Part 2: The Dark Knight Shooting / And The Winner Is…

Ok so I did not win the “Imported from Gotham City Contest”. Damn. I would have really liked to have gotten my submittal approved and gone to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES on the “black” carpet for the NYC Premiere. However, this contest has come and gone.

In case you did not know who the winner was, I am posting his video here in order for you all to watch. I will say however that I did not see his commercial the ENTIRE day. This was put on TV before all the craziness and the shooting in Colorado went down. Speaking of which…

I would like to say that the Colorado shooting was a travesty and I would like to express my deepest condolences to all the familes who had someone who was either hurt, injured, or killed during this catastrophy. I cannot begin to explain how upset I was about this when I saw it on TV. This guy… whatever his name is … is messed up. Honestly I don’t care that he was #1 in his class and that he was a freaking genius. To me, GOOD SIR, You are retarded. You seriously think that going into a movie, about one of my favorite childhood heroes of all time, and shooting up the place is going to solve any of your problems? YEAH RIGHT! If anything you just added more onto yourself!! I hope you rot in the depths of the darkest, and vicious prision imaginable. I would say that the “hell prison” in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES seems a little extreme… but in this case I am willing to make an exception. Maybe if that place existed, you should be tossed down there and have your spine snapped like Bruce Wayne was in the movie! Then you could spend the rest of your life climbing and falling and climbing and falling until you die. If anyone else disagrees here then, while your opinion is noted, it does not matter right now. I cannot still phathom as to why someone would do this. I think all the people like this guy should be tossed away forever. THIS IS INSANE AND JUST PISSES ME OFF!!!


Anyways… Sorry about that. Back to the other part.

I think because of this shooting incident I have not seen 1 DARK KNIGHT RISES tv spot anywhere!!! I think that they were disbanded because of the whole incident that went down. Damn. I did not even see the conest winner’s tv add anywhere until I actually looked it up. I think many people just did not give a damn because they were either:

  1. Too busy watching THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
  2. Watching the news about the Colorado midnight shootings.
  3. Doing a combo of both.

Really I cannot blame them. I wish this contest could have been done later on in time. But then again… nah. I am just glad it is over with. I ended up in 57th place and I am fine with that, even though I would have liked to have won the contest. Here is the contest winner’s video below:

Congrats you son of a bitch…. Sorry I am still feeling the sour grapes.

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