#2: The Great Gatsby

The Great GatsbyYou cannot repeat the past … But then again you can because this is the 5TH TIME that a Gatsby Movie was made since the book’s release. No I’m not kidding. The 5th time! WOW.. If you don’t believe me then click here to see!

OK anyways sorry I am going off topic. So this movie interpretation is really damn good but there are things that just pissed me off a little bit that I just cannot forgive. For a short review i’d summarize it as: very good but is cryptic in some areas. And DEFINITELY better than IRON MAN 3. Wait wait let me just explain my thoughts about IRON MAN 3 for a second. I didn’t hate it. But I really didn’t like it that much. It’s just it was “Too Much of itself”. Also there are some things that just made me mad like using Iron Patriot in this movie which just pissed me off. Anyways sorry again. Going back to Gatsby.

Plot: If you read the book then you already know what is going to happen. Just in case you don’t.. here is the basic outline of the movie: There’s this guy Nick Carraway who moves next door to the very rich and successful Jay Gatsby. The whole story is narrated by Nick and he describes his time in West Egg (the area where the very rich and successful live) during the events of the summer of 1922. Nick is the cousin of Daisy Buchanan, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Daisy used to date Gatsby before Gatsby went off to be in the war. During the war, the two of them stopped dating and Daisy married. Gatsby is now trying everything he possibly can to try and get back together with Daisy. During this time, Tom is having an affair with Myrtle and makes Nick promise that he will not tell Daisy. Every weekend Gatsby has these huge parties and everyone comes from anywhere and everywhere to attend. Gatsby’s secret goal is that he is hoping that Daisy will just stroll in one night and he can confront her after many years of not seeing her. Nick is the only one that has an invitation and he meets Gatsby, he is immediately stricken with what kind of person he is. It becomes clear that as Nick and Gatsby become friends, Gatsby needs Nick in order to set up a reunion for him and Daisy. When Daisy and Gatsby finally meet it is awkward but eventually they fall back in love with each other. One day, Tom discovers that the two of them are having an affair and then Gatsby, Daisy, Nick, Jordan (whom is Daisy’s friend), and himself drive to a hotel room in New York. In the room, things escalate and Gatsby and Tom are at each other’s throats. They both want Daisy and then Daisy is upset and leaves with Gatsby. When they are going back to his house, it appears that Gatsby is driving and accidentally hits Myrtle in the middle of the road and kills her. When Tom arrives near the accident, he learns that Gatsby ran her over and is upset. Myrtle’s husband, George, learns it was Gatsby who ran her over and is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Gatsby reveals to a distraught Nick that it was actually Daisy who ran over Myrtle by mistake and that the two of them will run off together the next day. The next day Gatsby awaits patiently for Daisy’s call. Nick stops by to wish him good luck and then leaves for work. Gastby then dives in the pool and is unaware that George is behind him with a gun. George kills Gatsby and then shoots himself. Daisy never calls and decides to stay with Tom instead. Nick is distraught with the news and hosts a funeral for Gatsby. No one shows up except for Nick and is disgusted with the fact that no one else came. Nick goes into a fit of depression and then ends up in a mental asylum where he is seen from the beginning of the movie.

It’s pretty on par with the book I must say but there are some things that are not correct. For example in the film Gatsby takes a dive in the pool and then is shot, but in the book he is lounging on a mattress in the pool and then is shot and killed. See? Little things like that but that is not what makes me mad about the movie.

What really pissed me off about the movie was actually Toby McGuire. Yeah he really did not do that great of a job here. In every freaking scene he is happy. This is not a problem except for the fact that most of the scenes he is in his character is supposed to be uncomfortable or upset. And… it feels uneasy to watch. It’s like Toby is a robot and is programmed to be on “Happy Mode” or something. Man it felt really weird watching his performance.

Beyond that there is only one other part I did not like in the movie. There is a scene where Gatsby first reveals everything about his life while driving in the car. While this is going on, the lip syncing scenes do not match up whatsoever. This really bothered me because this film was delayed 5 months.. and during this time no one noticed this at all?? REALLY?? Come on now that’s like first day stuff!! Uggh!! Dammit it was really stupid.

The best thing about the film is, and always will be Leonardo DiCaprio! God damn he is brilliant here. I swear there are few people who could ever do a great job as he can do. I want DiCaprio to get an Oscar for this. He seriously does deserve one and god dammit its been way overdue. Leo.. you are the man.

Beyond that everyone else is really good too and I have to say that the whole movie was really put together well. It really shows that a lot of work went into this movie. I’d definitely recommend it and I really enjoyed watching it.

IMDB Score: 7.4

My Score: 8.5

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