#3: Rumors/Predictions In Cinema I Hope Will Never Happen In The Future

So I have been hearing a lot of things as of late that I really hope does not happen in the area of Cinema. There are some great ideas out there that deserve to be on the big screen. There are others though that just do not even stress for the time of day. On this page I intend to talk about the top 10 rumors/predictions in Cinema that I hope do not happen. Ever.

(I realized that most of these have to do with upcoming comic book movies. Sorry for the misleading if you were looking for something else)

Let’s start this off with something that I think we can all agree on.

1. National Treasure 3 Gets Cancelled: I really hope this rumor is not true. With the concept of there being a treasure that spans the fabrication and length of time throughout history was a great idea for a film. There was not any kind of movie that delt with the history we all grew up with mostly being a lie in order to protect a treasure. There are still some loose ends to tie up with the other two films that were never put to rest though. For example: What is on that page in the book of secrets on Page 42 or something? Don’t you want to know what that is? I sure do! Maybe it has something to do with Area 51 being a cover up for another treasure? Or perhaps the page is simply a means to an end? Who knows? We maybe never will considering that National Treasure 3 hasn’t happened yet! Hollywood really needs to get off its ass and make National Treasure 3. And, in all seriousness, doesn’t Nicholas Cage need the money anyways? So… Why shouldn’t this movie get made? Answer me that question!

2. Megan Fox Gets Casted in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Dear god please do not make this a reality for me. I really cannot think of a better way to permanently kill the new Spider-Man Reboot Trilogy than to introduce Megan Fox somewhere in that picture. Isn’t this reboot hanging by a thread as it is? Why would this ever be a GOOD THING?!?!?! Are the people at Hollywood really smoking some crack up there??? And to top it all off guess who she may be cast as? You want to take a shot at it? … … … NO the answer was not in a cameo in the background. She MIGHT be cast as Mary Jane WatsonWHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know, Mary Jane Watson is a huge character in the Spider-Man comics. She is one of Peter Parker’s love interests and the two of them eventually get married and have a kid in the future. So if Megan Fox shows up as Mary Jane Watson then it’s a safe bet that we will be forced to see her for more than just 5 minutes of screen time. And isn’t that just a joy? No I didn’t think so. For the love of god please don’t let this come true.

3. Green Lantern 2 Gets The “Green Light”: No pun intended here. For those of you who were lucky to have NOT seen Green Lantern yet, please don’t watch it WHATEVER YOU DO! I do not know where to start with the problems on that movie, but the only thing worse than watching this movie over again is the possibility of a sequel ever getting made. There is no reason for a sequel to ever get made. This is maddening though because when the movie was over we saw Sinestro turn evil and become a yellow lantern. But it sucks that we will never see him as a true villain at all on the big screen until MAYBE the Justice League Movie. And that is a HUGE “maybe” right there. I never want a sequel to Green Lantern coming out but there is nothing that I can ever do to stop it from happening even if it does. I don’t blame Ryan Reynolds for the movie’s faults but he is not completely forgiven here either. Please Hollywood. If a new movie has to be made then just do a reboot. Ok?

4. The Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn in Iron Man 3: Ever since the news that the Iron Patriot was to be in Iron Man 3 I had no idea that it was a very dangerous decision. Little did I know at the time, but in reality the Iron Patriot is actually none other than the evil and vile Norman Osborn (who is better known as The Green Goblin). The second I figured this out, I immediately wanted to send an angry letter to Marvel Studios for allowing this to continue. HOW can they let this happen?? There is no way that this can happen! If it does it will COMPLETELY SCREW UP THE MARVEL FILM TIMELINE! See the Iron Patriot was created by Norman Osborn as part of The Dark Avengers. Long story short Norman Osborn has been the only one to wear that suit thus far. So … if he were to show up somehow in Iron Man 3 then it has to be someone else besides Norman Osborn. Why? Because in The Amazing Spider-Man, Norman Osborn was never even shown in the film and is dying. If this movie takes place RIGHT AFTER The Amazing Spider-Man, then that would mean that Norman Osborn is still in no condition to wear an Iron Man Suit. Right now this smells like rotten fish that is a month old, but if this is true that Norman is behind the mask, then we WILL be expecting some Spider-Man easter eggs in Iron Man 3.

5. Daredevil Reboot Remains Cancelled and Never Gets Made: I am completely on the fence about a new Daredevil Movie ever coming back to the big screen. However, if it were to ever grace our presences again with a reboot then the possibilities would be endless! I did not care for the one that came out in 2003 because the movie was all about the love connection between Ben Afflec and Jennifer Garner and less about the “Super-Hero” aspect of the film. Plus Colin Ferrell sucked a ton of ballsacks in that movie as well. You want to hear something really sad? A new Daredevil Movie was trying to get made ever since 2004! That was almost a decade ago! WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?!?!?! Plus if a reboot were to ever get made SOON then we could possibly see Daredevil in The Avengers 2. Who wouldn’t want that?!?! So get off your asses Hollywood and figure this out fast!

6. Man Of Steel Film Turns Out To Be Terrible: This film looks astoundingly beautiful. I cannot see this movie EVER being a flop but hey I have been wrong before. The idea of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan being teamed up together is really just a match made in Comic Book heaven. Just think of the possibilities that these two people can do together!?! Like perhaps getting a Captain Marvel movie off the ground, or or even a Martian Man-Hunter film?!? Or maybe they could switch sides and FINALLY make the long awaited Dr. Strange movie OR Black Panther! These two people are highly regarded for their work. If this movie fails, it will be the biggest upset of the millenium. Honestly it is their own fault if this falls through because, like I said, the two of them together is a match made in Comic Book heaven. The only thing is I would not have picked Henry Cavill for the leading role, but that’s just my opinion. It is too early to make any kind of judgements against this movie for the moment. We will just have to wait and see.

7. The Justice League Movie Blows Up (In A Bad Way): I feel so bad for this movie. Not only does it have to possibly compete with The Avengers 2, but it has to really be BETTER than The Avengers AND The Avengers 2. This really makes The Justice League Movie the odd man out here. This will be the ONLY superhero movie like this where there is NO build up of the other heroes leading up to The Justice League. The Avengers did it! I have also heard that there will be another go around of movies like that leading up to The Avengers 2! So why haven’t they gotten off their asses and made a Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Man-Hunter, Green Arrow, or Captain Marvel movie? Why??? I’ll tell you why! Batman. THAT’S RIGHT! IT’S BATMAN’S FAULT! I have no problem seeing a new Batman movie come out. That’s not the problem. The problem is that most often than not, Warner Brothers will pick Batman WAAAAY OVER any other DC Superhero because Batman is super popular! He is more often than not the most popular superhero to date (there are only a few contenders that may take that title, like Spider-Man for example). If Warner Brothers would pick something other than Batman for a change then we could get amazing movies for the DC Universe! Besides that, there is supposed to be a 2015 release date for The Justice League Movie! That is WAY TOO SOON! WE NEED BUILD UP! Anyways… I feel that this movie is not going to be very good. Let’s just hope and pray that I am wrong.

8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Ends Up Being Worse Than The First: I have heard so many rumors about this movie. I really have no idea where to start. I’ve heard that:

1. Paul Giamatti might be The Rhino

2. Megan Fox might be Mary Jane (yes I know I already mentioned this but I REALLY HOPE this never happens!!)

3. Electro, Chameleon, or Mysterio may be the man in the shadows (from the end of the first one)

4. Christoph Waltz or Michael Fassbender may be Norman Osborn (I’m actually ok with either one of these. Perhaps Fassbender could be Harry Osborn and Christoph could be Norman Osborn?)

5. Morbius and Dr. Octopus will show up in this movie

6. Venom will definitely show up in the next movie

7. The Insidious Six will show up in the 3rd Movie.

And the list goes on and on and on… Man I really hope that only #4 is the true one. Maybe #7 as well… Damn I am not having high hopes for this movie.

9. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Does Not Get Another Movie: Anyone else crushed at the thought of Batman getting a reboot? Yeah there is supposedly going to be ANOTHER Batman reboot after The Justice League Movie. Can’t we just have another Christopher Nolan Batman Movie? Considering after what happened at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, shouldn’t there be another movie? Well this is just my opinion. Honestly I really do want another Batman movie to come out. But I don’t want to have the same kind of origin reboot over and over and over again you know? It gets really boring and repetitive after a while. There should be either a COMPLETELY NEW Villain in the next reboot OR either another Christopher Nolan Batman. If we do get a reboot I want Liev Schreiber to be Batman. Just saying is all.

10. The Assassin’s Creed Movie Never Happens: No this is not a joke. There really is supposed to be an Assassin’s Creed Movie. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Michael Fassbender is rumored to be the lead role. OMG THAT IS INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! Why would this movie never get made? I’ll tell you why! Because Hollywood really has made some dumb ass movie decisions before! Why wouldn’t they do this again? Anyways this is just a rumor and I have no way of knowing if this movie will get off the ground or not. Just something to note as of now.


Anyways that’s all the top 10 rumors/predictions that I don’t want to happen right now. Thanks for reading and hopefully none of these rumors/predictions ever do happen.

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