#3: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek: Into Darkness is a pretty good movie. I personally think that it is better than the first one but there are some issues that cannot be overlooked. Overall it should be recognized as the best ACTION movie of the summer, but then again it’s only May and we still have to wait and see if Man of Steel tanks or not. And let’s be clear.. I said best ACTION movie of the summer.. not the best movie.

Plot: I want to keep this as basic as possible so here we go. So Captain Jim Kirk and his crew go to this off world planet to try an stop a volcano from obliterating the planet. Turns out the indigenous people see The Enterprise and Kirk is in some serious trouble with Starfleet Command. Kirk gets reinstated as first officer underneath Christopher Pike (the guy who enlists Kirk in the first place to Starfleet Command). Then this guy Commander John Harrison shows up and it turns out he bombed this Starfleet building and Starfleet is out for his arrest. Then Harrison shows up to the meeting where all the Starfleet commanders are and ends up killing Commander Pike. Kirk is furious and demands to go after him because of revenge and also to prevent any other attacks. Turns out Harrison is hiding on the Klingon home world and going there could cause an all out war between Earth and the Klingons. So the enterprise goes there anyways and capture Harrison. Harrison then reveals that he is actually Khan, a super powered being who was actually frozen in cryogenic suspension for a very long period of time. Khan is out for revenge against Adiral Marcus for a plot line that I will not spoil any more. From here the rest of the movie deals with the crew dealing with that plot and trying to stop Khan from killing all of Starfleet. All in all pretty good I must say.

Besides the awesome plot … there are a lot of problems overall with the movie. I am not going to say that it’s bad cause it’s not. There are just  Let’s talk about a common problem with all of J.J. Abrams‘ movies.

Problem #1: Lens Flares, Lens Flares, LENS FLARES. God dammit there are so many lens flares in this movie. I swear to god I was going blind through most of the movie because every single time the camera moves there is a friggen lens flare. I swear… I wish I hadn’t seen this movie in 3D because I am sure that the lens flare pop out even more and more if it is rendered in 3D.

Problem #2: No character development. If you are expecting something amazing to happen with any of the characters in terms of growth.. you came to the wrong movie. Pretty much everything that happened in the first film is still here into the second one. Spock is still really straightforward, Kirk is still a pompous ass with almost everyone in the movie, and the rest of the crew is basically just there to move the plot little by little.  The saving grace in terms of character development is Benedict Cumberbatch (the guy who plays Khan) because he is so cold and lifeless when we first meet him but then we realize that he is actually in a lot of pain overall so I guess that he can be forgiven right? … no not really cause he still is an evil guy.

Problem #3: Deja Vu. Really it seems like this movie was just a re-hashing of the first movie just with more content. Like I just mentioned, there is no character development here. Just straightforward action and plot with some humor along the way. It was kind of a let down in terms of what to expect but it was still a good movie nonetheless.

Beyond that there is really nothing else to say. It’s a good movie in and out but has problems that keep it from being Oscar worthy. But again it will seem very familiar if you have seen the first movie.

IMDB Score: 8.3

My Score: 7.8

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