#10: The Amazing Spider-Man

I really don’t know how to feel about this movie. Don’t get me wrong I really really wanted to like it, and in some instances I did, but overall I was disappointed, and in some instances, just flat out ENRAGED because of how screwed up this movie turned out to be.

All I want to say is that while I feel the acting is really good, and the plot kept me interested, there was a bunch of moments where the movie showed its overall weakness and could not measure up to the other SPIDER-MAN movies. The biggest problem that comes to mind is …. DID WE REALLY NEED A SPIDER-MAN REBOOT? And this question is coming from the guy who lives and breathes Spider-Man and Batman. So you tell me how disappointing it is to hear this!

Ok before I dig into why I feel that this movie just ruined my day, I want to BRIEFLY tell you what the plot was ok? There will be spoilers.

Plot: Peter Parker’s parent’s go missing when he was a kid and he lives with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Years later he is a teenager and gets “spider powers” while at a tour of OSCORP Industries. He gets in a relationship with Gwen Stacy, a girl at his school, and the two become crazy about one another. Peter learns that his father and, his father’s longtime friend Dr. Connors, were working on something that could make humans better than in the state that they are in right now. Peter tries to be friends with Connors and gives him the lost formula that his dad created before he mysteriously died or vanished or whatever. This actually turns out to be a bad idea because the forumula turns Dr. Connors into The Lizard and Peter sets out to try and stop him from creating more “Lizard People” through an invention that turns a serum into a large cloud of gas and have it be spread over New York.

And that’s it really. Yes there is more stuff that goes on but really that is all I can remember because I was so side tracked within this movie. Why you might ask? WHY? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY?? No. I am not joking around right now. This is me NOT trying to be funny here. I was so incredibly PISSED OFF because of this ONE distracting feature within the movie that at the beginning of the credits, I just wanted to slam my freaking head into a god damn car window and hope that I suffered amnesia and didn’t see that movie I just saw. OK. Here is why I am genuinely so hurt, upset, and just damn well ANGRY at this movie.

COMPLAINT #1: The Death of Uncle Ben.

Yes, in case you were wondering, it does happen in this movie. That’s not why I am upset. HIS DEATH is supposed to happen. But the way that it happens is so mind-bendingly disgraceful that I cannot forgive this movie right now… or probably even ever!!! When it all comes down to it, the real reason why this movie was not good for me was because there was a LACK OF COMMUNICATION.

If you should know anything about SPIDER-MAN at all it is this sentence right here: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. Sound familiar? WELL IT DAMN WELL SHOULD! The whole reason why this sentence is important is because it is the biggest contribution to Peter Parker evolving into Spider-Man. This is not news. What is news is the fact that this lesson about doing the right thing because you have the power to do so is just COMPLETELY IGNORED AND NEVER EVEN MENTIONED ONCE IN THE GOD DAMN MOVIE. Yes Uncle Ben’s death does have some push for making Peter into Spider-Man, but I am telling you from the bottom of my heart and soul that I know what I am talking about here. This lesson from Uncle Ben shortly before he dies in the comics is what haunts Peter for the rest of his life and always motivates him to do the right thing EVEN though there has been times where he could have just taken the easier road. HOW IN THE NAME OF HELL COULD YOU MESS THAT UP??? Do you realize how much screen time could have been used to portray that message just being said in the movie? Really all that was needed was a few minutes and I could have been fine with this movie. BUT NO. YOU COULDN’T GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY COULD YOU??

I’m sorry but really if you are a huge SPIDER-MAN fan like I am then you will not take this sitting down. In the movie it is never mentioned ONCE. NO NO NO that stupid little line about responsibility in the movie does not freaking count WHATSOEVER. Your opinion is not taken into account for this part so it’s either you’re on my side… or you really just do not have any respect for SPIDER-MAN at all. Also in a few versions of comics that depict Uncle Ben’s death, the last conversation that he has with Peter is even this sentence that I am talking about! And to not say it in the freaking movie…. God I am just so appalled!!! And look, I do realize that this famous quote was not created from the get go and was originally called something else. But what we got in the movie was nowhere near that!

OK OK OK. I realize that if I do not get off this topic I never will.. so let’s just try to move on.

HMMPPPPPHHH… FINE. Other things:

COMPLAINT#2: Another big complaint I have here is that they did not really evolve Peter Parker’s attitude or even personality from the get-go. From the beginning, Peter is aggressive, cocky, kind of a show off, and does not take any crap from anyone. That’s fine … but it’s not supposed to happen in THE VERY BEGINNING. See Peter is supposed to be really nerdy and socially awkward (I’ll get more into this later), but the film just doesn’t take this into account (AGAIN I WILL GET INTO THIS LATER). In today’s standards, being the sort of depressed and mysterious teenager is what gets the girl (so to speak), but honestly it feels like another slap in the face in terms of the character Peter Parker. This is not who he is at all. We need to see him evolve not just from being normal to a superhero, but also in personality from Peter to Spider-Man. Get it? Good. Next complaint:

COMPLAINT #3: The Lizard. Oh don’t look at me like that. Saying the bad guy was a bad part of the movie is not something unheard of OK? Dr. Connors is supposed to be like a black sheep and taking all the heat (in the comics) because people think that he is just a mindless beast now and has no control over his actions. But in this movie not only does Dr. Connors know what he is doing, but when he is The Lizard he talks as well. And this is not some kind of one or two word response like in RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. He even has full on conversations with Peter whether he is Spider-Man or not and he still proves that he is brilliant! Now here is what I don’t get: there is more than one scene that remind me of the first SPIDER-MAN movie that involves The Lizard. What I am referring to is the talks that Norman Osborn had to himself when he was going crazy as the Green Goblin. In this movie, Connors talks to a mysterious voice a bunch of times throughout, but this time it is more of his “Lizard Side” trying to persuade the “human side” what to do. I felt that this was already used and kind of cheesy. Besides Connors is not supposed to be suffering from insanity in the first place! It’s just him not trying to become The Lizard. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN does more than just offer that wrong bit of information, they completely make his character some sort of crazed villain who just wants to rule the world… for whatever reason.

COMPLAINT #3.1: Also here is another thing I have to pick on about Dr. Connors.: WHERE IS THE WIFE AND KID?? How do I know that he is married? There are many many MANY scenes where you see his wedding ring, but his son and wife NEVER show up! The biggest example is when Peter visits Dr. Connors in his house to ask him about his father. When Dr. Connors invites him in, I remember there was a close up on his hand and you see… the wedding ring. Plus to top it off I know for a fact that Dr. Connors is married because there is a specific story where The Lizard devours and kills his own son! YEAH! THAT WAS REAL! Anyways… I would have really liked to have seen his wife or son show up because that would have appealed to his human side. That way, when he is transformed into The Lizard, we would have realized that this man is really just having it rough. He’s trying to do right but is constantly struggling to survive against his inner demon. But NO! Instead we get a Dr. Connors that really is just evil and only realizes his actions at the very end. It’s as if he finally realizes the consequences of his GREAT POWER and accepts his RESPONSIBILITY to go to jail. (Like that? Yeah I thought this movie had it somewhere).

COMPLAINT #4: Uncle Ben’s Killer. If you saw the movie then you remember that Peter spends part of the movie searching for the guy who kills his Uncle. That’s all well and good, but when the stuff about The Lizard shows up, the movie decides just to completely forget about Uncle Ben’s killer and only focus on The Lizard! WHAT??? I mean yeah I would try to stop a giant Lizard-Man that is running amuck in New York if I was Spider-Man. But the problem with this is that Peter never finds the guy who killed his Uncle the ENTIRE MOVIE. We are reminded that the guy is still out there at the very end of the movie. At that point I felt I had been hit with a barrage of Deja-Vu. I even asked myself “Did he ever catch the guy?…. No. No he didn’t” when that scene came up! GOD! He better get caught in the next one or else this next movie will really be a problem.

Ok I think that is the last of my complains even though I could go on and on and on about the first one. Now let’s focus on some good things:

The best thing about the movie is the chemistry between Emma Stone (as Gwen Stacy)and Andrew Garfield (as Peter Parker/Spiderman). While these parts of the movie truly are the best, that in itself is the problem. If the movie only focuses on the teenage drama and romance the entire time, then there will not be much in terms of character development and overall story. Which is exactly what happened here … anyways … I really do think that this kind of relationship acting is really .. well … real! In case you didn’t know, they are currently dating in real life and not just in the movie. You can tell the entire time that the both of them have feelings for each other and it shows up all the time. I really could tell also at the end that Gwen was truly hurt by Peter when *SPOILER ALERT* the two of them break up after the death of her father, Captain George Stacy. Even though Peter was only trying to protect her from the impending danger that is to come, you can just feel the heartbroken-ness that Gwen experiences and it just makes you want to help her out in any way possible. Emma Stone really just acts her ass off in this movie and it shows. She really does a fantastic job in this movie.

(These scenes are really the only times where Andrew Garfield shows off his geek persona and nerdiness because he doesn’t really know how to act around girls. Which still doesn’t make up for the fact thatĀ Peter is a punk during this entire movie except for these scenes.)

One of the other things I liked about the movie is the hidden backstory with the whole disappearance of Peter’s Parents. No not everything is cleared up in this movie and Marc Webb has even said that everything will be resolved over the next two films as to what happened to Peter’s parents. My guess is that Peter’s father and mother died or mysteriously vanished because of the “cancer suit”. What cancer suit? Well I will explain that now:

If any of you have read some of the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comics then you know that Peter’s father was a brillaint scientist who worked extensively with Edward Brock Sr. to create a special suit that cures people of their cancer. Peter eventually finds this cancer suit with Edward Brock Jr. (Eddie Brock). The problem is that this cancer suit is really this comic’s version of the VENOM symbiote, and Peter becomes the black suited Spider-Man, and then eventually, VENOM (for a very short period of time). I noticed that this movie follows the comics because the drug that transforms Dr. Connors into The Lizard is called OZ. This OZ drug is also the name of the super drug that turns Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin in those comics, however this version’s Green Goblin was reminicent of a Goblin Monster but could shoot fireballs and fly. So if these movies continue to follow the ultimate comics, then we can expect to see some Green Goblin Monster action coming up soon.

Ok back to the stuff about Peter’s Parents: Perhaps a surprising twist is that the mysterious man in the post credits scene of this movie is actually Peter’s father. However I have already put my guess on the possibility of it being Norman Osborn for the next movie (for my explanation on that, click here). Wouldn’t that be a great twist though? Also to what end could Peter’s parents still be alive? Why all the deception? Why all the mystery? Who knows? I certainly don’t. I wish I did because honestly this mysterious man in the post credits scene is driving me insane. I WANT TO KNOW WHO HE IS!!!! Maybe he is a ghost? No no no. I will stay with Norman Osborn…. or Peter’s dad.

Ok I am done reviewing this movie. I didn’t like it for the moment but maybe I will end up liking it eventually if I just let it sit and watch it again in a few months on DVD. Perhaps there will be a sneak preview of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2? Maybe… but not really. Anyways I feel that this movie is not great but still could have been a whole lot worse.

IMDB Score: 7.6

My Score: 6.7

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