#3: The Wolfman (2010)

This movie rocked. I know it is not as good as the original and I must say that for a horror movie it is pretty good but with all the special effects and green screen technology there is a lot that can be done now adays. What I am trying to say is that special effects are not everything and they don’t make a movie necessarily better if everything is revolving around it.

Plot: A man named Ben Talbot is killed by a mysterious creature that is beastial and his brother, Lawrence, comes to attend his funeral. His brother went missing a month ago and his brother’s fiance, Gwen informs him. Lawrence returns to his family home and receives a weird reunion with his father, Sir John Lawrence. It is revealed that Ben is uneasy with his father because he claimed to have seen his father kill his mother when he was a young child. Ben was then sent to a mental institution until he was well again. Most people in town believe that it was the gypsies that were responsible so Lawrence goes to them and investigates. The gypsies claim they were not responsible and that it was the work of the “Werewolf”. Just then a huge beast, with long claws and fangs, comes and trashes the camp apart. Lawrence goes off to fight the beast but is bitten and will eventually turn into a werewolf. The gypsies decide not to kill him but let him know that only a loved one can release him from the curse. Lawrence returns to the house and he becomes increasingly ill. He is sick for a number of weeks but then eventually becomes well again because of the blood of the beast inside of him. Lawrence is then questioned by the local Inspector and, after a series of threats, Lawrence feels that The Inspector is out for him. Gwen is then sent away by Lawrence and Sir John locks himself in his basement in order to protect himself from the beast attacks. Lawrence then turns himself into the werewolf and terrorizes London. The next day Lawrence awakes and Sir John is staring over him telling him he has done terrible things. Lawrence is sent to the asylum where he was kept as a kid and in there, Sir John comes and tells Lawrence that he was the one who killed Ben. Sir John was drunk with power and decided to kill Ben because he no longer wants to restrain the part of the werewolf inside him. Lawrence and Sir John fight with Lawrence being the victor and decapitates Sir John. Gwen returns and she sees Lawrence as the wolf man. She runs away but Lawrence tails after her. As she is running away, the inspector catches up with her and then Lawrence comes and bites the inspector. Lawrence leaves him and then chases after Gwen again. As Lawrence has Gwen on a cliff, he regains some of his consciousness and then Gwen kills him to end his pain. The inspector catches up with him and then it is hinted that he will become the next Wolfman.

I have to say that this movie reminds me of the original version and it is a good remake of the classic movie. I have to say that both versions of the movie are quite good but if I had to pick one it would be the original. Why? Because this movie relies too much on the use of CGI and Green Screen in this movie. I really respected the work and story that went into the original flick and I would tell you to check that one out more instead of this one. That’s basically the biggest reason. There’s another couple of reasons why and I will explain below.

The biggest complaints besides this movie not being the original is that of the performances of Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt. I am not saying that they are terrible in this movie because they arent. It’s just that in this movie they are playing shallow and uninteresting characters. Emily is barely in this movie and just only is around to be the unofficial love interest to the main character. Other than that she is just quite a snoozefest. Anthony Hopkins just keeps letting us know that he is the Wolfman the entire time, without actually saying it, (you can tell) and he, like Emily in this film, is just very boring and is only interesting to me when he just comes out and reveals to us that he is the wolfman. I will say that the final fight between Anthony Hopkins and Benicio del Toro is really quite good and it is just a big bloody and raging mess of awesomeness.

Other than that there is no other complaints I have with this movie. I really did like it and even though it is not as compelling as the original I would still check it out. There are a ton of CGI and Green Screen Moments I will tell you but other than that this movie is quite good.

IMDB Score: 5.9

My Score: 8.0

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