#1: Supervillains That Need To Be In A Future Batman Movie

I am sad to see the Christopher Nolan Batman movies come to an end, but then again this is also a good thing because now we can get to see some new villains or ones that need to be redone on the big screen! So on this page I will list the top 10 villains from the Batman Comics that need to arrive in the next Batman movie series. For every villain I list, I will give a short biography about who that villain is in either the comics or tv-shows.

Keep in mind that some of these villains have already been in a past Batman movie. The ones that have already been shown on the big screen I feel need a second chance because they were either A). portrayed by actors that were not very good for the role OR B). were just a big embarassment to the villain itself. For the ones that I think need to return, I feel that my decisions are good ones for now.

Ok let’s start off with a character that has not appeared in a Batman film yet:

1. Black Mask (aka Roman Sionis): Born into a family that valued social status rather than his own personal feelings, Roman was constantly ignored and not cared by his parents because their need to promote themselves was far greater than anything else. After graduating from high school, Roman was forced into the family business. Shortly afterwards, Roman murders his parents and then drives his company into the ground because of a toxic cosmetic that he invents. Bruce Wayne buys out his company and Roman Sionis is enraged. Roman returns to the site of his parent’s graves and is struck by a bolt of lightning. Roman lands on a rock and uses that rock to destroy his father’s coffin and forge a mask that is black as night. He dons the mask and becomes known as Black Mask. Sometime later, Black Mask tries to destroy his family estate and Batman and Robin try to save him. There is a problem however because Roman’s face is severely burned in the process and the mask was forged into his face. From this point forward he would never be Roman again… only Black Mask would remain.

2. Mr. Freeze (aka Victor Fries): Dr. Victor Fries, a doctor who worked for Gothcorp as a highly respected cryogenic researcher, was married to his wife Nora and it seemed like they would have a great and wonderful life together. A short time later however, Nora was treated with a deadly illness. Victor was unable to live a life without his wife Nora, and decides to freeze her in a cryogenic chamber in order to keep her in a frozen stasis until a cure can be found. Gothcorp’s CEO then decides to shut down Fries’s attempt to restore his wife and it seems like he kills her in the process. This action also causes Victor to be part of an accident that changed his molecular composition to only survive in the cold. He wears a special suit that comes with a freeze ray gun that helps him survive out in the modern world. He is then turned into the cold heartless villain Mr. Freeze and is known to have a heart of ice. He is cruel and has lost his humanity because it was humanity that took his wife away. He discovers that she still lives and continues to find a cure for her by any means necessary.

3. Clayface (aka Matt Hagen): While this is not the version in the comics I know, I am referring to the Batman Animated series for the story of Clayface. Actor Matt Hagen was disfigured in a tragic car accident. His face is deformed and he views himself as a monster. Luckily he uses a cream called “RenuYou”, which is concieved as a cream that works as instant plastic surgery. Unfortunately Hagen runs out often and has to commit crimes for Roland Dagget in order to get more creme. While on a crime, Hagen gets caught and is forced to consume the product he so desperately needs. This transforms his body into a clay like creature that can shapeshift himself into other people or change his body into a weapon that is especially effective against Batman.

4. Dr. Hugo Strange: Originally he was concieved as a thief, but now the current form of Hugo Strange is a psychiatrist that uses his intellect to get into the mind of his opponents and destroy their sanity. He is also one of Batman’s first villains to deduce that Bruce Wayne is Batman. While he has no super powers, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He is also incredibly resourceful and has survived over 3 death attempts from other powerful villains in the Batman universe. No other villain has figured out so much about Batman except for Hugo Strange.

5. Jason Todd / The Red Hood: After Dick Grayson hung up his Robin costume, the role of “Robin” was then given to a young man named Jason Todd. While he does share similar characteristics to Grayson, Todd is much more darker and can be incredibly violent when it comes to fighting crime and tracking down the bad guys. Later on, Todd is kidnapped by the Joker and then killed in a massive explosion. Batman then mourns the death of his fallen partner, and is depressed for some time. Jason is then resurrected however due to the chemical vat known as “The Lazarus Pit”. This chemical is used by Raj Al Ghul and has kept him alive for over 600 years. When Todd comes back to life, he becomes a villain and uses guns and an old persona of The Joker (The Red Hood) to track down the villains and kill them all off one by one until Gotham is safe. While he believes what he is doing is justice, Batman will never see it as so and is forced to take down Jason no matter what it takes.

6. Man Bat (aka Dr. Kirk Langstrom): Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a brilliant doctor that specialized in the area of bats. He was working on a new way for people who were going deaf to gain their hearing back. How? By giving people the ability to have “bat-sonar”. This however has a nasty side effect on the good doctor and changes him into a giant bat like beast. He is not himself when he transforms and loses his incredible intelligence. Purely relying on brawn and his new powers, Man-Bat is a serious force to be reckoned with in terms of a physical confrontation.

7. The Riddler (aka Edward Nygma): Genius Edward Nygma became The Riddler in order to show off his brilliance in the areas of crime. He believed that by leaving complex clues and riddles at all of his crime scenes, he would stump the police and The Batman so that no one would ever figure out what his plans were. For The Riddler, It was never about wealth or power. The only drive for Edward Nygma is proving that he is smarter than everyone else. Unfortunately, Batman has been able to solve all of his puzzles and put Nygma to shame whenever possible. Nygma believes that Batman is the only one who is on the same level of intelect as him, but he also believes that Batman is a cheater. The Riddler is over confident and cocky which can lead to downfall, but his intellect and complex puzzles make him a sure contender for Batman.

8. Poison Ivy (aka Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley): Dr.Pamela Isley is a powerful ecoterrorist that is more concerned with the growth and prospect of plants rather than human beings. She is basically a mutant because she is infused with toxin and poison in her skin, body, and blood. This should make her a walking toxic dump but really all of those toxins made her into a cross-species between plants, poison, and a human being. She also uses her powerful pollen scent to seduce her victims into falling in love with her. Then, when her prey is weak, she kills them with her kisses that are infused with poison. Kissing her victims to death is the most typical way that she kills her victims. Besides being able to seduce people, she can control all of the plants around her. She can use these plants to grab onto anything or kill anything with them. Her powers over plant life renders her a deadly foe to Batman.

9. Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton): The world’s greatest assassin, Deadshot, is a man who never misses a target. Ever. He was first introduced as a potential crime fighter, but then turned into a criminal in order to kill the dark knight and take his place as the protector of Gotham. His plan is foiled however by Batman and Comissioner Gordon and is then sent to prison. Deadshot’s motto is “never miss” until he is ordered to hunt down Batman for a contract. It was the world’s greatest detective vs the world’s greatest assassin. Who will win? Batman does. From then on Deadshot escapes prison in order to get revenge on Batman because he was the first person to make Deadshot “miss” his target.

10. Hush (aka Dr. Thomas Elliot): Thomas Elliot is a dark mirrored reflection of Bruce Wayne. Thomas was also born into a wealthy family but tried to kill his parents at a young age. He successfully killed his father due to cutting the brakes of his car, but failed to kill his mother. Bruce’s father actually healed Elliot’s mother and from then on Elliot hated bruce and his entire family. During this time, Elliot was sent to psychiatric treatment under the care of Johnathan Crane. Crane was always there for Thomas and Thomas considered him more of a parent than his mother and father ever were. Years later, Thomas was successful in killing his mother and became then villain Hush after conspiring and team up with The Riddler in order to destroy Bruce Wayne. Thomas Elliot is a successful surgeon and has even hunted down people that share face characteristics like Bruce Wayne in order to take their faces, and then make a new face that looks just like Bruce Wayne. Thomas constantly focuses on destroying Bruce Wayne whenever possible. He will never stop until Bruce lies dead.

Ok so those are my Top 10 choices that deserve to be in a future Batman movie. I really hope that one of these villains end up in a movie because it would really be cool. I know that many of these will never make it to the big screen but wouldn’t it be cool if they did? Who knows? Maybe I am right! Time will only tell.

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