#5: The Avengers vs. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Dark Knight Rises

On this page I will do a judging of these three movies against one another to determine which superhero movie was the best one during the summer of 2012.

These movies will all be facing a number of categories/questions that will determine the winner at the very end. I will subject the same categories/questions to all 3 movies and then at the end of each category/question the winner will recieve a point. Then, I will give a reasoning as to why I picked that movie to get a point. The movie with the most points wins! Got it? Good!



  1. The Avengers: A group comprised of 6 Superhero members (The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America) must learn to work together to defeat Loki and his alien army from space to save the earth from being destroyed.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: Peter Parker, a brillaint high school student, gains “Spider-Powers” and learns to control them in order to stop Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard from turning the people of New York into “Lizard People”.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: An aged Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl once more in order to try and stop a new criminal in Gotham: Bane. However, his efforts are futile and has to retrain himself to be Batman once more in order to save the people of Gotham from being destroyed by an atom bomb.

WINNER: The Dark Knight Rises

REASON FOR SELECTION: The reason why I chose THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is because the story of this movie is far more complex than that of Spider-Man or The Avengers. It’s fun, keeps you guessing what will happen next and is not as straightforward as the other two. Also the movie really doesn’t feel like 3 hours and that by itself is an accomplishment.


  1. The Avengers: During the scene in the middle of the credits, we are given a glimpse of THANOS and it is hinted that he will be the villain in THE AVENGERS 2. There is also another scene after the credits where the 6 of them are eating together in a restraunt and it’s funny because you can tell that all of them are trying so hard not to laugh.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: During the scene in the middle of the credits, Dr. Connors is imprisioned in jail and is visited by a mysterious person. This unknown man asks if Connors told Peter about his father. Dr. Connors tells him to leave him alone and the man in the shadows disappears. The man in the shadows is not confirmed yet on who he is… but I am guessing it is Norman Osborn.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: None. Christopher Nolan has not included one post-credits scene in any of his Batman films. DAMN!

WINNER: The Avengers

REASON FOR SELECTION: I chose THE AVENGERS because A). we are given an amazing cliff-hanger to the sequel that is to come, and B). we get not one, but TWO post-credits scenes. And that’s just amazing. Superhero movies should get more than one in my opinion. I felt that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s post-credits scene was just confusing as all hell and did not help us with any of the questions left in the movie. Plus no one knows who that guy is!!! Batman cannot win because he does not have a post-credits scene. Even though the movie didn’t need one because it was so damn awesome!


  1. The Avengers: $1,459,880,156
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: $618,198,265 (for the moment)
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: $337,108,988 (for the moment)

WINNER: The Avengers

REASON FOR SELECTION: I do realize that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has just come out and that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN still has another few weeks until it is out of theaters. But the fact of the matter is, Do you really think that either one of these movies will be able to beat THE AVENGERS box office success? Maybe Batman will… But it has an unfair advantage because it was not filmed nor converted into 3D. So I have to go with THE AVENGERS.


  1. The Avengers: While the cast is diverse in terms of acting parts, I feel that really their acting doesn’t matter here. No offense but really this movie is about 6 people coming together trying to stop a war. Sure they still need to be in character on everything about themselves, but overall it doesn’t matter because the dialogue is not the most important feature in this movie.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: I felt that Emma Stone completely nailed her part perfectly. All in all I would have given her an oscar in terms of how good her performance was. I cannot deny also that Andrew Garfield is OK. Not great. Just OK. He’s nowhere near as good as Stone.. but atleast he didn’t give us a lousy performance. Everyone else (except for Sally Field and Martin Sheen) is pretty much forgetabble. Not many people bring their A-Game in this flick. It really is too bad that not a lot of people are good in here. I was hoping for more to rise up with their acting.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: I have to say that the acting is superb here. The scenes with Michael Caine are what really just hit you hard in the heart. You can literally feel the pain and sorrow that he is feeling from watching him see Bruce Wayne destroy himself as Batman. I also want to add that Anne Hatheway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are incredible as well. If anything, the movie kinda shifts the role of the main character to Joseph for some reason instead of Christian Bale. Also any scene that involves Hatheway, you are guaranteed some enjoyment and fun. Plus, Gary Oldman, once again, just steals the show whenever he shows up. This is a good thing because he is a damn good actor as well.

WINNER: The Dark Knight Rises

REASON FOR SELECTION: Like I said above, the acting is really just spot on here. I felt that the only one that needed some work in this movie was Bane. I wish he was more vicious and brutal with his acting like he is with all of his physical stunts. I think that Bane is a VAST improvement from BATMAN & ROBIN but I think he needed to be more brutal. I just wanted… more ya know?


  1. The Avengers: This movie has been teased ever since the end of the first IRON MAN movie back in 2008. Since then there were 4 more movies to come out that would give us a little bit more to look forward to at the end of each flick. It was always just taunting us… We are coming! Just a few more movies! Just keep waiting!!! WELL HOW THE HELL COULD YOU KEEP ME WAITING SO LONG??!?!?!!! I think I can speak for myself and everyone here that 4 years of waiting was LONG ENOUGH!
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: Honestly I could not wait for this movie to come out, but the hype leading up to it was nowhere near THE AVENGERS or THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I mean you have to ask yourself: Is it really the right time for a Spider-Man reboot? I mean the last Spider-Man movie before this was back in 2007 and it was not the best one but it was not COMPLETELY HORRIBLE. That’s right I said it: It was not completely horrible. But it still left a bad taste in my mouth I will say that much. For all intents and purposes I just felt that while seeing another Spider-Man movie would be awesome, it was not really the best time for another one. Plus I felt bad for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN because it was going up against THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES during the same summer. And, in all seriousness… Which ones did you think would get more $?
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: Ever since the end of THE DARK KNIGHT many were skeptical if Christopher Nolan would even bother returning to the director’s chair for a third movie. I mean who could blame him? THE DARK KNIGHT was considered by most to be one of the best superhero movies and/or one of the best movies in genreal of all time. I remember that Nolan said he would only return if he could come up with a story that was better than the previous installment. When the news came out that there would be another Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan series… it was explosive! People were excited as all hell for this movie to come out. I was not ready to see the Batman series depart just yet because the last two films were really just brilliant. I mean could you blame me? Not only was the possibility of Batman returning to the big screen now 100%, but it was also a Christopher Nolan film! HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO SEE IT?? 

WINNER: The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises

REASON FOR SELECTION: Honestly I could not decide which one had more hype leading up to it. For me this category gets a tie.

Ok. Time for the final category.


  1. The Avengers: Ok we all know that this movie completely redefined the way superhero movies could be made. But here’s the thing. There will be another go around for MARVEL movies (IRON MAN 3, THOR 2, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, and maybe even THE INCREDIBLE HULK 2… maybe) before THE AVENGERS 2 hits the big screen sometime around 2015-2016. Which leads me to believe that the sequel to THE AVENGERS will be bigger and better than the original. At least … it DAMN WELL BETTER BE! Plus we all know that these upcoming movies will all have some kind of teaser for THE AVENGERS 2. I just hope that Spider-Man will be in the next one in some way.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: While I did not have the best experience with this movie, I will say there is a vast amount of improvement for a sequel. We already know that there will be a sequel in 2 years, however, no details have surfaced yet and there are no hints about the plot or the villain. Since the possibility of Gwen Stacy’s death is high right now… I am going with the ASSUMPTION that it WILL happen. Notice how I capitalized the words “assumption” and “will”. I never said that this was going to happen 100% so don’t put words in my mouth. Also, since this movie seems to follow aspects of the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comics, we can probably expect to see The Green Goblin as some kind of twisted monster creature with fireballs coming out of his hands and stuff. GOD THAT WILL BE SO AWESOME!!! Anyways… I am excited for the sequel but they have a long way to go from this one in order to redeem themselves here.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: I am deeply saddened to see the Christopher Nolan trilogy come to an end. However we do need to think on the bright side here. Will there be another Batman movie in the future? WHAT DO YOU THINK??? OF COURSE THERE WILL! There is no way that Warner Brothers can afford to lose Batman Films. You know why? Because Batman is the most PROFITABLE superhero ever and, in my opinion, the most popular on the DC COMICS side. WB has already lost Harry Potter. They cannot go anywhere with that anymore. It is not possible to do so. Here’s the other thing to note. If Warner Brothers makes movies based on superheroes that will someday make the Justice League movie, and one of them should fail, what do you think they will do? DUH! MAKE A BATMAN MOVIE! It already happened with GREEN LANTERN. What is stopping the future from getting other crappy superhero movies? There is no stopping it! The only other dillema is trying to figure out where Batman films will go from here. Will it return to the comic book side like in BATMAN FOREVER or BATMAN & ROBIN? Or will it stay on the side of realism with the Christopher Nolan Trilogy? Only time will tell.

WINNER: The Avengers, The Amazing-Spiderman, & The Dark Knight Rises

REASON FOR SELECTION: I had to pick them all. I believe that the growth for all of these films will be for the better in the future. Maybe I am wrong, but for now it’s anyone’s guess.


  1. The Avengers: 4 Points
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man: 1 Point
  3. The Dark Knight Rises: 4 Points

I kinda figured this would happen. For me it is hard to pick which one is better; The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. It’s difficult because these two movies are completely different. It’s like comparing apples to golf carts. It just cannot be done! But really I think you will agree that both of these movies are fantastic and deserve to be recognized! It was an amazing summer for superhero movies and it was a great way to go out with a bang.

I look forward to the future of superhero movies and I hope you do as well.

By the way… THE MAN OF STEEL TRAILER LOOKS AWESOME!!! I have high expectations for this movie. It better not fail like that 2005 Superman movie. That one was a joke. Except for Kevin Spacey. Plus this movie will be made by Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan. That is a recipe for SUCCESS if you ask me. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THEY CAN MESS THIS UP!!! IF THEY DO… IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST UPSET IN THE HISTORY OF SUPERHERO MOVIES. EVER!!! Anyways here is the trailer for the movie below. Enjoy and be wary for the future for superhero movies.

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