#9: Fable: The Lost Chapters

Let me say before I start that this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is one of those games that I could truly play forever and ever and EVER. If you have never played this game before then I would suggest either:

1. Buying this game on Steam for the low low price of $9.99 (which is really cheap considering how awesome this game is)


2. Buying it for the XBOX (it is a platinum title) or for the MAC or PC.

I swear you will not be disappointed in purchasing this game. I love it. You will too, and I cannot think of anyone that dislikes it. I am willing to throw my reputation on the line here (even though I don’t have one) by saying that this game is truly magnificent.

If you do not want to know the plot then I would suggest turning back now. ALL WILL BE SPOILED HERE! If you just want the short version then here it is: GET THIS GAME NOW!

Plot: The game starts you off as a young boy (yes you can ONLY be a boy in the first Fable Game. Sorry if you wanted to be a girl because you cannot be one here!) who seems to have a normal carefree life in the country village of Oakvale, within the world of Albion. Then, all of a sudden, bandits come and raise hell to the town. They kill the boy’s father, and the fate of the sister and mother remain unknown for now. The boy tries to go back to the house but is almost killed by a bandit. The boy is saved by the mage known as Maze. He is a member of The Guild of Heroes and offers to train the boy in the ways of being a True Hero. The boy then spends several years of his life devoted to the guild and learns magic, combat, and archery. When he is released from the guild, he is officially known as The Hero and he travels in search of the people who killed his family. It is then revealed from Maze, that The Hero’s sister, Theresa, is still alive and that the person responsible for burning down his home is the rogue villain known as Twinblade. When the Hero confronts Twinblade he is challenged in combat and wins. Just as the Hero is about to strike the killing blow, the Hero’s sister, Theresa shows up. She is actually Twinblade’s seeress but she lost her sight during the raid on Oakvale. She reveals that there is a power in their family and it has something to do with the blood of Archon (a legendary Hero in the before time) and that there is a sword of Ultimate power called “The Sword of Aeons“. Sometime later, The Hero is invited to participate in The Arena (kinda like a gladiator competition and it consists of many rounds of killing monsters and creatures alike). At the end of The Arena, the mysterious hero known as Jack of Blades shows up and crowns The Hero the champion. Jack of Blades tells The Hero of his Mother’s legacy (she was an Arena Champion named “Scarlet Robe“) and gives The Hero, The Seal of the Arena. From this point onward, The Hero goes and tries to find his mother. The Hero takes a forbidden passageway into Bargate Prison in order to release his mother from prison. When The Hero finds his mother, the two of them are captured by Jack of Blades and sentenced to prison. The Hero remains in Bargate Prison for either a year, or a numer of years (depending on how long it takes you to escape) and, with the aid of his mother, escapes Bargate Prison after a prison riot occurs. The Hero then goes after Jack of Blades, However, Maze turns out to be a traitor and captures Theresa. The Hero defeats Maze and then admits that he only became a traitor in order to save his own skin. Jack of Blades captures The Hero’s mother and kills her. He then reveals that in order for The Sword of Aeons to work, a descendant with the blood of Archon must be killed so the sword can gain power. The Hero and Jack of Blades fight in an epic battle to the death with The Hero being the true victor. When Jack of Blades dies, a portal opens up in the ground. Theresa returns and then gives The Hero a choice: either throw The Sword of Aeons into the portal and lose it forever, OR, kill her (Theresa), and use The Sword of Aeons for himself. Whatever the choice may be, the game ends and The Hero becomes the savior or dictator of Albion.

When the credits end, The Lost Chapters DLC kicks in. The DLC has to deal with The Hero learning that Jack of Blades is actually still alive. He was sent back into Albion because he can only be killed with his own mask. The mask is actually where the soul of Jack of Blades resides, and only needs a body in order to control a human and raise hell on earth. Whenever someone wears the mask, they are forever doomed to become the new Jack of Blades. Anyways, The Hero finds Jack of Blades but he is reincarnated as a Dragon. The Hero kills Jack of Blades and then uses the mask to suck the Dragon back inside of the mask. The end of the game leaves The Hero with one final choice: Either throw the mask of Jack of Blades into lava and destroy evil forever, or become the new Jack of Blades and create chaos (This is what you will look like if you become the new Jack of Blades).

(The game can continue if you let the credits roll all the way through without skipping it. However there are no more quests at this point.)

The plot of the game is completely amazing and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. However there are a few things within the game that I must say were NOT in the original version of FABLE. I want to compare the two so that you can see what you are getting when you get FABLE: THE LOST CHAPTERS.

Here is what you get in FABLE THE LOST CHAPTERS:

  1. The Quest Line around the disappearance of Lady Grey’s sister can be completed.
  2. There are now a total of 30 silver keys instead of only 25.
  3. You can get a Bright Wizard Hat or Dark Wizard Hat by donating books to a local school.
  4. 2 New Demon Doors: A). Have sex with over 10 people to get a pimp hat and B). give away all of your silver keys in order to get a really badass sword.
  5. More Silver Chests
  6. A Bordello is available in the middle of Darkwood.
  7. The 5-10 hours of DLC Quests about the return of Jack of Blades.
  8. New Expressions, Weapons, Armor, Alignment Restricted Magic Powers, Hair Cuts
  9. Jack of Blades’ Voice goes from being normal sounding to being completely Darth Vader-ish
  10. New Dialogue from characters in the regular game.
  11. Ability to become Jack of Blades.

Sound good? Yeah I think so!

Anyways let me explain a few things first for those of you who have never played a FABLE game before:

1. Demon Doors: These are present throughout the realm of Albion. The only way to open these doors is by performing a series of tasks for them. Some of them are easier than others and some require that you spend a bit of money, and a bunch of time to get the job done. Most of them contain a ton of amazing items like: health upgrades, magic upgrades, great weapons, great armor, or books. To find out how to unlock them and know of their locations, click here to follow the link to learn more.

2. Sliver Keys: These are hidded in remote locations all across the realm of Albion and are used in order to unlock valuable chests called “Silver Chests“. Here is a link to their locations: click here

3. Silver Chests: These special chests require a certain number of Silver Keys in order to unlock them. Like Demon Doors, the Silver Chests also give you special items you cannot get anywhere else like: armor, weapons, clothes, books, stuff like that. I can tell you though that the best thing you can get is in the DLC section of the game. There is a set of armor called Archon’s Armor that is the most powerful armor in the game. Look for this because it is in a Silver Chest so make sure to get a lot of Silver Keys before hand. Click here to see the locations of all the Silver Chests.

4. The Voice of Jack of Blades: In the original version of FABLE, the voice of Jack of Blades was not very threatening and kind of normal sounding. However in FABLE: THE LOST CHAPTERS, the character sounds like something reminicent of Darth Vader. To see what I am talking about, I will show two videos of the character’s voice change:

1. Original Voice: (skip to about 0:52 seconds)

2. Modified Voice: (skip to about 0:28 seconds)

I don’t much care for the new voice. I was just so used to the creepy normal voice that was given in the original FABLE game, that it just feels unnatural when I hear this new version. It’s not a huge complaint but really it’s just something that I miss.

5. Moral System: When you play any of the FABLE games there is something you should know in case you have never played an RPG within the last 10 some years or whatever: The Moral System. See as you get either more Bad or Good it changes your appearance and the way that people either like you or hate you. So for example if you go on a killing spree and kill almost everyone in the town of course you will get bad points. However you will look like the spawn of satan and grown devil like horns and have a cloud of red-ness around you. If you are good you get a halo on your head and have butterflies around your body. And then everyone loves you. Here are the examples of what you might look like: (good on left and bad on right)

Other than that there is only complaint I have in the game. You can get really powerful really quickly. I know that there is a way where you can get the BEST BOW IN THE GAME within the first couple of hours or so. Is that really fair? Honestly I don’t care but I think the game should have been harder. It just does not feel like I can consider myself a mortal in this game. There comes a point where you just feel so overpowered and anything that comes your way is just a complete waste of time.

Ok let’s talk about some great things: The quests are fun and entertaining, you can earn money by doing any kind of quest, experience is easy to come by so you can always upgrade yourself, powers are fun and interesting, the scenery is really great for a 2004 game, and the characters are very memorable. There really is no other better way to say this, but, I have a very high approval for this game.

I would like to say that there are not that many good games out there today. Right now there are some games that make me want to cringe and during so I always return to a game that just kicks so much ass and is very enjoyable to play. Fable: The Lost Chapters, is one of those games where I can honestly play again and again and again. You should play this game and play it as much as possible. Playing the game as evil is more fun, but really it doesn’t matter because it truly is an amazing experience all around.

IGN Score: 8.6

My Score: 9.5

Game Trailer:

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