#1: American Psycho

After watching this movie you would be surprised that this guy ended up being the next Batman.

I have to say that this movie really is amazing and makes you think about what really happened throughout when the movie has ended. Here’s a hint about the ending: if you’ve ever seen Memento then you should know what I am talking about.

The plot is below. Make sure to skip it if you do not want to know what happens.

Plot: The story is all about Patrick Bateman, a successful and very skilled investment banker who is also a murderer, rapist, and thief. He is surrounded by fancy clothes, money, power, shallow friends who he hangs out with (even though everyone hates each other), and a fiance who he has no feelings toward. Throughout the film we see the progression of Patrick slipping ever more closer to madness. As this insanity continues, Patrick becomes more and more aggressive and even confirms that he is insane and has killed a lot of people to his lawyer. However, at the end of the film, we discover that Patrick might not have killed anyone at all. All of the bodies he has hidden are gone, one of his friends he killed is supposed to be alive, and Patrick claims that no one will ever understand him and that this is truly hell.

I cannot describe how great of an actor Christian Bale is here. The performance he gives in this movie is truly astounding. You don’t want to root for him because he is considered to be the anti-hero but at the same time you do as well because you want to see how messed up and gory his kills end up being. Not only that but his interpretation of Patrick Bateman is completely creepy and at some points, just plain crazy. This is the best movie I have seen him in thus far and I would like to see some of the other work he has done as well. Oh by the way Reese Witherspoon and Willem Dafoe are in the movie as well but they have really small roles in the film and only show up a number of times.

By the way I want to show you a really amazing scene where it shows how messed up Bale is in this movie. There is a scene where Bateman is showing off his new business card to his “friends” and then he gets crazy when no one approves of his. Look below this paragraph to see the scene that I am talking about. (sorry about the quality)


The scare factor on this movie is not high at all. You could be fine watching this at any point of the day and it won’t make a lick of difference. If you are looking for a complete and utter shocker then you are not in the right place. That, to me, is what makes this movie not entirely a horror movie. I mean yeah there is tons and tons AND TONS of blood in this movie and if you are squeamish about blood then I would not recommend you watch it. But there are no monsters or moments in the film where you just wanna jump from your seat and scream. This is the only factor that makes this movie be lower than I would like.

Now that I am on the subject with the blood I will examine it in better detail. You see it everywhere. When you see Patrick killing his victims he is not shy on spraying the blood all over the place. There is one scene in particular where Bateman is running down the hall, butt naked, covered in blood from head to toe, and drops a chainsaw a couple of stories up and kills a hooker. Really. This scene is for real. There is another part where Bale is killing a guy senselessly with an axe and the blood is just SPEWING out all over the place. It was an awesome blood bath.

I know I practically said this already but Christian Bale really is amazing in this film. I know the movie is all about him and around his freaky life, but every time Bale is present in the movie you get a sense of annoyance and chills at the same time. Because of the way that Bateman is such an asshole in this movie it just makes you want to throw a brick at him. His character is really annoying sometimes but that is the point. Because he is so annoying, you get to see how crazy he is just by being a psychopath and murder people.

Other than that I really can say that the movie can be a bit confusing at times because you have to keep distinguishing whether or not this is real or just Bateman’s psyche getting in a weird funk. I mean the plot is interesting and everything but at times it can be a bit of a mind fuck.

All in all this was a great start for the Monster Movie Madness Film Fest and I would definitely recommend watching it. However it is not scary but it will leave you with a few shocks and gross moments. GO check this movie out now.

IMDB Score: 7.6

My Score: 8.5

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