#7: Man of Steel

Man of SteelIf you want me to put it a few words here it is: I liked it a lot.

There was a lot I liked from this movie because simply it is about time that Superman stopped looking like a complete lame-ass (Superman Returns) and got a really cool upgrade. Man of Steel is sure to impress you just based on the visual effects alone and as well as some fantastic acting from Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, and Kevin Costner (notice I didn’t say Henry Cavil or Amy Adams).

By the way there are spoilers. It’s been out for a while so I expect most people have seen it by now.

Plot: From the very beginning we are given a glimpse of what is happening on Krypton: the planet is in total chaos because of mining all the natural resources, people are turning on each other, Jor El and his wife Laura give birth to their son Kal El, and General Zod is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for over 300 cycles for his crimes on Krypton. Before his death at the hands of General Zod, Jor El sends his newborn son away from Krypton so their species can live on. Kal El is then travels far away from Krypton and ends up crash landing on Earth and is raised by his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. We then see the destruction of Krypton and General Zod and his crew are released from the Phantom Zone. They start traveling the galaxy to try and find Kal El so they can retrieve him and hopefully build a new Krypton on some other planet. As Clark (Kal El) grows up we see that he never fit in with other people and is a social outcast. When he is an adult he finally finds a Kryptonian ship and discovers who he really is via a holo-recording program of Jor El. As Clark trains his abilities and powers, we find out that Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane is on his trail trying to find out who he really is (they develop a relationship that is seen throughout the film). Then Zod comes to Earth and destroys up the place trying to find Kal El. They have a huge elongated fight and Clark ends up killing him in order to protect a family from certain death. The end scene is Clark deciding to work for the Daily Planet in order to keep his identity a secret whilst having a job.  

While I was watching the movie I noticed some things that made me question what happened. For example, within in the first hour of the film we are trying to discover how Clark will end up finding the answers he is looking for. However most of the scenes that first feature his older self are just showing the random jobs he takes and the attempts he tries to blend in to normal society. Then for no reason he is shown in Antartica and then BAMM! Jor El shows up with answers. Did I miss something? Wasn’t trying to find answers about his home world going to be ridiculously hard to accomplish? How did he know to go to the Arctic wasteland?? We are never given this answer and I swear it still bothers me to this day. It’s a huge plot hole that is filled in by .. “random coincidences”?

Also what is up with Lois Lane? I have no problems with Amy Adams portraying her because she did a pretty good job. The problem I have is that she is literally anywhere and everywhere that Superman ends up being. Also she is necessary for the movie to continue. There is a scene in particular that also drove me mad. When Zod arrives on Earth, he captures Kal El and also orders the capture of Lois Lane… because… why?? Once on board she discovers how to beat Zod and his crew with the help of the Phantom Zone from Jor El. Well that was convenient! Why have her everywhere?? To be honest I was just thinking Lois Lane would not be in the film that much but nope I was wrong. You know who was barely in the movie? Laurence Fishburne as Perry White (head editor for the Daily Planet). I knew he was going to be a cameo at best.. but don’t shaft Morpheus!! Come on!

Other than that I have to comment a bit on Henry Cavil. He is the best Superman interpretation thus far, but still his moments in the movie as Clark seem really awkward and out of place a bit. When he is the man of steel he does a great job but I am not really sure about his portrayal as Clark. Isn’t that odd? That he can do a great job as a superhero but not as the alter ego… uhhhhh… that’s really odd. 

The movie beyond those comments is really quite amazing. Seeing Zod and Superman beat the ever loving crud out of each other is really a spectacle to see, the special effects are great, the story is pretty good (needed some tweaking a bit here and there), and most of the acting is really great to see. Special shout out goes to Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor El cause that’s where the best acting goes in the film. All in all I’d recommend it and definitely worth a watch.

By the way no after credits scene.. WHAT THE F&*!?*@!)^!!!!! Don’t even get me started on that cause I’ll be here all day.

IMDB Score: 7.9

My Score:  8.4


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