Arkham City DLC – Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Honestly I had mixed feelings about this…

Yes I downloaded this the second it came out and played it twice in order to try and see if there was anything I missed during each play.

OK so this review WILL SPOIL EVERYTHING… and when I say everything I literally mean EVERYTHING.

So if you do not wanna be spoiled by easter eggs, plot, or anything else for that matter just turn back now.

Ok so here we go.


Robin is asked by Oracle to find Batman because he has been missing for 2 days. Robin heads over to the steel mill in arkham city and plan an investigation. He constantly runs into Harley Quinn’s henchmen on the way to try and locate any trace of Batman. Eventually he finds Batman’s utility belt and then the gameplay switches over to Batman

The DLC then goes back to two days earlier where Commissioner Gordon asks Batman to go into the Steel Mill to rescue some of his missing police force. Batman is distraught over the loss of Talia as well as The Joker and Commissioner Gordon asks him to see him when this is over. Throughout the gameplay as Batman you will notice that his tone is either two different ways: Angry and Depressed. Batman goes into the steel mill to resuce one of the officers from being beaten to death. He rescues the guard/officer and then exits the steel mill.

*While Batman is in the Steel Mill during this point, we come across a HUGE easter egg and honestly it’s really just a major let down.

Here it is right here:

All that time thinking that Harley was pregnant has gone down the drain. If that weren’t enough, there are tons of them around the baby carriage. Damn. This is really depressing because honestly that would have been an awesome concept for the next game. I really believe that this is a total let down. Because not only now is the Joker completely dead, but the chances of Harley having his kid are also dead as well. However it should be noted that the dummy Scarface is painted to look like a joker baby inside the carriage. Which is cool to see Scarface again after the events of Arkham Asylum.*

Ok back to the plot now:

Batman soon discovers that there is a secret base near the Steel Mill that requires 3 different passwords from Harley’s henchmen to enter. Once he gets them all, Batman enters the Secret Base. Batman then goes throughout the base and eventually comes to a room that has about 6-7 guys that are about to kill a police officer. When Batman takes them out, Harley Quinn comes out and tries to shoot the captured officer. Batman proceeds to take the bullet for the officer and is knocked out in the process. Harley’s henchmen retrieve the utility belt but end up being shocked so they leave it on the ground.

Robin then becomes playable again and we see him talking to Oracle again. Oracle is wondering if Robin found Batman yet, to which Robin says “Sort of?”. Robin then proceeds to the next room where we actually do see Batman now. He is confined in a ball like cage to which is held by some sort of Joker statue. Robin then goes to find Harley in order to get the key to release Batman. Once Robin locates her, he takes her down (she is a boss here. This fight is pretty much EXACTLY like the Two Face fight with Catwoman at the very end of Arkham City. Where all you have to do is beat Two Face and not worry about the henchmen) and takes the key from her. Robin goes back to Batman only to discover that there is about 40 henchmen and a titan thug. After kicking the crap out of them, Robin frees Batman to which Batman acts as cold and ruthless as ever.

The two of them then discover that Harley has planted bombs in the Secret Lab. Batman tells Robin to save the other cops in the place, while he goes to disarm the bombs. After Batman disarms the bombs, he then goes back to where he was captured in order to destroy the final bomb. Before he can do so, Harley sends out those robots from that underground city below Arkham City that are painted to look like The Joker to fight Batman. After Batman beats them, he then stops Harley before she can start the final bomb. However, the final bomb is on a timer and explodes anyways.

We then see Commissioner Gordon, outside of the Steel Mill wondering if Batman is ok. Batman then crashes through a window with Harley in his clutches. Harley then says that it doesn’t mean anything that she’s alive, but atleast Robin is dead because he most likely died in the explosion. Batman then becomes really enraged and Harley attempts to kill Batman with a knife. Just before Harley is about to kill Batman, Robin’s Shuriken thing disarms Harley and she is then aprehended by Batman and Robin. Batman then leaves and Commissioner Gordon asks Robin if Batman is ok, to which Robin says “Yeah.. of course he is”.

And that’s it.

Yeah… Honestly I think that they should have spent more time on this DLC or just add more content to it. This does nothing to confirm that The Joker is somehow alive or even has a kid anymore. I mean this DLC teased the probability that it was really possible that The Joker was somehow still alive. And… nope. Nothing. Dammit!

Here’s another thing that really kinda bothered me with the DLC. There really is no one else in this game. No Riddler, Freeze, Two Face, Catwoman, Penguin, Bane, etc… However it is mentioned that these criminals were moved somewhere else from here and not in Arkham Asylum. Huh… Interesting.

Also you really cannot explore that much here. When you are Batman you get to roam around the area of the Steel Mill ONLY. Do you remember that in the Steel Mill there is that giant sewer in the ground where you go to face Raj Al Ghul? Well guess what? It’s sealed up. I also wanted to try and go to where Mr. Freeze’s wife was and see if you can go in there. Maybe there was a chance that Mr. Freeze would say something different? Nope. It’s locked. Can’t even get inside the other way also! Oh and for fun I wanted to try a new game and then play the DLC to see if the Riddler stuff was around and about. No. It is not. The DLC pretty much just says “Oh you wanted to get those Riddler trophies? WELL SCREW YOU!!! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!!”

Yeah. I mean yeah it made sense that the developers wanted to keep things confined and stuff. But really it felt kind of incomplete to where you are just forced to do the DLC only. I feel that it would have been awesome to see Robin roam around Arkham City for a bit. I mean we have been used to Batman going around to and fro, but have we seen Robin kick some flying ass? Nope. No Nightwing either. Damn it would have been just awesome if he showed up.

The final thing that was missing from this was “closure”. There wasn’t any. Really the ending wasn’t really an ending at all. It’s just Batman leaving and Robin stranded there with Gordon. I was kinda hoping there would be some explanation about more with what Batman was feeling or what was going to happen now that Arkham City is over for good. None of that is mentioned enough… Or really at all. I was expecting some kind of heads up or a bigger Easter egg (like the plans for Arkham City within the Arkham Asylum Game) but no. Nothing.

This makes me somewhat believe that there may not be another game. And if that were to occur then it would really be a shame. Because there are more villains that could be used and honestly I would either like to see the batcave (the one in Arkham Asylum doesn’t count), Wayne manor, or Wayne enterprises (the building in the background doesn’t count. I’m talking more like the interior).

Ok honestly I am glad that I bought this in order to see what was coming but… really this did not tell me anything of what was to come. Like at all. And that’s why I bought the damn DLC in the first place!!! -____-

IGN Score: 9.0

My Score: 7.5

Here is the trailer for this game:

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