#6: Cabin In The Woods

Looking for a good twist? LOOK NO FURTHER!

I have to say that this movie REALLY surprised me. When you think horror what pops in your head? A scary killer? Check. Stupid teens that get killed? Check. A story/object that causes supernatural things to occur? Check. This movie has all of these things and to be frank it seemed like Cabin In the Woods was going to be forgettable. However… This movie has one of the best endings in a horror movie I have seen in a LONG LONG time.

I want to keep this review short because I REALLY do not want to spoil the plot line here.

Here’s the basic story (just enough to not spoil anything): 5 teens head to a “Cabin in the Woods” for a mini vacation or something and end up in a typical horror movie genre scenario. The 5 of them must work together in order to survive the cabin and get out alive.

Got you interested? Yeah me neither. BOOORRRRINNNGGG…. YAAAWWWN.

But really I am dead serious when I say that this movie does more than just over stereotype the genre of horror. The ending is what drives this story into a great and remarkable film. And hey! This movie was produced by the guy who directed THE AVENGERS (Joss Whedon). So if you have seen THE AVENGERS… you know you are in for a good movie.

The only famous star in here is Chris Hemsworth (known best for THOR) and he does not use his Australian accent in this film. And it’s also interesting to know that this movie was made 3 years ago! It has finally been released and honestly it was about damn time too.

I cannot say anything else without spoiling the ending or the main story but … PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE! You really will be doing yourself a favor if:

A) You’re a fan of horrror
B) You’re a fan of movies in general

Cabin in the Woods will not disappoint you. I urge you to go see this if it is still in theaters. Prepare for some great horror and suspense with a damn good amazing twist.

IMDB Score: 8.0

My Score: 8.7

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