#3: Only 1 Villain in The Amazing Spiderman? YEAH RIGHT!

I really think that The Lizard is not the only one who will get some spotlight as a villain in this movie. I really think that Marc Webb has a trick or two up his sleeve that will either let us know about possible villains, or show people in the movie who may later become villains.

What I really believe is that The Lizard, while he is awesome and is FINALLY going to be in a movie, is just a distraction for some other kind of villain. I believe that The Lizard will distract Spiderman enough in this movie that we will not see another villain form in the background and will surface at the end of the movie and blow everyone away. I wanna try and deduce who it will be.

Because The Lizard is definately in this movie, and if we assume that he does NOT die in this movie, The Lizard could possibly return again in a sequel. But then again this all depends on the fact if he dies or not. So that’s a HUGE margin of probability here. As well as all of my other educated guesses that will come about.

What I am going to do here is this: I will list my guesses based on the probabilty of us seeing a possible villain in this movie AND the future ONLY on what is seen in the trailer and basic knowledge that this is an origin story.

Let’s start with it then shall we?

1. Alastair Smythe: Alastair was a brilliant scientist that created The Spider Slayers (a bunch of robots that were designed to destroy Spiderman) and actually ended up being transformed into one later on. Because we know that some of the movie involves OSCORP, he could be a robotics expert that happens to be working there during the film. Maybe him and Dr. Connors are working on something together? Maybe, but I doubt it because Alastair’s background story lets us know that he will do anything to live up to his desceased father’s reputation. Even killing the great Spiderman. No we will not be seeing him in the robot form, but we may see him at OSCORP.

2. Michael Morbius: (no not as the vampire, but as the human form) “Morbius was actually a Nobel-Prize winning biochemist, who had attempted to cure himself of a rare blood disease with an experimental treatment involving vampire bats and electroshock theropy. However, he instead became afflicted with a far worse condition that mimicked the powers and blood-thirst of legendary vampirism” ~ Wikipedia. Again he would be a scientist in the background or mentioned around OSCORP if he is of some significance. I am hoping that he is mentioned because honestly seeing Morbius as a vampire in a possible sequel would be kick ass! I think that seeing Michael would be unlikely only because IF he were to appear in a sequel, the violence would have to be toned down to not become a rated R movie. I still hope that he shows up somehow though. OH AND GUESS WHAT? Spiderman and The Lizard Team up at one point in the comics to beat Morbius so… yeah!

3. Dr. Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus: I expect SOMETHING from this movie to either give an easter egg or mention Octavius in some way. Dr. Otto Octavius was a scientist that, after a freak accident, was melded to a set of mechanical arms and became the villain Dr. Octopus. Norman Osborn and Dr. Octopus have had tons of dealings together that happened when they were part of The Insidious Six. They have also worked together in order to come up with ways to detsroy Spiderman. If Octavius is under OSCORP’s employ in this movie, then it is HIGHLY likely we will see him again in a sequel. No offense though but I’d rather see new villains in Spiderman films, instead of always choosing villains that have already been done. That way we can try to see something else get a chance to battle Spiderman.

4. Kraven The Hunter: The thing to know about him is that he is a big game hunter who has taken an interest in hunting Spiderman over the years. He acts like an animal and uses everything at his disposal in order to trap and capture his prey. The only reason why I think he could be in this movie is because, well, I think it’s obvious! The Lizard and Spiderman battle a ton in the trailer (there’s at least 3 places – OSCORP, Maybe the School, The Sewers, and in Downtown NY) and possibly with all the comotion going on… Kraven could show up at the very end?? Either that or he will become a villain later on in a sequel. I really really doubt that he will show up in this movie but then again it is possible. I really hope he does because it would be completely all about survival and instincts in a potential sequel.

And here’s the biggest possibility of them all…

5. Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin: Do I have to state the reason why he might show up?? We all know he probably will because, well, his damn building is in the movie for god sakes! Also Norman is without a doubt considered to be Spiderman’s arch enemy and evil counterpart. Norman Osborn is a twisted vile man who only cares about himself and treats his son Harry harshly. Norman works non stop and always plans to try and get rid of Spiderman so that his crimes can continue. Norman eventually becomes the sinister Green Goblin and uses that persona to terrorize Spiderman and New York in general.

Regardless if Norman shows up or not in this movie, it is VERY VERY likely that he will become the Green Goblin later on. While I do want to see the Green Goblin battle Spiderman again, I want to mention again that he was already played on the screen. The Green Goblin is probably the only villain I want to see remade on the screen (Venom as well because… COME ON! He sucked so much in SPIDERMAN 3!). I really hope that he does show up because Norman is just so damn evil and vicious that he really deserves to be in a Spiderman movie again. I just hope they can find someone who can do a better job that Willem Dafoe because did a really great job in the SPIDERMAN movies.

Anyways those are my predictions… If you happen to think of any other ones that might end up in the movie, OR, in a sequel, then just let me know and post it!

Oh also Marc Webb confirms that Norman Osborn WILL be in the movie *somehow*. Just watch the clip below (he mentions Norman Osborn around 3:30 or so).

Hopefully one of these predictions that I have made will be right… until then we will have to wait until the movie comes out to learn if I was right.

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