#11: That’s My Boy

I could not stop laughing the entire time during this movie. That’s a good thing!

Here’s the bad part straight off the bat for this movie: the trailers made this movie look so terrible. I really was on the fence the entire time on whether or not to see this movie. I really am glad that I did. Sometimes the trailers do screw up the movie’s potential.

Anyways here is the plot (spoilers follow):

Plot: Donnie Berger, a 12 yr old boy, is taken advantage of by his teacher Mary McGarricle in school. During a school event, the two of them are discovered having sex in front of the entire school. Donnie is seen as a hero in the eyes of his school peers and becomes famous. Mary McGarricle is sentenced to 30 years in prison while being pregant with Donnie’s child. When Donnie turns 18, he is given full custody of his child. He names his son Han Solo Berger, to which he believes is an amazing name.

Many many years later, Donnie is a slacker and owes $43,000 in back taxes that he has not paid for since the 1990’s. If he does not pay the money back within a few days he will go to jail for a couple of years. Donnie has not seen his son in a very long time and has no idea where he is. Donnie then discovers that his son has changed his name to Todd, he is a millionaire, and is about to be married to his fiance, Jamie. The plot revolves around Donnie trying to spend time with Todd/Han Solo in order for him to give him the $43,000 dollars that he owes to the government.

I don’t want to spoil the rest but there is a twist in the story that makes Jamie the bad guy in this film and some other stuff goes down and … yeah. Just trust me that this movie is really funny I would recommend watching it.

Ok now here is the bad stuff:

Considering that this is an Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg movie, you should expect by now that this movie is not going to shy on language. Most of the movie just seems overly offensive than what it should be because there is just so much language. I seriously think that the F-Word is used a whole lot here and honestly it is un-necessary. I really think that comedy movies don’t need to be focusing only on the language in order to sell a joke. However it will go on deaf ears in this movie because, like I have said, the language is very present and is said by all a whole ton.

Adam Sandler steals the show. This is not bad on his part at all, however the problem is that Andy Samberg, and the rest of the cast as well, is  ignored whenever Sandler is involved in the scene because he has pretty much all the jokes in the movie. Oh yeah sure there are other people that get a chance to shine now and again. However it’s really just a Sandler show and he will take all the jokes that can possibly come forward.

The final thing that I can say is not that great about the movie is this: the plot is somewhat similar to some of Sandler’s past films. I was really expecting something more from this movie but the plot was straightforward and there is nothing else to say in terms of surpirses (except for the end) or complete shockers. The only thing that was a complete shocker was the comedy because this movie is seriously funny.

Ok now some good things:

The comedy is really far up there in terms of hilarity. I kept laughing and laughing up until the very end of the film. Sandler has almost all of the jokes in this film, while Samberg has some and the other members of the cast have very few. I will say though that this movie really did go above and beyond in terms of the jokes and honestly I was surprised that the movie was truly this funny. It really is a shame that it has not done well at the box office because this movie really does deserve another chance if you ask me.

Vanilla Ice. Yeah he is in this movie! I was really surprised that it was him because he really did look like Kevin Federline a little bit. Anyways, it was really cool to see him in the movie although I think that the only reason why he was there was just to promote the movie. I will say that his comedy is really funny as well and that the tag team of Vanilla Ice and Adam Sandler was brilliant. I really could not have thought of a better way to try and get this movie off of the ground than introducing Vanilla Ice. Also Sandler’s wife shows up in the movie as well. She plays one of the messuses that give the guys facials and things during Todd’s bachelor party.

This is going to be a shorter review because there is no point in going on any further. Just in case you did not get my ideals about this movie already: I really liked it even though the trailers for this movie screwed it over at the box office. I would recommend watching this movie and try to see it whenever you can. It really is that funny!

IMDB Score: 4.8

My Score: 7.5

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