#10: Casa De Mi Padre

LA CASADEMI Damn I did not care for this movie.

Before I get into anything I would like to point out that the movie poster slogan in the corner reads “THE FUNNIEST MOVIE YOU WILL EVER READ”. And to that rebuttle I will say that this is the only movie in my life where I have ever had to read it the entire way through. However, while I do like the concept, it does not save the movie overall.

Also, another slogan on the poster says “FROM THE GRINGOS WHO BROUGHT YOU ANCHORMAN”. I will say that Will Ferrell’s best movie was ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY and his second best was STEP BROTHERS.

I will have to say that this movie is more on par with some of Will Ferrel’s other movies like SEMI-PRO or LAND OF THE LOST and those movies were really not too great for me.

Anyways, here is the plot…

Plot: “Armando Álvarez has lived and worked on his father’s ranch in Mexico his entire life. As the ranch encounters financial difficulties, Armando’s younger brother Raúl, shows up with his new fiancée, Sonia. It seems that Raúl’s success as an international businessman means the ranch’s troubles are over as he pledges to settle all debts his father has incurred. But when Armando falls for Sonia, and Raúl’s business dealings turn out to be less than legitimate, all hell breaks loose as they find themselves in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord, the mighty Onza.” ~ Wikipedia

(I tend not to use Wikipedia for the plot too often, but really it was a while when I watched this and I had hoped to review it right after I was done watching it. But I had other projects to do so I have to use Wikipedia’s summary herefor this one. Sorry for that everyone.)

You know that an interesting thing to note is that this movie was shot in 24 days. SERIOUSLY! I gotta say that shooting a movie in that time span which is big budget is really an achievement on its own. I have to give the director some props for shooting this movie that quickly even though it was not that great.

Something else to know is that Will Ferrell had to learn Spanish in a short amount of time for this movie (a month I think). In this movie I have to say that his Spanish is really great, as well as everyone else’s because it really sounds authentic and believable. I think there are some points in the movie where they are saying something, but the subtitles don’t mean what they are saying. It kinda seems like the actors were bullshitting themselves along at some points just incase they happened to mess up their spanish lines or whatever.

Ok ok ok I will get back on par with where I want to go with this review now.

I have to say that one of the biggest complaints that I have with the movie is not entirely bothersome at all! Here is what I mean: the special effects are crap. I have never seen a movie with this many bad special effects ever. While I have to note that back in the day older movies did have a ton of bad special effects because that’s how it was back then and they only had what they were given at the time. But nowadays… it kind of seems unforgivable not to make a movie seem real. In this movie there are really horrible backgrounds (they are all just hollywood backdrops that look fake from a million miles away), puppets that could not look more fake, mannequins, and crappy town sequences (it’s where the camera films a minature, like a town, and it’s supposed to seem like it’s real). There is even an entire scene that is taken out and explained what happened because they did not have the time nor effort to put it in the movie. Wow. That’s really special of you. While I think that not having good effects is irritating in this movie, it really does not matter because it is a Will Ferrell movie. You can expect this kind of thing to happen in his movies so it is somewhat forgivable.

This next issue I have is really confusing to me. There is a mystical tiger in the movie that helps Will Ferrel in his journey to try and stop the drug lords. The name of the tiger is called ONZA and the villain of the movie is also called ONZA. Uhhh… what? You’re seriously telling me that you named the villain of the movie and this mystical tiger the same name? Come on. Give me a break. I remember a few scenes of the movie where Will Ferrell and his buddies are talking and he mentions the bad guy ONZA. Ok that is not confusing. But when the tiger reveals that his name is ONZA I am just confused as all hell. Why would you do that?? UGHHH… some people are just idiots over in hollywood. I mean really was it so hard to come up with a name for the tiger or did you get bored?

The last thing I did not like is the fact that this movie is just … not … funny. I really do not see how anyone could find this movie to be funny. Now this is just my opinion and everything but in all reality it just made me feel bored. That’s not what I expect from a Will Ferrell movie! I expect to laugh my ass off! This kinda crap better not happen in ANCHORMAN 2 or else there will be a major uproar. Anyways… I only found myself laughing maybe … 2 times in the entire film. WOW. I was really surprised that this movie could have had the tagline “THE FUNNIEST MOVIE YOU WILL EVER READ” because honestly it was not funny… at all. I wanted to try and do something else while watching the movie in order for myself to not fall asleep. If you have to resort to that while watching a movie, then the film you are watching is screwed.

There is only one good thing I will say about the movie even though it just serves as eye candy: The title sequence. Yeah. The title sequence was really kick ass and I was hoping for a kick ass movie from that point forward! But nope. Just a liar! DAMMIT! The best part of the title sequence is the music for the movie, which is also called “Casa De Mi Padre”. The song is performed by Christina Aguilera and even though I don’t know what the hell is being said, I must admit I really do like the song!

Anyways that’s all I have to say about this movie: It’s boring, not funny, full of crappy special effects, and tons of other problems that just make this movie a big waste of time. I would not recommend watching this but then again it is a Will Ferrell movie. Somtimes he has some good ones and sometimes he has big disasters. This one just turned out to be a disaster.

IMDB Score: 5.5

My Score: 4.0

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