#7: Prometheus

Close encounters of the dangerous kind to be more like it.

I just wanna say that by now, if you have been paying attention in the past with Alien films, we can all expect that whenever we try to make peace with aliens … GUESS WHAT HAPPENS??? Here’s a bunch of examples of TV Shows and Movies that depicts everything that has gone wrong when we encounter aliens: The Twilight Zone (specifically the episode “How To Serve Man”), The Alien Movies, Independence Day, The Thing, The Predator Movies, Slither, Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, Signs, and War of The Worlds, just to name a few.

This review will be different because I will mainly only talk about the plot and only a little on everything else.

Before I go ANY further please know that all will be spoiled and the most IMPORTANT SPOILER WILL BE SPOILED HERE. SO if you do want to see the movie and NOT be spoiled just know from me that this movie was awesome and you need to see it now.

Also this will explain almost EVERYTHING that happens in the movie. Almost everything will be written here for the plot.

So if you wanna change your mind, just turn back now.

Ok I warned you!

That being said lets dig into the plot shall we?

Plot: The story starts with a human like being on earth in a distant past that drinks a cup of black goo and then is killed by it. He then falls into a waterfall and disintegrates, which distributes his DNA in the water of Earth.

The year is now 2089 and there are two scientists, Elizabeth and Charlie, that have discovered another kind of drawing that matches a bunch of drawings from many different time spans throughout history. These drawings show something that relates to aliens of some sort and they think it’s an invitation to come find them somehow. They get a crew that consists of about 16 people and 1 robot (who actually looks like a human) named David. This robot was created on earth and serves to help the crew of Prometheus by learning dead languages, studying up on facts and knowledge, and other things as well. But in all reality he is angry because he is not treated as a person in the eyes of the crew.

The crew and the ship are all possible because of Peter Weyland, who is a very old man and a major billionaire of some sorts that has taken an interest in this project. Peter tells the crew via a hologram that by the time they hear this message he will already be dead because he is too old to go on. He has assigned Mereditch Vickers as head of the crew and asks that they respect her wishes when it comes to making decisions about the explorations. Vickers is always seen as being deceptive and hiding something that only her and David know for the moment. The two of them, at first, seem to be conspiring against the crew in order to find something important.

The crew finally lands on what they believe is the planet of the creation of the human race. They all go out there (except for the captain, Vickers, and some others) to explore some kind of temple they have found from flying overhead the planet. Once inside, they find massive amounts of tunnels and eventually come across alien jars, a giant face statue, and a desceased alien body with the head decapitated. The crew proceeds to take the head as a giant storm heads in on the temple. As they are fleeing two things happen: 1). Two of the crew get lost and ended up being stranded in the temple overnight. 2). David takes one of the alien jars back to the ship which appears to have some sort of life form growing inside of it.

Once on the ship, David examines the jar, and it contains a ton of amount of alien black goo inside. With this, David places a small amount of the goo on his finger and then proceeds to go to Charlie. The two of them end up talking about why they wanted to come here in the first place. Charlie says that they came to learn why they were created. David then wonders why he was created, to which Charlie exclaims “because we could make you. That’s why.” David becomes infuriated with Charlie and then puts part of the alien life form he found inside Charlie’s drink. Elizabeth discovers that the alien head has DNA that is exactly that of a normal human being. Which means, that these beings (that they call “The Engineers”) are the creators of the human race.

The two crew members that get lost on their way back die in the night because of some kind of tentacle squid monster that kills the both of them. When Charlie wakes up the next morning, him and Elizabeth awaken after having sex. Charlie goes toward the mirror and discovers that there is an alien life form inside of his eye. He decides not to tell Elizabeth and they go with the crew to try and find the missing team members. They return to the temple and notice that they have been killed. While this is going on, David ventures on his own and finds a secret chamber with a few bodies of The Engineers being in cryogenetic stasis. David also discovers a map that points to Earth. Charlie constantly collapses, feels sick, and his skin and body change. He is in constant pain and suffers all the way back to the ship. Vickers tells them that Charlie cannot come on board because she feels he will contaminate everyone on board. Charlie then tells her to kill him and Vickers eliminates him with a flamethrower. This leaves Elizabeth devastated and then falls unconscious.

Elizabeth awakens and discovers from David that she is 3 months pregant. This is impossible because she cannot give birth to children. At all. But David tells her it is not a “normal” fetus. Elizabeth then is sedated and is injected with a painkiller to get rid of the pain. When she wakes up again, she goes to Vicker’s private room because there is some kind of fancy operation machine in there. She goes inside and actually removes the alien from inside her body. The alien is some kind of version of the tentacle squid monster that killed the two other members of the crew. Elizabeth traps it in the chamber and escapes. She then runs down the hall and enters a room where David and, surprisingly, Peter Weyland, were talking about the alien beings. Peter intends to ask one of the remaining Engineers how to cheat death and live forever. Vickers and Peter share a moment together that reveals that they are father and daughter. Vickers tries to tell Peter that his reign is over and he will die. Peter will hear nothing of it and heads toward the temple with David.

Once inside the temple, David, Peter, and Elizabeth awaken one of the Engineers in hopes of restoring Peter’s youth. David proceeds to talk to The Engineer and The Engineer rips David’s head off. He then kills Peter and Elizabeth escapes. The Engineer is shown to be a alien pilot and the room that they were all in was the command center for an alien space ship. Elizabeth convinces the captain of Prometheus to kill the Alien Ship before it takes off because the ship is completely full of the black goo that killed Charlie. Prometheus then crashes into the ship and the both of them end up blowing up in the process. Just before impact, Vickers escapes via a escape pod, but is then killed shortly after when the alien ship falls on top of her.

Elizabeth’s suit is damaged and she only has 2 minutes of air until her suit fails. She then procedes to Vicker’s room which has blown off from Prometheus and hides inside. She then sees her alien offspring (the tentacle squid monster) and notices that it has grown vastly in such a short amount of time. David contacts Elizabeth and tells her that The Engineer is still alive and heading her way. The Engineer then traps Elizabeth between himself and the squid monster. Elizabeth releases the squid monster on The Engineer and the both of them are killed in the process. Elizabeth leaves Vicker’s room and goes to find David’s head and body.

Elizabeth then asks David if she can go to The Engineer’s home planet and ask them why they created humans and then later decided to destroy them. The two of them leave on a different alien ship and they depart from the planet.

The scene then goes to the dead Engineer’s body and from it, a black like creature pops out of the stomach. The creature is revealed to be the first “Alien” (from the alien movies).

Wow that was a lot. But I told you I would reveal everything!

Honestly from that there really is nothing else I want to say here except that Guy Pearce is in the movie. GUY PEARCE! (He plays Peter Wayland) Man finally! I am a huge fan of him and I always love seeing him on screen. It’s too bad that he is not in the movie enough because his character is really quite good. I always feel that he is just handed minor roles but should be given more!

Anyways that’s my only rant here besides the ending. I really loved this movie even though the whole time it was just a way to explain how the ALIEN species is created. I mean the whole time, it just feels like we will get a different ending but no! It’s just an excuse to show how the ALIEN movies started. SO YES IT IS A PREQUEL TO ALIEN. THERE YOU GO. IT’S BEEN SPOILED!!! I was really just feeling like I was punched in the gut a couple of times when the end came on. I mean seriously! We get fooled for 2 hours thinking that this will be something that is an original story… Nope. It’s only to show you what happens up until the first ALIEN was created. Ugghh….

I would recommend watching this movie even though it really will just dissapoint you in the end. It really really is one of Ridley Scott’s best.

IMDB Score: 7.8

My Score: 8.5

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