#1: Huge Possible Spoiler Revealed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Emma Green 2Just when it looked like Marc Webb couldn’t possibly reveal any more spoilers about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we ended up getting possibly the biggest spoiler of them all. In case you do not want to know what the possible spoiler is, then it is advised you do not continue reading on.

If any of you have read The Amazing Spider-Man Comics then the look worn by Emma Stone should look very familiar. If that was not a big enough clue to what the spoiler is, then perhaps the fact that Emma is standing on a bridge gives some clues as well?

Ever since the end of The Amazing Spider-Man, many fans have been wondering if Gwen Stacy would be meeting her tragic end. Gwen’s death is a result during a confrontation between Spider-Man and The Green Goblin. In the comics, The Goblin throws Gwen Stacy off of the George Washington Bridge and Spider-Man catches her with his web. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, Gwen dies after his attempt to save her.

If Gwen does die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then this has been the biggest spoiler revealed thus far. Does this news also mean that Norman Osborn will become The Green Goblin as well? Or will Rhino and Electro simply finish the job for him? We will have to wait and see when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases on May 2 2014.

Be sure to check out the pictures below provided by moviepilot.com

Emma Green 1Emma Green 2Death of Gwen

(article originally published on Gotchamovies.com)

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