#8: 21 Jump Street

I was a bit skeptical at first about this movie…. but I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!! It really is funny!

Honestly I have to say that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum together was really just comedy perfection. The two of them continuously providing jokes and relateable humor, is what keeps the plot going whenever things might start to get a little boring.

During the plot overview, I will not mention the character names this time. I am just lazy… that’s the only reason why.

Spoilers follow below…

Plot: The movie starts off in high school of 2005. Jonah Hill is a nerd/geek and continuously keeps getting picked on by Channing TatumTatum is however a jock and is completely stupid beyond all belief. Seven years later in 2012, the two of them meet up again when they become enrolled in the police academy. Tatum is still dumb and Jonah is still smart. The two of them decide to become friends and become a great tag team of police men. Eventually the two of them are assigned to be enrolled in high school again to find potential drug dealers in high school. The reason why they are selected is because the academy believes there is no way the two of them can mess this up, and, because of the fact that they look so young. The two of them are re-assigned to Ice Cube and he tells them to find the drug dealers no matter what the cost. Eventually the two of them learn that Dave Franco, and his friends, are involved with the drug dealing at the high school. The problem is that they are not the suppliers. They just do the work for someone else higher up the drug chain. During the movie Jonah Hill becomes one of the popular kids in high school and Channing Tatum becomes one the nerds. The two of them eventualy learn who the drug supplier is and they stop the drugs going into the high school and are congratulated immensely for their efforts. Ice Cube then learns that there are more of these drugs being sent out in a nearby college, and so, he signs them up for college. Then the movie ends.

(*I do realize that there was a ton more stuff that happened in the movie but that is just the basic overview. If you want to know about every single detail then just watch it yourself! I am trying to limit my plot givaways from now on so I hope y’all can understand.*)

I have to say that the biggest surprise in the movie is almost near the very end. Why do you ask? Well here’s something to know really quick before I spoil it:

For those of you who don’t know, back in the 80’s there was this Television show called 21 Jump Street that starred a very young actor who is now INSANELY POPULAR today. This actor also had one of his earlier movie roles in A Nightmare on Elm Street because of how good of an actor he was on 21 Jump Street. Any guesses on who it is? Any?

Ok. Here’s the answer: that young actor was Johnny Depp. I know right??? JOHNNY FREAKING DEPP!!! The biggest question on a ton of people’s minds when this movie came out was “Is Depp in this new movie or not?”. To be honest I was starting to think that he did not show up at all… But… I think it’s in the last 20 or 30 minutes in the film that he FINALLY makes a cameo appearance. I will NOT spoil this cameo for you here because honestly when Johnny shows up he steals the show and just made me laugh a ton! Just trust me here on the fact that you will not be disappointed.

There are also a few other cameos in this movie as well: Ellie Kemper (you may know her as “Erin” on the U.S. version of The Office) plays a horny science school teacher that is completely mesmorized by Channing Tatum whenever she sees him. While she only has a few scenes, I feel that she is somewhat necessary to be there because she adds in a few laughs here and there whenever the movie is kinda being a little slow. What’s even more rediculous is that her character believes that Channing Tatum is really quite brilliant in the movie even though he pretty much fails every freaking science test, or quiz, or anything else he gets.

Peter DeLuise also shows up in the movie as well. He was on 21 Jump Street back in the 80’s and his character in this movie is not all that important. All I will say is that he has a significant importance to Johnny Depp in this movie because his character is just like Johnny’s. Again I don’t want to spoil Depp’s importance in the movie so I will not spoil Peter’s either. 

I have to say that this movie really is amazingly funny. I could not stop laughing whenever Channing Tatum or Jonah Hill opened their mouths. While the movie is full of swearing that sometimes seems unnecessary, it really does not matter because, like I said earlier, the two of them together equals comedy gold. Ice Cube is also just as funny. I swear that in this movie he does not take any crap from anyone and he lets the whole world know his stand. He constantly outsmarts Hill and Tatum and it really is just a slap in the face of hillarity.

While this movie is really insanely funny, I will admit that there are …. oh who am I kidding. I have used this line too many times before and I seriously have only 1 COMPLAINT THIS TIME!!!

Here is my only complaint: sometimes it feels slow. Yeah I felt that there are some points in the movie where the dialogue is just there just to pass the time. These few scenes make the movie kind of boring for me and I was a little disappointed that while this movie is incredibly funny, it still had a few slow scenes. Yeah… That’s my only complaint!

To wrap up,

I loved this movie. I would recommed going out to see this movie now but I will warn you that there is a huge ton of language here that is not to be taken lightly. Besides that, there are very few scenes that make the movie boring but trust me it is not the whole entire time of the movie. If that was the case, I would not be praising this movie at all.

Go out and see this now. You should see this whenever you need either A). A great laugh or B). A great movie!

IMDB Score: 7.3

My Score: 8.5

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