#1: Personal Views on Filmaking

As I said in my “About Me” tab I was not supposed to go into filmaking at all. I wanted to be part of 3D Animation. When I was ten years old I found that watching cartoons and bringing animated things come to life was really something and I thought it would be a fantastic job down the road. I remember getting up early every Saturday to watch cartoons that always left a cliffhanger from the previous week or were just fun to watch. To be able to bring anything to life and say that you made it yourself is really inspiring. I never thought that I would ever change my mind about making cartoons or being involved with animation in general.

The task process involved to be able to make cartoons or animation is unbelievable and not necessarily in a good way. I mean sure you can create what you want and do what you want within 3D animation but the overall process is long and complicated with many instances of “urrrgghh” and “AAAHHAHAHHARRRHHAFHFGGHHGH!!”. You have to be able to keep up in the 3D animation program or else you will be left behind. I know that it is supposed to let you feel like you are applying for a job and you have to be the absolute best but… this is an experience that I would never want to repeat. The hours for projects are long and demanding; many nights I would spend about 22 hours a day staying awake to be working on projects as well as attend classes. Yeah… Also like I said you have to be the best or else your work will not stand out as much.

When I switched over to making films I felt more at ease than I ever did when I was being part of 3D animation. You have more control about what you can do… which.. is anything (also the hours are not as bad either)! The process to make films was an overall joy and I finally felt like I could find peace in this area. Making movies now is really easy but is still a long process because of special effects that are added in later.

My favorite kinds of movies are more involved with these kinds of themes:

– Suspense/Thriller
– Horror
– Action/Adventure
– Comedy
– Drama
– Spy

I constantly watch movies so that I can learn new ways of either seeing how a director thinks or get inspiration from the stories into making something that I could possibly do. Movies are really just a great way to get inspiration or envoke creativity. The best part about movies is that it makes real life boring. Now I am not saying that everything about real life is boring or is not entertaining, I am simply stating that the “movie world” has everything and ANYTHING can happen. Say if we lived in the movie realm then everyone could be an FBI agent and go around saving the world every day of the week, whereas here in the real world it is very hard and difficult to be part of something like that.

I love making the un-real become real. For example no one can ever have super powers and cannot fly around tall buildings on a daily basis, but when you make movies or be involved in them, your characters can be anything you want them to be. It’s an amazing experience to show people your point of view and tell people through your work what things should be like and/or how things ought to be.

I love making films and I will continue to make them. Hopefully I can make films as a career one day. That would be an ideal job for me.

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