#13: Mean Girls

I will say that I finally understand where all of those memes come from.

I am not entirely sure on where I stand with this movie. I did like it but … I don’t know really. It did stick out in a good way but it is not something that I would watch over and over and over again like other people. I realize that this is a cult classic and I can now understand why after watching this movie, but in my opinion I could just watch it once and be ok. Overall I would say go watch it for some really funny moments, and a pretty good plot, but other than that it’s not entirely memorable TO ME.

Plot: So Lindsay Lohan is this new girl in high school and used to live in Africa. She’s never been to school before and it is a completely new environment change for her. She meets these really nice people named Janis and Damien who show her everything there is to know about high school. Then Lindsay gets invited by “The Plastics” (a group comprised of 3 popular girls who can make or break you in a second) to sit at lunch with them. They make Lindsay one of them and she decides just to play along with it and sabotage them later with help from Damien and Janis. Then, Lindsay over time starts becoming like one of “The Plastics” and she becomes something that she never thought would happen: she became a monster. At the end she realizes her mistake for being friends with “The Plastics” and with the help from her true friends, she returns to normal at the end of the film.

That’s the summarized version of it. There is a lot of backstabbing I didn’t mention that goes on between The Plastic’s leader, Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and everyone else because she is a psycho girl and just destroys anyone in her path. However she gets what she deserves in the end and she actually becomes a better person as well. This film also stars Tina Fey as a math teacher (even though I really don’t like her. YES I ADMIT IT I DO NOT LIKE TINA FEY!), Tim Meadows as the school principal (he was the funniest character in my opinion) and a young Amanda Seyfried playing a dumb girl in The Plastics who can tell that it is raining from her boobs… and other stuff… Anyways…

Yeah this movie does have a lot of funny moments in it. Like I said above, I finally get where these internet memes came from. There is a scene in the movie where the girls in The Plastics dance to jingle bell rock or something and one of the moms dances with them. I’ve always seen a meme of that where the faces are replaced with people from the Harry Potter Movies and I’ve never known where that scene comes from until now. There is also a tagline meme that is popular called “and none for Gretchen Wieners” that is present in this movie as well. So for those of you who were in the dark like me, there you go. All of your meme questions have been answered.

There are a few things that I happen to be a bit disappointed from. For instance the main problem I have with this movie is actually Lindsay Lohan. Yeah I know that is a negative thing to say considering that she is the main role here, and she does have the most character development out of anyone, and I actually do like her character here, but really? Lindsay Lohan? Uggh… I have always had a problem with Lindsay Lohan because she just has all this money and fame but just makes bad decisions and frequently ends up in jail. Come on seriously? And this was AFTER the movie Mean Girls so what happened was she got popular and then she went WAAAY down hill after that. I know that I kind of sound like a hypocrite right now since I just said that this stuff happened AFTER Mean Girls, but I think you will agree that she really just needs to get her act together. Obviously being in jail and messing up her life is more important than trying to be a role model for people. Every time I see Lindsay Lohan on the screen I cannot help but think “Wow. So this is what happens to childhood actors.” Ok I am done with my rant on Lohan. Lets get back to the review.

Another thing that came across me as being a let down is that, to me, this movie was really not all that funny. I have heard so many people say that “Oh you have to watch Mean Girls. It is SOOOO hysterical!!” but really it only got me a few laughs. To me the perfect comedy was Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, with movies like Rush Hour 2, and Zoolander coming in after that. Now look I am not comparing Mean Girls to any of those movies. I am just saying that those movies are my top three. I can watch those three movies all the time and still think that they are just so damn funny. But with Mean Girls it just got me thinking.. Why don’t I think this is funny? To be honest I really don’t know. I had some high hopes for this movie and it let me down in the area of comedy. Considering that this movie was intending to be a comedy, it was a letdown in my opinion. I am sorry but I cannot explain what made this comedy not work for me. Maybe it was Tina Fey? No I will not put all the blame on her… for now.

I will say thought that the best part about this movie was Rachel McAdams. She steals the spotlight any chance she gets and I loved her character Regina George. Rachel is so vicious and crazy in this movie that you really just want to lunge yourself into the movie and just take her down any chance you can get. She is backstabbing, threatening, evil, malicious, crazy, and obsessed with herself. Honestly I loved her performance the most out of anyone but at the same time I wanted to just straight up punch her in the face. I can recall once scene that just sticks in my mind. McAdams is walking down the hall with printed up pages from a diary she wrote about everyone and the whole school turns on each other. There is chaos everywhere and it was so awesome and really bitchy at the same time. However, like I said, she does get what she deserves (*SPOILER ALERT* A bus runs her over. No she does not die.). I feel that McAdams got more film roles from this movie and it shows because she is a great actress.

The other thing I can say that I really like about the movie is the few scenes where Lindsay depicts everyone in as being animals. It is a different way to see things in the movie and I can honestly say that these scenes are really entertaining to watch. However Lindsay quotes that “No. This is Girl World. You have to be sneaky.” and it fits in the movie. You have to be cunning and sneaky to get revenge. I would have liked to see a huge fight scene with Lindsay and Rachel though. I mean there is one but I wanted it on a bigger scale. I wanted like a huge fist fight and blood coming out and stuff like that! Bah.. Whatever it is what it is.

Well that is my review for Mean Girls. I think it’s good but not as great as everyone has been claiming. If you have not seen it before then I would recommend watching it once to form your own opinions about it. After that I would not recommend watching it again but that is just me.

IMDB Score: 6.9

My Score: 7.5

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