#5: X2 – Wolverine’s Revenge

No I am not doing a review for the Gameboy Advanced version. This was just the biggest icon for the game I could find. Also this one was the best looking one. The other ones just looked like crap. The review I am doing it for is on XBOX. It is backwards compatible for the XBOX 360 if you happen to have that.

Oh and BY THE WAY, NO! Hugh Jackman is not in this game. The game cover fools you into thinking that Hugh Jackman is in this somehow but he isn’t. I really think that this move was just to try and sell more games. I don’t blame them! I mean I would probably do the same thing as well. It’s just… why would you include false advertisement?? This game has nothing to do with the X-MEN 2 – X-MEN UNITED Movie (like it mentions on the front cover), and it has nothing to do with Hugh Jackman!!!

Despite this minor flaw…

I gotta say that this game is really really fun. This is one of those games where I think I have played it atleast 10 times and still enjoy the hell out of it. This game has a bunch of available things thrown together into a blender that makes the game fun! It’s got stealth (which is my favorite part of the whole game), close combat, hidden secrets, great voice acting, collectables, a number of X-MEN villains and heroes, and, the greatest part of all, WOLVERINE. Did you know that this was the first game to be released that featured Wolverine within 7 years of the game boy color game “Wolverine’s Rage“? Wow. I guess the need for Wolverine games was not really all the rage and people weren’t in the mood for any… I don’t know. I am just telling it how it is.

Now while I do like this game a lot, there are some points where it just makes me want to pull my own hair out because of frustration. There are even some points that make no sense whatsoever. That being said let’s dive into the plot.

Plot: In 1968, Logan is kidnapped and taken hostage by agents of the Weapon X program. He is operated on and subjected to the Adamantium bonding process. He survives and is ordered to use his new metal claws to kill some test subjects. The Professor who created him always refers to him as just “an animal”. This enrages Logan and he sets out to find his “creator”. Along the way, Logan encounters SABRETOOTH a number of times and teases a battle that will soon come. When he finally finds The Professor, he reveals that Logan, and Sabretooth, have a virus within themselves called the Shiva virus that will kill them if they does not get the cure. The only problem is that if the virus were to be injected in a NORMAL human, they would have about 1 year to live. But because Logan and Sabretooth both have healing abilities, the professor has no idea how long they will have until the virus kills them both.

We now skip ahead to the present day (which is supposed to be 2002) and Logan now refers to himself as WOLVERINE because he is now with the X-MEN. Beast discovers that the Shiva virus within Logan has now entered its final stages and will kill Wolverine in 2 days (which is actually his birthday). Professor Xavier and Beast decide to help Wolverine to try and find the cure before the next 48 hours are over.

That’s the basic plot. I don’t want to spoil everything.

There are a bunch of missions in this game that take place and will send you traveling all over the place within 48 hours. You fight a number of bosses: Sabretooth (twice), Magneto, Juggernaut, The Wendigo, and … the game’s Secret Antagonist. I will not reveal who it is, but the last boss is this person and I gotta say that they saved the hardest for last. This boss is hard. When I beat this boss every time, I always feel a sense of relief because I finally beat the boss! AGAIN! There are some clues along the way thoughout the game that will give you a clue who the final boss is… but everytime I play this game I really don’t catch them until the very end.

Ok now here are some problems in the game that I must address:

First off I must say that this game does not have any mercy. If you were looking for a challenge then you came to the right place. The hardest thing is not really the combat because that is easy. All you gotta do is just pull your claws out and just hack and slash anything that is in your way. Simple. The problem is just trying to survive! Even the basic henchmen just completely end up killing me sometimes because if by mistake you end up screwing up the stealthy parts, your ass is going to pay for it. BIG TIME! The henchmen all gang up on you and use freaking tons of guns to knock your health down to zero kind of quickly. There is a way for your health to regenerate but to do so you have to first NOT be in combat, and second you have to not have your metal claws out. Also when you do this, you are pretty much defenseless because your basic attacks are nothing compared to your claw attacks. It gets really unfair really fast. Sometimes I am focusing my time on a couple of guys only to forget that there was about 2-3 people I left in the background by mistake. By the time I turn around and start slashing their asses, I end up dying!! The biggest advice I can give is plan out your attacks, and use stealth whenever possible. It will really help you in the long run!

Something else to point out is the health regeneration. While you do regain your lost health over time, the damn thing takes FOREVER to restore your lost health from before! To be honest it is MUCH EASIER just to go and find health canisters around the levels. There are a ton of them in each level so you don’t have to go far. But that’s not the point! Shouldn’t Wolverine be pretty good at healing himself??? That is his basic power! Even in the comics and movies he can revive himself pretty quickly and he just shrugs off the damage whenever it comes his way. But not here! Here you can get your ass kicked and your health takes forever to regenerate! WHY DOES IT DO THAT?!?!?!?!! I really feel that this move was just a big fat slap in the face. I honestly like Wolverine a lot! I am not as huge a fan as some people, but still I really like the guy! Why would you make Wolverine so freaking weak in a video game??? I mean jeez! I would understand why he is weak, at first, if you could increase your health later on in the game… but no! THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN EITHER!!!! You are stuck with the same health the entire game. No permanent increases, no temporary increases, no anything! The game is telling you to simply “Shut up, sit down, and deal with it!” Uggghh…..

The only other comment that I think is worth mentioning is again the difficulty. No I am not going to talk about your health problem again. This time it’s about the checkpoints. Why is this a problem? Well for one thing THERE IS BARELY ANY! YEAH! NOT THAT MANY CHECKPOINTS!!! There are a bunch of sections in each chapter, and each level you have to be pretty god damn perfect because, like I said, the enemies are relentless. I cannot tell you how many times I got REALLY REALLY FAR in the level and then all of a sudden I was overrun by bad guys and damn. I died. This happens a lot. I swear! I think there are some levels where you get more than one continue because they are really really long. But whenever you get those levels don’t expect any gratitude from the game. Those levels are just as hard. I cannot describe anymore how hard this game can be because of the lack of continues! THIS IS A MAJOR FLAW!!!!

OK OK OK Time for some good stuff now.

Check out these graphic depictions below:

I have to admit that the graphic depictions are amazing in this game. Every time you go to a new level you get to see a new drawing of these. My favorite one has got to be the one with Magneto (shown above). The attention to detail in these drawings and depictions of Wolverine, Magneto, and other characters as well is really impressive. The concept art and special features are really awesome as well. The only way, that I remember, for you to unlock new content is to either get enough dog tags (by performing stealth kills), collecting pieces of cerebro, or finding comic books. The best part is if you find EVERYTHING you get a deleted scene of the game that is really cool to watch. I don’t want to spoil it out loud so I will put the video below:

There’s also a bunch of funny videos that you can unlock. This one is always my favorite:

Besides the extra content being amazing, the voice talent is really spot on. You know who actually plays Wolverine? Mark Hammil! YEAH! FREAKING MARK HAMMIL! I could kind of guess it was him just only because his voice in this game reminds me of his interpretation of The Hobgoblin on SPIDERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES. If you have not seen that before then see this down there. Just listen to Mark Hammil be The Hobgoblin in his scenes and you’ll understand what I mean. I’m not talking about his laugh though cause we all know what character that sounds like…

Patrick Stewart is also in this game too. Atleast they were able to get one of the people from the X-MEN movies to show up in this game. And of course he does a fantastic job playing Professor Xavier. Come to think of it I really enjoyed all of the other major character’s acting as well. Their performances really seem to fit the video game characters at hand. It seems like not really a big deal for their performances to be good in this game, but really I commend them for doing a great job. Magneto’s voice is the one I like the best.

The final good thing I love about this game is the story. And again I don’t want to spoil to much of it and end up giving it away. I would just recommend playing it to find out about it.

If you want to try and play this game it goes for pretty cheap right now. So finding it will not be hard at all. I would seriously play it if I were you. It’s got Wolverine, a great story, a ton of great bonus features, and really spot on acting. The only thing I must say is that the game is very very very VERY HARD!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

IGN Score: 7.3

My Score: 8.5

Here is the trailer for the game:

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