? Man by now we could have had a Justice Movie released! Just think about it! But no sadly it did not happen!

Honestly no one really knows at this point when WB will realize that a Justice League movie is needed desperately. When will it come out and who will be in it? No one knows!

There is an article I found that shares SOME ideals for a future Justice League movie: click here

Until then, keep praying and hoping that someone gets their head outta their ass and make this DAMN MOVIE!

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