Part 2: What I Think MIGHT Happen In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

It’s almost here. Starting from TODAY, there is a little over 3 weeks until THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Excited? I know I am.

I think I have been a little “Bat” crazy as of late. I’ve had a marathon and watched every Batman movie from BATMAN to THE DARK KNIGHT recently in order to see the progression of the films from the past to the present. It’s amazing to see how far we have come isn’t it?

Anyways … SO. On this page I will give my personal views as to what I think might happen in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. What I plan to do is base my guesses on the fact that this is the last movie in the series, confirmed stories that prove my suspicions, the trailers, and the fact that in the “Batman” universe… ANYTHING. CAN. HAPPEN!

A word of warning. Should any of this be correct I am not responsible for any future plot spoiling. Once again these are guesses and guesses ONLY.

*Possible Plot Points:

#1. Batman/Bruce dies. This is based on the fact that this is the last movie, we see Bruce as an older man in the trailers, and the fact that Bane could literally beat the crap out of him. It is also implied in the movie that Bane breaks Bruce’s spine in the trailers. Hopefully this is not the case for Batman dying and that he does live on. But wouldn’t that be a SHOCKER?? Just to see Batman die on the screen it would be a gutsy and totally unseen move. Something tells me that IF Batman should die in the movie, Catwoman takes over. Either that or somehow… A new Batman steps up? OR maybe Robin comes in as Bruce’s secret Ace in the hole at the VERY END of the movie. Although I doubt that Robin will show up just because Christopher Nolan has said that he will never do Robin. I really think that if Batman does die then Catwoman will step up because she is not all the way good or evil. She does help Batman in the comics and it appears that she helps him in the movie as well. However, can she stay on the side of justice and become completely good? I don’t know. We shall see. The problem with killing Batman is that in Gotham, and the DC world, the structure of society needs a Batman. And if he dies… WHO WILL STEP UP TO THE CALL??

However… On the other end… It makes a lot of sense to kill Batman off. That way the possible future Batman movies cannot start right from this movie. THEY HAVE TO START OVER! From there we can get maybe a different origin, different villains, and maybe some cliffhangers here and there. Plus, again, it’s a gutsy move and everyone in the audience would feel it in their hearts. I really don’t know if Batman will die. But if he does then there has to be someone to take his place.

#2. One of the major villains from the past two movies is still alive:

Scarecrow doesn’t count. I’m not saying we won’t see Scarecrow again because it is a definite possibility. The only reason why he doesn’t count here is that he is the only villain thus far that is not either possibly dead or is dead. Plus we did see him for about 5 minutes in THE DARK KNIGHT. There were even confirmed set seeings of Cillian Murphy (that’s the guy who plays Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane) but I cannot find proof of that. So far all I know is that Cillian Murphy is dodging any kind of question that has to deal with him coming back in the final Batman movie. That part is true. What I can tell you that IS also true is that there is a VERY GOOD possibility that Scarecrow will be part of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES action figures. Here is the link that pretty much confirms it: click here

So if he is part of the action figure series…. maybe he is in the movie? I don’t care if he is only in the movie for 5 minutes or less again. Dammit I wanna see more Scarecrow action!

Could Ra’s Al Ghul come back? Yes. He is coming back. But it’s probably not the way that we think.

Right now all that is confirmed is that a younger Ra’s Al Ghul will show up in a flashback and the current Ra’s Al Ghul will show up in a cameo in some way. To check out the link where I got this from, look here.

Rember when we were recieving the first kind of of news about this movie? I specifically remember there was a possibility for the Lazarus pits to show up. If this is possible, then there is a pretty damn good chance that Ra’s will rise from the dead and come back hungry for vengeance. Unfortunately I cannot find the article that shows something that is “supposed to look like a lazarus pit”. But I swear that I remember seeing it. I cannot find it as I said. But I know it existed.

There was also a ton of speculation going around that Talia al Ghul will show up in this film. Honestly I don’t see that happening only based on one reason: This is the last Christopher Nolan Batman film. Why would they introduce a HUGE character like her at the end of the film? If they wanted to provide her character in the films somehow, they should have just introduced her in BATMAN BEGINS. Or atleast in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Since she is considered to be one of Bruce’s and Batman’s most important people, it would only be fitting that she be introduced as early as possible. But there is a girl that Bruce kisses in the trailers… Maybe she IS Talia? I don’t know.

So the last possibility that might show up right now is Two-Face. No I didn’t forget The Joker. I’ll explain my reasoning for him after this.

So the last we saw of Harvey Dent he was going crazy and almost killed off Gordon’s family. Batman was able to save Gordon’s son but at the same time he unintentionally killed Harvey. We know that there was definately a service for Dent but we never really saw him being buried in the ground. That is really the only loophole. I know for a fact that Christopher Nolan has said that Dent is dead and that he is not coming back. But given that this is the last Batman movie…. I don’t really know what to think. Could he come back? It is somewhat possible…. But really it seems highly unlikely.

The only ways that I can see him coming back are through:

1. The Lazarus Pit. But this idea relies entirely on if the pit even shows up in the movie at all.

2. Dent wasn’t dead after all and was just knocked out when he was thrown off the building at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT.

That’s the only ideas as to how he can come back. So it is a high long shot for Dent to return. But it would be really nice to see him come back kicking a ton of ass as Two-Face once more.

The Joker will not return. I think this is obvious.

How can he? Heath Ledger is dead (which is really a bummer. I think that if he wasn’t dead already he would definately show up again in this one.) It’s really a shame! So many people have gone before their time. I believe that Heath was really a great actor in THE DARK KNIGHT and even though the academy really did do kind of a guilt trip on everyone so that Heath could win, he did deserve the award for best supporting actor.

The only thing that I am wondering is will he ever be mentioned at all in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? I really do hope so. Something is better than no mention at all. We all know that Dent will be mentioned because there is supposedly a law named after him now.

#3. Besides those two other plot points of either a villian returning, or batman dying, the only thing I can say is that maybe people will welcome Batman back with open arms?

Yes I know it sounds VERY VERY UNLIKELY but maybe it is possible because Bane could be the spawn of Satan. When Batman returns people could be all like “Yeah Batman is still bad, but I’d rather have him than Bane”.

Ok that’s it.

Yeah that’s all my insight on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I am hoping that some of these predictions are true and hopefully something amazing will happen in this movie. Oh who am I kidding? It’s Batman for god sakes!  

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