#11: Man On A Ledge

Honestly I think that this movie needed some help throughout. I was kinda hoping for something better but it never came along.

I actually like Sam Worthington. I don’t care what everyone else thinks. I mean sure he’s not the greatest actor or anything but hey.. he was in AVATAR. I don’t care about what others think about AVATAR either. I honestly liked AVATAR a bunch even though I had to watch it 5 times in the theater. Honestly by the fourth time I was just sleeping in the theater at that point. OK OK OK anyways back to the main attraction: Man On A Ledge.

I will be spoiling all here. Don’t be all surprised or nothing!

Plot: The story is about Sam Worthington being on the ledge of a building and trying to get the media’s atention the entire movie. You see his backstory and he was framed for stealing Ed Harris’ diamond. However the whole thing was a set up by Ed Harris because he wanted Worthington to be framed so he could collect the insurance money on the diamond and bail out his company from going bankrupt. Worthington is then sent to jail but then escapes 6 weeks later or so and plans to expose Ed Harris and clear his name. There’s also the backstory of Elizabeth Banks being the negotiator or something and she tries to get Worthington down from the ledge the entire movie. But she’s kinda un-successful and he stays out there for most of the entire film. There is also Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez who are Sam’s accomplises and help him steal the diamond while Sam keeps the people of NY focused on him. Anthony Mackie is Worthington’s long time friend and he is actually in on the scheme… sort of. I still don’t know if he was or not. Anyways Worthington is successful in the end and is able to prove his innocence. The bad guy goes to jail and Worthington & Banks go to a bar to celebrate with Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez.

Honestly here is my biggest complaint within the movie: I need “more”. I don’t mean more as in more time within the movie, or even more character development. I mean I just want more going on. The whole thing just seems flat. I mean the idea of the movie being mostly on the side of a building is interesting. However I have to say that there is something missing. I just think that the thing that’s missing is just a lack of pazaz, or curiosity, or umphh…

One of my other problems with the movie is that the movie is… boring. I mean I wanted to be interested … but I wasn’t! And that’s a problem here. The cast seemed like a good choice, and the plot could have been better (if it were to get a few tweaks here and there). I kept thinking that there would be some gold at the end of the rainbow… but no. I kept thinking that there would also be some kind of giant plot twist. However there is not that either. We already know what is happening and what happens pretty much from the start of the film. The only thing that is somewhat “twist-ish” is that *SPOILER ALERT* Ed Harris has the diamond the entire time. However that is already known within the film so… wa wa waaa…. nothing interesting there.

I really don’t know where else to go here. The ending wasn’t great, the movie was boring, the plot was just un-interesting, and really I just felt that I wasted my time here. This is none of these people’s best movie. I am not mad that I saw it but it seriously was a waste of time.

IMDB Score: 6.6

My Score: 5.0

P.S. – By the way Worthington does jump off the building… but it’s not in the way you think. He should have rediculously died from that jump. But apparently you can survive a 1000-2000 some foot drop and be ok. Movie logics rule!

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