#2: Oblivion

OblivionMost people thought this movie was total garbage. For me I thought it was actually pretty decent. Is it better than Iron Man 3? Yes actually. I liked this better than Iron Man 3. However is it the best picture of the year? No. Not even friggen close.

The movie has been out for a while so I am going to spoil this movie for you all. If you’re just looking for a short review here it is: Good but has some huge issues that keep it from being fantastic.

Plot: It’s the year 2077. 60 years ago the Earth was in a violent war with the aliens known as “The Scavs” in the year 2017. The humans won the fight but lost the planet because the aliens blew up the moon and threw everything outta whack. Water is scarce, people are supposedly dead or already on one of the moons of Jupiter, and some areas of the planet are filled with deadly radiation. The only two people left on earth are Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and his telecom agent/lover Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) who are ordered by the humans on “The Tet” (a giant tetrahedral space station) to gather the last of Earth’s resources and then join the rest of humanity on one of the moons of Jupiter. Harper also is skilled with repairing robot drones, sent by The Tet, that help him in case he runs into trouble with The Scavs. One day Jack witnesses a ship crashing towards his location and inside the ship there are tons of humans in pods contained in cryogenic sleep. The drones start attacking the sleeping humans and Jack rescues one of them which just so happens to be a woman (Olga Kurylenko) who he has been dreaming about for several months. Turns out the woman is his wife from 60 years ago and Jack is actually a clone. The Tet is a massive alien spaceship and has cloned Jack and Victoria (the first two people who interacted with The Tet) in order to make sure that the planet is completely sucked dry from the humans (who are actually The Scavs in disguise). Jack then goes up to The Tet with a bomb and destroys the hell out of The Tet thus freeing the humans from the robot drones and the possibility of earth being restored. The end shows that one of Jack’s clones survived and, together with his wife and newborn daughter, helping the remaining humans rebuild humanity.

I hope you all understood that because reading this, and trying to understand while watching the film, are two different things. That’s my main issue with the film. Most of the time you’re just trying to observe Jack and Victoria and figure out what the hidden plot line is. But then when Jack’s wife shows up it just gets more and more confusing by the second. Not to mention the biggest parts of the plot are revealed literally in the last 15-20 min of the film. I’M DEAD FRIGGEN SERIOUS! I was lost throughout the whole film because I was trying to figure out what some of the hidden messages were. God damn!

Another thing that bothers me is why did it have to be about clones? Seriously I was expecting a kind of backstabbing story where Victoria just gets jealous when Harper’s wife shows up. And then Victoria throws the wife outta the house and she falls hundreds of stories to her death! And then… Jack pulls out his gun and blasts Victoria in the head!! .. Ok maybe all of that was far fetched.. but seriously… couldn’t the writers come up with anything better than CLONES?? To me that sounds like a total way out when writer’s block starts kicking in. Clones. What a fucking rip off.

Also the alien that took over the planet, the real one by the way not The Scavs, is just one gigantic Tetrahedron that masks itself as a human … inside of the giant Tetrahedron Space station. So let’s review: it’s a Tet, disguised as a human, inside of a bigger Tet. Wrap that around your head. When I saw that I just wanted to burst out laughing. My god.. that is so stupid.

The only other complaint I have is that Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman have literally nothing to do in this movie. Even though they are necessary for the plot, it just seemed like their characters were just “there” to make time go by faster. They aren’t really interesting to have around in the film and their characters are one-dimensional. I feel so bad for them both.

Beyond that the film is still better than Iron Man 3. Why? Cause it’s a decent film and does do a good job of getting your attention throughout. Sure Tom Cruise is a good actor but his portrayal is a hit or miss with most audience members. If you love Tom, you’ll love the movie. If you don’t, then you’ll hate the movie. The biggest reason why I loved the movie is because of Andrea Riseborough. I LOVED HER CHARACTER!! She really delivers in this film. Her character is so cold and lifeless when it comes to being adventurous or doing things outside the rules. It really is a different turn for her from the characters she usually plays and it really paid off. And in one point she tells The Tet that Jack has gone rouge and the drones try to kill him. Damn!

Bottom line here is I would recommend seeing this movie but just beware of some cryptic bullshit to follow. Good but needed some work to become a great movie.

 IMDB Score: 7.2

My Score: 7.6

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