Part 3: The Secret Villain in The Amazing Spiderman is Revealed!

Ok so the movie is out and the secret villain for the next movie is revealed.

Here’s the thing… I have not seen the movie yet. I could not help myself and I knew that someone would put the video of the villain online. So if you would rather not know and just wait until you see THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN I completely understand. There will be some massive spoilers here.

However I will say that this scene could have just been included in the actual movie and not during the credits. I honestly thought that the scene was already completely given away during one of the spiderman trailers.

Here is what I am talking about. Look at this trailer right here of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN. (the scene I am talking about is at the 1:22 mark)

Ok and now look at the after credits scene (I don’t know how long this will be up so please bear with me)

Who is this guy? Honestly I am putting my money on Norman Osborn. I really cannot imagine it being anyone else really from the movie scene we just saw. I know that in the movie, Dr. Connors is working on the regenerating limb cure for himself and it’s also supposed to be used on Norman Osborn because of something. All I know is that he is dying. So they need Connor’s research to save Osborn’s life. I don’t know if they reveal anything about him already being the Green Goblin but I think it’s safe to assume that he is not the Green Goblin yet. Honestly I cannot say for sure if he will show up in the next movie just because I do know he is dying… and if he dies in the second movie it will have to be someone else.

If he does die then hopefully it will be one of my other guesses.

For right now this is all I have to say.

For the moment I was right! Glad to see I have not lost my touch with Spiderman info.


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