#4: Hangover Part III

Hangover 3The tagline for the poster is “THE END” and thank god for that. I mean really? Just … Really? I cannot believe that this movie was made. This makes me question what the hell is going on in Hollywood right now. Sometimes I just think that the people over there are really just smoking crack. How else could something like this get made?? The Hangover Part III is not just bad.. it’s shockingly bad.

Plot: Why bother? OK fine I’ll stop being an ass … So …

The Wolfpack (consisting of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha) is on the way to take Alan to rehab because he killed a Giraffe on the freeway and stopped taking his meds. On the way, Black Doug (from the first movie) & Marshall (John Goodman), the drug supplier for Black Doug, run The Wolfpack off the road and explain that they want Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong). They take Doug as a hostage and give The Wolfpack 3 days to give Chow to Marshall or else Doug dies. So long story short .. they get Chow, then he gets away, then they get him again and then Chow kills Marshall and The Wolfpack lives. Da End… Wow.

All the while I am watching this something just slipped by me until after I watched the movie.. Wanna guess what it is? .. Ok look at the poster and take a guess. No clue? How about the title of the movie? …. Still no? Ok so the entire time I am watching this movie thinking that a hangover will show up.. BUT NO. IT DOESN’T. It doesn’t even show up until the post credits scene of the film! God dammit! Why bother calling it THE HANGOVER PART III if a hangover never occurs! DAMMIT! Oh oh oh and get this! It’s kind of a rip off of the first one.. the post credits scene I mean! The god damn room looks the same as well!! Except for one detail which I won’t spoil cause it is funny. It involves Ed Helms and really… It’s freaking hysterical.

Another thing that bugs me that I think needs mentioning is how the entire time in the film, you can see how annoyed and uninterested Bradley Cooper is in this movie. I really don’t blame the guy cause for god’s sake he almost won a friggen Oscar. But.. You know what I really don’t mind that he didn’t care. The movie sucked and the plot sucked. So he deserved to not care.

The other elephant in the room is the fact that most of the time the movie is not funny. At all. There were only a few times ever in the movie where I kind of laughed from Helms, Cooper, or Galifianakis. Also me saying that a kind of laughed was an over exaggeration. I really was disappointed in how not funny it was. To me the only one that deserved any kind of comedy award was Ken Jeong. The guy is also a doctor for god’s sake. Did y’all know that? Anyways.. Damn he was hysterical.. in just a few scenes though.

Uggh.. ok I am getting really bored here. Bottom line is the movie was terrible and god dammit I wasted my time! Do not watch this movie. There are really a million other reasons why I hate this movie but I cannot stress why you must NOT watch Hangover 3: it sucks. It really really does suck the big one.

Oh and by the way.. No Mike Tyson. Probably a good idea that he didn’t show up here.

IMDB Score: 6.3

My Score: 3.5

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