#4: Recap Of The Batman Movies Before THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

It’s really sad that the end of the best Batman movies ever made… ever… will come to a close in LESS than a month. For me this is like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, we all want this movie to come out, BUT THE MOMENT IT DOES WE WILL BE IN TREMENDOUS SADNESS BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO MORE!!!!!

I really don’t want the good times with the Batman movies to end. And honestly I think that Christopher Nolan, and his brother Jonathan Nolan, and David S. Goyer should all be given a nobel peace prize, another oscar, and maybe even a friggen blue ribbon cause the three of them did an AMAZING JOB telling us about Batman on the big screen. These movies just kick Tim Burton’s Batman movies in the balls… BIG TIME!

Now this page is only to point out what HAS already happened in the previous films. What I will also do is give MY OPINION on what may happen in The Dark Knight Rises in PART 2. To read about PART 2 then please click here.

For those of you who either A) Already know what happened and don’t want any re-insight. OR B) Have not seen Batman Begins or The Dark Knight and want to do so before The Dark Knight Rises comes out….


I am really serious here! Don’t bother going on if you don’t want to be here OR have NOT watched the other two movies.

OK. GOOD. Let’s continue shall we?


1. Bruce has a childhood friend named Rachel Dawes. One day when they are kids and playing outside, Bruce falls down a well and he is attacked by tons and tons of bats. This will become his greatest fear later on.

2. We learn that Bruce’s parents were killed by Joe Chill after the three of them exited a play that scared Bruce (as a kid). He is then left in the care of his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

3. Years later, Bruce is in college and tries to kill Joe Chill at a hearing for his possible early release. This plan backfires when a goon that works for Carmine Falcone kills Joe Chill. This shocks Bruce and he is now full of regret because he will never be able to kill Joe Chill. Rachel is disappointed in Bruce because he could have almost killed Joe Chill. She even mentions that “your father would have been ashamed” to Bruce.

4. After a meeting with Carmine Falcone that goes bad, Bruce then runs away from Gotham City and travels the world to understand the criminal mind. He eventually meets Henri Ducard and Ducard trains Bruce in the ways of The League of Shadows.

5. Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of The League of Shadows, plans to destroy Gotham and Bruce blows up the temple. In the process he saves Ducard’s life because he cares for his mentor and cannot leave him to die.

6. Bruce returns to Gotham and, with the help of Alfred and Lucius Fox, becomes The Batman. As The Batman, Bruce uses his training to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and take them down in Gotham.

7. Throughout the whole movie, Batman and Lieutennant Gordon (he’s a cop) form a bond and they come to rely on one another for help or information regarding crimes that are spread across Gotham.

8. Dr. Jonathan Crane, a doctor that specializes in the mind, declares all of Carmine Falcone’s men mentally unstable and sends them to Arkham Asylum. Crane’s alter ego is The Scarecrow and he uses a toxic fear gas to terrorize his victims and gain the upper hand on his enemies.

9. Dr. Crane and Falcone are working together to bring in the fear drugs to Gotham and then dump them in the water supply. This has been going on for months and Falcone is kept out of the loop with Dr. Crane and his boss’s real plans. Falcone wants to be involved but Crane uses an overdose of his fear gas on Falcone and it is BELIEVED that he dies later on. We don’t see him again for the remainder of the movie.

10. Crane abducts Rachel Dawes because she will not stop interfering in his plans. Bruce learns of this and sets out to find Crane as Batman. Crane overdoses Rachel with his fear gas and she only has minutes to live.

11. Batman finds and confronts Crane to find out what he is doing with the Gotham water supply. Batman demands to know who Crane’s boss is and Crane reveals that his boss is none other than Ra’s al Ghul. Batman disbelieves him claiming that “Ra’s al Ghul is dead”.

12. Batman takes Rachel back to the batcave and barely saves her life. Batman tells Rachel to give a special cure to Gordon that will render the fear gas useless. He then instructs her to give it to Lucius Fox for mass production of the cure so that the people of Gotham will not be able to feel the effects of the gas should it come in contact with them.

13. Bruce hosts a birthday party for himself and Henri Ducard confronts Bruce. He reveals that he is indeed the real Ra’s al Ghul and still plans to destroy Gotham. Ra’s al Ghul burns Wayne Manor and leaves Bruce for dead.

14. Ra’s al Ghul’s plan is to use a special weapon from Wayne Enterprises called a “microwave emmiter” to vaporize the water into air through Gotham’s water supply. He intends for Gotham to tear itself in two because of fear and hopes that once Gotham is destroyed, it can start again new. Dr. Crane is tazed by Rachel in the chaos and he rides off into Gotham. We do not see him again for the remainder of the movie.

15. Batman and Ra’s al Ghul have a final battle on the train that Bruce’s father built for the city. Batman is able to defeat Ra’s al Ghul but does not save Ra’s from the train crashing into a building. We see the train become completely destroyed and it is implied that Ra’s al Ghul dies in the train’s destruction.

16. Rachel figures out that Bruce is Batman and reveals to Bruce that she loves him, but she cannot be with Bruce as long as he is Batman. Bruce makes Lucius Fox the new head boss of Wayne Enterprises. Gordon and Batman discuss Dr. Crane’s escape as well as a new criminal that has been running amuck Gotham. He has a taste for theatricality, like Batman, and leaves Joker cards at the scenes of his crimes.


1. The criminal known as The Joker performs a heist with several other hired men so that he could rob a “mob bank”. During the heist, the hired goons turn on each other and kill each other when their required job is done. The Joker is the last one standing and drives off with the money.

2. Batman is able to catch Dr. Crane/Scarecrow in a drug dealing that has gone wrong. During this dealing, several “batman imitators” show up and try to help but they end up being a problem. Batman ties up Dr. Crane and the imitators and then leaves them for the police.

3. Batman is having an effect on the criminal underworld. People are running scared and crime seems to be dropping. Batman and Gordon are placing marked bills in several mob banks in order to try and track where all of the mob’s life savings are. They are not having much success.

4. Wayne Enterprises has a meeting with Lau (he is actually an agent for the mob) in order to combine Wayne Enterprises with his company (I forget what it is called). However Lau flees the country, and goes to Hong Kong in order to escape the Gotham PD because he is under suspicion of being involved with the mob.

5. Lau contacts the mob and tells them that he had to move their money so that the police would not be able to track where its location is. The Joker enters their meeting and offers them to kill The Batman for half of their savings. The Joker persuades the mob that Batman is the real issue to their problems and that everything else is no where near as important.

6. Harvey Dent, the new DA of Gotham is able to bring in massive amounts of criminals from off the streets and Bruce believes that Dent is the successor to Batman because he can convict criminals without wearing a mask.

7. Batman travels to Hong Kong in order to capture Lau and bring him back to Gotham. Once in Gotham PD custody, Lau cracks and agrees to testify against the mob.

8. The Mob realizes that The Joker was right. Batman is their real problem and not Harvey Dent. They agree to his terms. Gordon, Dent, and Rachel Dawes are able to convict 500 something criminals at once in court under the use of the RICO case.

9. The Joker threatens Batman on TV by giving him an ultimatum. Unless Batman reveals his identity to the public, The Joker will continue to kill people everyday until Batman succumbs to his terms. Batman tries to get the upper hand on the mob by threatening the mob in order to discover who The Joker is. They refuse because The Joker has no rules and will literally do anything. This hinders Batman’s progress to find out everything about The Joker.

10. Bruce holds a fundraiser for Harvey Dent so that the public will re-elect Dent in another couple of years. Rachel is now seeing Harvey Dent and has fallen in love with him, but Bruce still loves Rachel. Bruce pulls Rachel aside in order to tell her that soon he will no longer be Batman. Rachel still has feelings for Bruce but decides to stay with Harvey. Sometime later during the fundraiser, The Joker crashes the party and demands for Harvey Dent. Bruce hides Dent and becomes Batman. The Joker throws Rachel Dawes out the window and Batman saves her.

11. The Joker kills many people (like cops and lawyers for instance) and one of them is the current Commissioner of the Gotham PD. At the Commissioner’s funeral, The Joker disguises himself as a cop and attempts to kill the mayor. Gordon pushes the mayor out of the way and takes the bullet and it appears that he dies. Harvey takes one of The Joker’s henchmen and threatens to kill him unless he gives up everything he knows about The Joker. Batman sees this and warns Dent that these actions will cause the public to lose faith in him. Also all the criminals he put away will be released if he continues this. Batman tells Dent that he is going to turn himself in so that The Joker killings will stop. Dent believes that Batman should not give in.

12. Dent holds a press conference to talk about the issue of Batman. Bruce plans to reveal himself as Batman during the conference but Dent tells the public that he is Batman in order for Batman to continue to fight against criminals and The Joker. Rachel confronts Alfred and she tells him that Bruce cannot let Harvey take the fall for him. She gives Alfred a letter for Bruce. Rachel tells him it is not sealed so that Alfred can give the letter to Bruce when the time is right.

13. Batman is able to catch The Joker when he attempts to kill Harvey Dent. Gordon is revealed to be alive and is promoted to Commissioner of the Gotham PD. Gordon holds The Joker in custody and The Joker reveals to Batman that he has Dent and Rachel hostage but he can only have enough time to save one of them. Batman goes after Dent and Gordon and other policemen go after Rachel. Batman arrives and is able to save Dent but part of his face and body are severely burned. Rachel is killed in an explosion. Alfred reads the letter from Rachel and she tells Bruce that she chooses Harvey and not him. She believes that Bruce will never let go of being Batman. She will always be his friend but nothing more than that.

14. Coleman Reese, an employee at Wayne Enterprises, figures out that Bruce is Batman and blackmails Lucius Fox for money in exchange that he does not tell the world about his identity. After is offer is rejected, Coleman goes to the media and is allowing to reveal Batman’s identity on TV. The Joker calls the station and does not want the world to know of Batman’s identity. He threatens to blow up a hospital if Coleman is not dead in one hour. Bruce saves Coleman’s life and Coleman drops the notion of revealing his identity to the public.

15. Dent is admitted to the hospital but refuses medical treatment. The Joker pops in and tells Harvey that he is not responsible for Rachel’s death. Harvey flips a coin to determine if The Joker lives or dies. We see The Joker leave the hospital and blow it up. Harvey goes on a killing spree and finds the rogue cops in Gordon’s organization that were responsible for Rachel’s death. He kills one of them and spares the other. Harvey is now the criminal known as Two-Face.

16. Batman and the Joker have one final standoff with Batman being the victor. Joker says that even though Batman may have one, Dent is now a criminal and Gotham will tear itself apart when the word gets out that he is a criminal now. Batman finds Two-Face and shoves him off a ledge in order to stop him from killing Gordon’s son. Two-Face dies and Batman takes the blame for his crimes so that the people of Gotham will not lose hope in Dent. Gordon promises to keep this a secret and sends the entire police force out on Batman in order to keep up the ruse. The Bat signal is destroyed and Gordon does not reveal anything about Harvey’s crimes at his eulogy.

And that’s it for the two movies. In PART 2 of this Batman feature I will reveal what I think will happen next in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for when this comes out!

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