#4: Battleship

I’m sorry but I refuse to watch this movie.

You can honestly tell that hollywood is running out of ideas here. I mean come on! A movie that’s based off of a board game, that is basically TRANSFORMERS at sea, with no real clear direction on what the plot is except for explosions, gun fights, and more explosions.

Why would anyone approve of this stupid idea? It’s like the people who approve of movie treatments are just taking whatever is thrown at them. Here I can probably imagine what went down:

TG (Treatment Guy): Ok so what is this movie about?

DR (Director): It’s basically a play on BATTLESHIP the game but with aliens, and there’s explosions and gun fights and stuff. Also I want it to really look like another Transformers movie.

TG: Ok ok… Well this is a stupid idea but we need an amazing actor in order for people to see it. How about Liam Neeson?

DR: Yeah that sounds fine. Can we get Michael Bay on this as well?

TG: Of course why wouldn’t we?

DR: Ok. I also have another idea for my next movie. It’s a take on the game Scrabble but with a government conspiracy involved and I want Bradley Cooper to be in it.

TG: Ok you can make that one after Battleship.

Uggghhhh… This is really insane. To think that this crap is made every freaking day just astounds me. To be honest I thought that Hollywood would have learned it’s lesson after “The Love Guru” came out.

But no. Not really. They never learn.

If you wanna go see this downright craptacular movie then go watch it. I will not stop you. However, just know that there is only one kind of category for movies like this. It’s called “The Embarrassment Pile”.

IMDB Score: 6.2

My Score: N/A (because I did not see it)

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