#2: Dark Shadows

It’s ok… just not Burton’s or Depp’s best work.

(there are a ton of spoilers here)

DARK SHADOWS is kinda different than what I had expected. There were a ton of different plot turns that weren’t necessarily needed and/or randomly thrown in and there was a number of sexual references, as well as scenes (no there was no nudity) that expressed sensuality. Honestly this movie kinda seemed out of place. I cannot really explain it but really I just think the movie needed some work.

DARK SHADOWS is about Barnabus Collins (Johnny Depp) and his tragic story about how he lost the love of his life, and a witch (Eva Green) who will go to whatever it takes to win Collins’ love. The Witch turns Barnabus Collins into a vampire and then gets the town on her side in order to bury him. He wakes up 200 some years later and returns to his home to find the current Collins family. They are nearly broke and down on their luck, but with Barnabus’s help, he turns their luck around and makes the family rich and successful again. However, Barnabus then finds out that The Witch who cursed him is still alive after all this time. It then turns into a huge battle to see who will win in the end.

Really that’s all of the plot summarized right there…

That is not what I am complaining about. To be honest, the confusing parts are all in the side plots!

Lets count and see how many that there are:

1). We find out that one of the Collins’ is greedy and has an obsession with thieving. He is then forced to make a choice on whether or not to stay at the house or leave forever.

2). The youngest Collins, David, can talk to ghosts and apparently summons the ghost of his dead mother to help fight The Witch at the end.

3). The daughter (Chloe Grace Mortez) is apparently a werewolf…. yeah… gotta throw another monster in there.

4). The Witch killed the youngest Collins’ mother, turned the daughter into a werewolf, and killed pretty much a ton of people that Barnabus loved in order for Barnabus to love her…. Yeah… WHAT??

5). The Doctor who lives with the family (Helena Bonham Carter) apparently wants to become a vampire and tries to use Barnabus’ blood in order to become a vampire.

6). A different doctor (Bella Heathcote) comes to help out David, but we see that she is actually a mental patient as well… and she can see ghosts too.


I really feel that in some points the movie just feels awkward. Do you ever get that feeling when you are watching a movie, where the characters do some things that are just weird or out of place, and we the audience feels that awkwardness? I kinda feel that sometimes. I don’t know if any of you feel that as well… but really I feel that this movie just plain “out of place”.

To be honest the movie is just ok. It’s not horrible but then again it’s not fantastic either. This really is not Depp’s or Burton’s best film together honestly. If you’re a really big Johnny Depp fan then I probably cannot persuade you one way or the other about seeing this movie, but really it’s not worth all of the price of tickets now adays.

In short, go see it if you must but honestly it can be skipped.

IMDB Score: 6.6

My Score: 6.0   

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