Bloodier than ever but not necessarily as good as it’s predecessor.


I was really looking forward to this game when it came out. This is one of the few games that I have ever pre-ordered in my life becuase I really fell in love with the first [PROTOTYPE] game. The story was great and really kept you on the edge of your seat, there were many twists and turns around every corner, and honestly it was just pure damn fun to be Alex Mercer! This game has SOME of those qualities, but not enough to be better than the original.

Plot: … Ok I am going to be honest here. I really didn’t focus on the plot that much just because my eyes were amazed with the amount of blood being splashed on the screen every 5 seconds everytime I punched somebody in the face. But I can try to retell the plot as best as possible.

From what I remember, Sargeant James Heller returns home after being overseas to find that A). The Virus that was once eradicated from NY has returned and B). His family has been killed. This leaves Heller in an angered state and just will kill anyone or anything in his way. Heller soon blames Alex Mercer for his problems because he believes that he is the one who killed his family but does not know why. In the very beginning of the game, Heller meets Mercer and tries to kill him with a knife in his pocket but fails miserably and is actually given powers from Mercer. Mercer tells Heller that he did not kill his family (he found this out by absorbing some of Heller), and that he wants the two of them to become allies. Mercer says he will return later when Heller’s powers have evolved to their peak.

Heller then goes to seek out his friend Father Guera who is a priest but has had ties to the military in his youth. Heller is suspicious of Mercer and also believes that Mercer is hiding something. Heller also believes that Mercer gave him powers to serve some kind of evil purpose. The two of them then try to discover Mercer’s intentions by any means necessary. This involves consuming people, destroying bases, making allies, and killing “the infected” (which is people and mutant monsters that have been affected by the virus).

Sometime later, Heller and Father Guera discover via a recording, that Alex Mercer actually did re-set off the virus from the previous game. The two of them then try to figure out what else he is up to. It is later revealed that Mercer sabotaged the development for a cure for the virus. Instead of it being a cure, it is an accelerant and speeds up the virus completely. Mercer plans to speed up the virus so that he will have people, like him, as his personal army so that he can rule over the new New York, or NYZ.

A few missions later, Mercer comes and kills Father Guera because he is pissed off at Heller for ruining his plans. Heller is left on his own until he finds Alex Mercer’s sister Dana, and the two of them work together to bring Alex down.

At the very end of the game, Heller discovers that his daughter is alive and Mercer did indeed kill his wife. Heller and Mercer engage in a serious and bloody battle to the death with Heller being the victor. Heller then absorbs Mercer and then releases 1000’s of tentacle out into the city and absorbs ALL of the virus in the city. The virus is then contained and all of the infected die. Heller, his daughter Maya, and Dana are then left on top of a building wondering what will happen next.

That’s it. I really did not care for the ending. This ending does not confirm nor deny the presence of a third game in the series. And honestly after this game, I kind of don’t want another [PROTOTYPE] coming out anytime soon.

The gameplay has some problems but here is the BIGGEST ONE: It’s really really REALLY repetitive. This is pretty much how every mission follows: hunt someone, absorb them, destroy a ton of things, and see tons and tons of blood. Everywhere. I mean yeah it’s awesome to cut up people into 100 pieces and see all of their insides but… after a while it just gets really boring! I mean the first [PROTOTYPE] kept things interesting and hell it even took away your powers at one point. But here the game just gets really old really fast.

Here’s another thing: the story is just confusing and has plot holes. I honestly was lost during the game and had to play it a SECOND TIME in order to discover what was going on. There are specific parts like: why Mercer re-releases the virus, and why Mercer keeps Maya alive all this time that are never really explained that well. You have to piece it together a lot. And it’s like the movie INCEPTION: if you don’t pay attention for 1 second BAM!! You will be hopelessly lost.

The last problem is thusly: you get WAAAAY to powerful really quickly. By the middle of the first time I played it, I pretty much did not die again. You get powers quickly and there seems to be a ton of opportunities, no matter how you do things, that dramatically speeds up your powers. I seriously did not die my second time play through on hard difficulty. At all. And isn’t hard difficulty supposed to be… HARD?? I mean jeez! When I play through it the first time, I expect the second time to be really damn difficult. But here it was just a little slap on the wrist. I want a slap in the damn face of hardness dammit!

Anyways that’s all I have to say about this game. No it is not crap. It’s really far from that. I just wish it was better than [PROTOTYPE] but it wasnt!

*WAIT WAIT WAIT I forgot one thing! It’s minor so I won’t take long. There are events in this game as well but they are only released at certain times. Like for example if you got the game new on the day of, you’d have to wait atleast a month till you got all of the rest of the free content that the game was supposed to have. It’s weird and f-ed up to be honest. WHY would I wait around for you to release new content? The content should all be out the day of. Not 20% out on day one and the rest of the 80% be released at the end of May!

IGN Score: 7.0

My Score: 7.9

Here is the game trailer for [PROTOTYPE 2]:

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