#3: Imported From Gotham City Contest

So basically there was this contest that started on June 15th 2012 where you could create a 25 second commercial with given video, sounds, and graphics. These tools had to be used to try and create a commercial based on Chrysler’s 300 and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. You could not use anything else for the contest and it could not exceed 25 seconds. The winner would be invited to go to LA to edit their commercial for TV purposes, and then the winner would go to NYC to attend the premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. As in the red carpet premiere. Yeah. A lot on the line. If that was not enough, Christopher Nolan would be hand picking the winner. Nice right?

Anyways the contest site is here: http://www.importedfromgothamcity.com/ and from this site you can see all of the contest entries that were submitted. In total there were 1,147 videos that were submitted and allowed into the contest. When I say “allowed” I mean that when the submittal phase was over, there were some videos that were not accepted because they either exceeded 25 seconds, OR, they used outside content and were disqualified.

Unfortunately the contest is now over for accepting submissions and right now the judging period is already under way.

I was able to submit my entry and I really hope that I win.

If you want to see my video entry then you can view it right here:

No I cannot remove the texts and graphics on the videos. You only get that privilege if you win.

I will admit that some of the submittals are just a big pile of scrambled mess and don’t make any sense. There are also a ton that only focus on the movie rather than the car. In my opinion it should involve both and try to be as even as possible. Also a ton of these lack story. My teachers would always say that no matter what project you do, it always has to have a story. Whether it be a commercial, short, cartoon, whatever.. it needs a story.

Anyways that’s all I have to say about that.

The winner of the contest will be notified on / or around July 10th. So make sure to go onto the site and check out other people’s work!


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