Part 2: One Last Villain To Consider

Ok I want to add one more villain to the list of possible candidates for a future Amazing Spiderman villain.

Can you guess who it is?

Honestly I don’t know why I did not think of this one before. And with the possibility of this villain getting his own Spin-Off Movie, the whole idea of him showing up makes total sense!

Last chance to guess before I spill it!

Ok here it is: Flash Thompson.

Yes I am serious!

What you don’t believe me?

I’m saying the truth!

Fine. I’ll come clean.

Ok what I said was only half true. We all know that Flash Thompson is a bully, jerk, and a total dick towards Peter Parker in every way imaginable. That’s not a shocker. We all know that. It’s been there since the dawn of his character’s creation.

What I am referring to specifically is this:

Hmmm… Now this is interesting. It’s Flash Thompson… But.. Something’s different about him. But I cannot place my finger on it. What ever could it be??? Oh yeah! Now I remember!


Honestly I gotta say though that the idea to change the Venom host from Eddie Brock, to Mac Gargan (he was The Scorpion before he was Venom) in the comics was a ballsy move. I was completely shocked to see Mac Gargan actually being a threat now and kicking a ton of ass while being Venom. If you’re a fan of THE SCORPION then I do not mean to offend. I am a fan as well but you have got to admit… Mac Gargan is so much better at being Venom instead of being The Scorpion.

But now they (meaning Marvel Comics) is throwing another freaking bone at us by saying that Mac Gargan’s time as Venom is up. Someone else needs to take the reigns. Someone else needs to be Venom now! So the next choice in line was Flash Thompson.

Here’s what I want people to understand. VENOM IS A HERO BELIEVE IT OR NOT. HE IS! HE IS! HE IS!!! The only reason why he is mainly a murderer/killer is because he has a huge burning hatred for Spiderman. And when Venom and Spiderman go at it… there is just no stopping it! With Flash Thompson now in control of the suit, he kinda proves my point. Flash worships Spiderman and would do anything for him. Now that he has been given an enormous amount of power and responsibility, the hero thing would seem like a good fit. Unfortunately we all know that the Venom Symbiote don’t play that way. The alien feeds off of anger, hatred, jealousy, and rage. Those were the characteristics that made Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan unique when they were Venom. So if Flash Thompson were to become Venom in a potential The Amazing Spiderman sequel, we all know what is going to happen in the end.

There are only two things I want to point out for Venom possibly coming onto the screen:

1. How Will Venom Become Venom? – what I mean by this is what will his origin story be? Will he be an alien from outer space that came to earth? Will he be the bad creation for a possible cure for cancer from Peter’s own Father? Or… something else entirely? I am just as interested as anyone for how Marvel will attempt to pull this off. The way that Venom is made is critical! It has to be consistent throughout all the films if it starts out during the first one in some way.

2. What Will Venom Look Like? – I am not digging the look of Flash Thompson as Venom. NOT AT ALL. I am hoping for the love of GOD that they don’t end up using the army/soldier Venom look. It just does not scream “Venom” to me! When I think of Venom I think of: big guy, huge tongue, vicious features and menacing look! These are what I mean:












I really do not think that an army look for Venom was not the best idea.

Anyways that’s all I have to say about Venom possibly being a villain.

I really really hope I am right about this one.

Oh and btw… no more slip ups with Venom SONY!! You gave us a messed up version of Venom in SPIDERMAN 3 and I gotta say… I hate you for making him look retarded. You have one more chance to redo Venom before I hate you forever. GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL!!!

Ok that’s all. For real this time.


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