#1: Jurassic Park 3D

Jurassic park 3DWe spared no expense” ~ Dr. Hammond

Are you interested in seeing a movie about dinosaurs? Hey me too! Ok how about seeing a movie about dinosaurs that was already released and is now being re-released in theaters? Uh.. Maybe? Ok ok how about seeing a movie about dinosaurs that was already released in theaters,  and is being re-released, and is being converted into 3D? Umm no not really. Ok ok ok final offer. What about seeing a movie about dinosaurs that was already released in theaters, and is being re-released, and is being converted into 3D, and that same movie was JURASSIC PARK? … SIGN ME UP!!  This is exactly what was going through my mind when I heard that Jurassic Park was being re-released in 3D. For me if I did not have continue access to free passes for movies I wouldn’t have gone to see this. However if you are in the mood for some rip snorting action that involves dinosaurs, mayhem, some good family moments, and pure freaking terror, then Jurassic Park is still a good movie to watch.

Jurassic Park was a great movie when it came out … in 1993 … 20 years ago … before HD picture aspect was even a concept idea … and 3D movies just had to be made in theaters. Do you see where I am going with this? It’s not that I had a problem with the movie because no no no that is not the issue here. I just don’t understand why people will pay $13 to see a movie they’ve most likely already seen and see it again in 3D. Really I do not understand this conundrum. You know you can order the movie through Netflix right? And you can watch it was many times as you want on your TV at home and not have to pay $13 per person!

The concept of turning a really successful movie into a 3D version just boggles my mind. Why do people do this? The only reason I can think of is so the distributors can get more $ without really having to do much. That’s right converting a movie into 3D is not that hard. How do I know this? Cause I have experience in video production and I can convert my videos into 3D as well. It’s really not that difficult. So really what you’re witnessing is someone’s bright idea to re-release a classic from the closet and resurrect it into 3D format. Honestly I just believe that this has something to do with Universal wanting some more $$ but that’s just my theory.

All that aside there is nothing wrong with seeing this movie in 3D. Why you may ask? The answer is because who wouldn’t want to see a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex all up in your face in HD 3D screaming and chasing after you? That seriously is the whole reason why you should go (if you are only focused on the advantages of seeing it in 3D). There are also parts of the movie that are done really well in 3D as well and it is good to see the dinosaurs closer than what we could ever see in our lifetime. These scenes are only minor though because I frequently switched from watching it in 3D and 2D and found that most of the scenes are the same as the original release (although the original was not in HD).

Ok I’m getting off topic let’s return to the movie.

The plot involves a man known as Dr. Hammond who extracts the DNA from fossilized mosquitos and recreates the DNA from dinosaurs using DNA of frogs as well. Hammond is able to breed dinosaurs all the way from Brontosaurus to the frightening Tyrannosaurus Rex. Hammond then releases the dinosaurs into the wild on this island that is away from the general public and turns this exhibit into a park. After Dr. Hammond invites several guests that include dinosaur experts, a skeptic mathematician, his lawyer, and his grandchildren, the guests are given a tour of the island where things take a turn for the worse. During a storm that gets violent, the power goes out and the dinosaurs are able to escape the gates of the park and hunt the human guests taking the tour. The rest of the film deals with the guests, as well as Dr. Hammond and his staff, trying to escape the island and get out of Jurassic Park forever.

When Jurassic Park came out it was a box office success and currently still holds a 91% on rotten tomatoes to this day. Imagine seeing dinosaurs come to life and letting the public watch them in the wild was a great idea at the time. Steven Spielberg’s movie was a monument to the development of block buster movies and a complete cash cow money maker for the development for 3 sequels: The Lost World, Jurassic Park III, and the upcoming Jurassic Park IV (2014).

Seeing this movie again filled me with fond childhood memories. I remembered being scared out of my mind when I saw this movie and the T-Rex was coming after the humans. Now being 20 years older from the film’s release I can only say that the fear is still present in this movie from when I was a child. There are parts that will still come out at you and scare you silly. Being that this movie is 20 years old that is still quite an accomplishment. Beyond that the movie is fantastic because not only do you get a good scare, but you also get a compelling story as well that makes you want to stay all the way to the end and still be interested. This movie also shows a younger and upcoming Samuel L. Jackson in the film and it was surprising to see him as well considering his part in the movie is very small.

All in all I would definitely consider seeing this movie but not from the theater unless you are willing to fork out the extra cash to see it in IMAX. You can literally see this movie from the comfort of your own home and it is a great classic to watch. Beyond that there really is no reason why you should go out and see this in theaters unless you’re like me and just have to see what scenes were made specifically for the 3D conversion.

IMDB Score: 8.0

My Score: 8.7

My Score for 3D Format: 5.0

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