#1: Batman Arkham Series

These are the batman games you deserve and the ones that you need.

For this one I will be reviewing both Batman games: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City

(May Contain Spoilers)


Before any of you say anything YES I have played this game. I played this game the day it came out and I could not put it down. This really just kicks so much ass it’s unbelievable in so many ways. You will seriously feel like Batman and that’s what’s best out of all the aspects of the game.

Batman Arkham Asylum starts off with Batman returning the Joker to Arkham Asylum after an easy fight. Joker then escapes the custody of Commissioner Gordon and springs his real plan all along: taking over Arkham Asylum. As Batman tries to stop the Joker, he meets up with several super villains like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Bane, Victor Szasz, and Scarecrow. In order to return Arkham Asylum to it’s former state, Batman must stop them all from taking over the island as well as Gotham itself.

What’s the best part about being Batman (besides having the right to say “I’m Batman”)? How about beating the ever loving crap out of henchmen, using stealth from the shadows to take your foes down one by one without them seeing you, and using a wide array of gadgets that make you feel powerful? Does all that sound appealing? Well it should! All of these things are available to you within the game!

There is even a challenge mode for those who want to show off their skills and ranking online (as well as earn achievements or trophies). In this challenge mode you play either combat challenges (where you have to have to earn a certain number of points to pass) or stealth challenges (where you have to perform unique takedowns on thugs to get more points) that require some thought and strategy to beat them.

Want even more of a challenge? Try to complete The Riddler’s challenges throughout the single player game and prove your intelligence by beating him in his own game. These challenges come in the form of either solving riddles, finding Riddler trophies, finding patient recordings, as well as others. These Riddler challenges will help you level up quickly and be able to get you some really good upgrades in either the form of health, gadgets, and special moves.

This game (besides Arkham City) is the best Batman game ever made. This game came out around 2 years ago so if you have NOT played this game yet then go to your nearest video game store, buy it, and play the hell out of it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

IGN Score: 9.3

My Score: 9.9

To Check Out the Game Trailer, Watch the Video Below!


The sequel to Arkham Asylum is bigger, better, and way more awesome-er than ever. If you think you know Batman games… look at this one.

Batman Arkham City begins 1 year after the events of Arkham Asylum. The foundations of Arkham Asylum are becoming too much to house all of the major supervillians and henchmen that is in Gotham City. An older section of Gotham City is then turned into a HUGE prision and the inmates are allowed to do as they please as long as they do not try to escape. This was all made possible by newly elected mayor, Quincy Sharp, and Dr. Hugo Strange. No one really knows anything about Hugo Strange and he just appeared to come out of thin air and become a major developer in Gotham City’s prison developments. There’s just one problem with Hugo Strange… He knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. With this information, Strange plans to unleash “Protocol 10” upon Arkham City in hopes of beating Batman at his own game.

While this is going on, gang wars are happenning all over Arkham City between The Joker (and his gang), The Penquin (and his gang), and Two-Face (and his gang). The Joker is sick with a disease that stems from the TITAN formula and is trying by any means necessary to become cured. The Riddler has eyes and ears all over Arkham City with his informants. He uses them to remember information about Riddler trophies, and Riddles, in order to force Batman to solve challenges and save hostages that he captures throughout the game. There are also other major Batman characters that make appearances like Hush, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Azrael, The Mad Hatter, as well as other major characters, and they all have an important part in the game as well.

Catwoman is considered to be DLC (you get it if you buy the game new) and she has a storyline that coincides with Batman’s during the course of the single player game. I won’t ruin her storyline but it has to do with Two Face and Poison Ivy. Hint… Hint…

Combat in the game is VASTLY improved from Arkham Asylum and it just seems even more simplistic than before. While there are more moves, and about 3-7 new gadgets, like the launch accelerator, and the gun jammer. Some people would say that the combat just seems overpowering. Honestly I think that all these gadgets are important. It just adds to the experience of being Batman. I think that the best new gadget is the Freeze Grenade. It freezes the henchman in combat and keeps them from attacking you. Kind of handy when you are being trampled by 100 henchmen.

The Challenge mode returns here as well and it is literally… 10 times harder than the first game. Not only do you have to beat the challenges in online RANKED mode as well as CAMPAIGN mode. And this is not just for Batman, but for Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing as well.

The Riddler’s challenges return here and there is 440. Yes. 440. These are in the form of physical challenges, riddles, riddler trophies and hostage challenges. To beat all of these is pretty insane but if you beat them all, you get to see what happens to The Riddler at the end.

Arkham City is really an amazing game. I think I’ve beaten it 3 times now and honestly I cannot get enough of it. Please go out and get this game as soon as you can. You can probably get this for about 30-60. And that’s really a score.

Also be aware that there will be a new DLC coming out on May 29th 2012 that will extend the story of Arkham City. It is called Harley’s Revenge and it deals with the aftermath from Arkham City. To read my review on that, click here.

IGN Score: 9.5

My Score: 9.9

Check out the trailer here:

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