#3: The Dictator

It’s an Aladeen S#!$ Storm of hilarity.

This movie is really really REALLY Aladeen but at the same time it is also Aladeen. What’s that? Can’t understand what the blazes I am saying? Oh well allow me to clarify. In the movie, the word “Aladeen” is used as either the word “good” or “bad”. So let’s go back to my original comment shall we?

This movie is really really REALLY Aladeen (Bad) but at the same time it is also Aladeen (Good). There. I think that should clear things up.

Here’s the best way to describe this movie: RIDICULOUS. You know it, I know it, Everyone knows it. However there are some movies that CAN pull off being completely ridiculous and still be funny. This movie does actually end up being in the category of good yet RIDICULOUS.

The jokes are insane, offensive, racial, and sometimes disgusting in all points of the movie. I will not spoil it (because it was the most hilarious scene in the movie), but the Helicopter scene will definately piss off some people who do not have that kind of sense of humor. Honestly I don’t want people to get upset at this part. It’s just how Sacha Baron Cohen is really. If you’ve seen BORAT or even BRUNO for that matter, and you are now seeing THE DICTATOR, then honestly I am assuming you are used to his sense of humor by now.

I honestly am expecting everyone who goes to see this movie to understand that this really is just an excuse to go see something that is completely hysterical. Don’t expect oscar worthy performances, or groundbreaking cinematography here.

While the movie is really funny I would like to point out something important about this film:

The story is not very good and honestly is a twisted version of “The Prince and the Pauper”. I was shocked to see stars Anna Farris (well not that shocked for her case), Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, and even Edward Norton (yeah EDWARD NORTON is in this movie. He has a 30 second cameo that shows him just getting done having sex with some unimportant chinese dude. I AM Dead Friggen Serious Here!) are involved with this film. I think that people who are in this kind of movie are really just asking to be “less respected”. Sigghhh… Sometimes taking a really big check from Hollywood is not the greatest idea.

Honestly that’s really all I can say about this movie.

To sum up here is what I am saying briefly: Movie is really bad when it comes to plot and story overall, but is absolutely hysterical. I would only recommend it ONLY if you are used to Sacha Baron Cohen by now.

To end this review, I have put the link to the Aladeen Song here: Click Here.


IMDB Score: 7.0

My Score: 5.0 (for story level) and 8.0 (for comedy level)

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