#1: Iron Man 3 (Mostly Spoiler Free)

Iron Man 3I’ll definitely tell you this much: It’s better than Iron Man 2 but not as good as the first Iron Man.

I want to make this as Spoiler Free as possible, however, I will be spoiling the after credits scene as well as a few other things. I will say when that part is coming up and you can turn away. That being said lets talk about the movie overall.

Plot: From what is revealed in the trailers we can tell that Tony Stark is having some problems and has been tinkering around with his newest Iron Man Suit called The Mark 42. We also know that the trailers show that Tony can command parts of the suit to him at will and can suit up in the armor whenever possible. While all of this is going on, a criminal known as The Mandarin is going around making terrorist threats against the President of the US. James Rhodes, also known as War Machine, has been re-branded as The Iron Patriot and is the President’s personal “Iron Soldier”. Also there’s something going on with Aldrich Killian in the film to which many people have speculated is involving the “Extremis Virus”. And to that I will say… possibly? Beyond that, there is nothing else I want to say cause the story is pretty good and I will say that I enjoyed the story overall way more than Iron Man 2.

Oh also people have been talking about a huge TWIST in the film involving Mandarin. Yes there is one. No I’m not telling. Just go watch the movie and find out for yourself what the twist is.

Everyone in the film definitely brings their A-Game. The best actors to note are Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley, and Guy Pearce. The only reason why I am not including Downey Jr. is because… well we already know that he IS Iron Man at this point. Of course he is the best actor here. The story is also very good as well but there are some points where the movie just seems rushed. And by that I mean the film was trying really hard to stay within the current moments but it just goes by really fast whenever something else new comes up. I realize I am probably not making much sense here but you’ll understand when you see the movie.

Ok now for some stuff that is not going to be censored. Turn back now if you don’t want to know any easter eggs, or the post credits scene.


Here it is:

The Post Credits Scene: This is really what pissed me off the most about the whole movie. I was expecting something much more important or revealing towards the development of The Avengers 2. Sadly, no, this is not the case. All we get is Stark talking to Banner, yes Bruce Banner/Hulk from The Avengers about the course of events that happened throughout Iron Man 3. This was NOT was I was expecting. I was really wanting Nick Fury to bust on in and just tell the two of them that a development has happened in the mountains or something like that. But no! Dammit ever since the first Iron Man movie I have been expecting a lot more from superhero movies at the end of the credits. So far Iron Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man are the only movies thus far that have pissed me off from their post credits scenes. But there is nothing I can do about this so I guess I will have to deal with the scene how it is.

By the way if you want to see the post credits scene you can click the link HEREBy the way I have no idea how long that will be up so make sure to watch it sooner rather than later.

Iron Man 3 Easter Eggs: So far I only found a few. I will list them below:

  1. Thor: He is mentioned by Killian in the movie about an hour and a half way through the film.
  2. Captain America: only revealed in the first trailer for the movie. His shield is shown on the back on Mandarin’s neck. Do we see this in the film? NO. Of course not.
  3. Bruce Banner/Hulk: Seen after the credits of Iron Man 3. No Banner does not change into Hulk mode. Again a major disappointment.
  4. Dr. Strange: Strange is neither mentioned nor seen in the film. However there is someone related to his story in this film as well: Ellen Brandt. In this movie she is an agent of The Mandarin but she is also the wife of Man-Thing in the comics. She helps Dr. Strange in the comics defeat Man-Thing. It is unknown if she will return for the upcoming Dr. Strange Movie.

Before I end this I have to say some of the things that bothered me in this movie.

  1. Was this movie really necessary? I know people are going to hate me for this but I really didn’t care about seeing this movie. I will admit it is a good movie and people will go see it but I never felt the up most sensation to go rush out and see this movie. Iron Man 3 just has this enormous ego about itself that says “Hey I’m an Iron Man movie. Who cares how good I am? I know you’ll watch me anyways!”
  2. The post credits scene. I have already explained my reasons so next issue please.
  3. The writing. The dialogue overall is not very good and left me wondering how the dialogue could have taken a step backwards from the last two movies. That’s right. Even Iron Man 2 has better dialogue than Iron Man 3. I said it. Not afraid to admit it.
  4. The TWIST. Even the twist was a let down for me. If you pay attention throughout the film you can see it coming ahead of time. Also if you are a fan of The Mandarin you will be shockingly disappointed here as well because of what happens.

Ok that’s it for my review. Most of the movie was good but some of it was just not necessary. I would still go see it anyways cause it is entertaining to say the least.

IMDB Score: 7.8

My Score: 7.2

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