#8: Mario Kart 7

Just got a 3Ds… And the 3D gives me a freaking headache. So no I will not be reviewing the “3D” aspect of Mario Kart 7 a.k.a. Mario Kart 3Ds.

Honestly if you have played one Mario Kart game you really have played them all. That’s the basis for this game.

I have to say that I am really glad that these games came out. The Mario Kart games I mean. I really don’t think there have been any other good racing games out there that combines so many memorable characters into one game and allows you to play as them for racing. The only exception I can think of is Star Wars Episode 1 Podracing. That game was badass. Anyways lets go back to Mario Kart 7.

Let me start by saying that if you have played one Mario Kart game then you have really played them all. There are a numerous amount of tracks that are re-used and quite honestly I was a little bit disappointed by this. The game just feels like a broken record at some points because we have all played Rainbow Road (in some form or another), Bowser’s Castle, and Mario/Luigi Raceway. I was really hoping that there would be only NEW tracks. Obviously I did not get my wish, and now I am forced to re-race all of these tracks from past games. Bahh…

The next thing to talk about is the new items. There are three new ones and about 15 some repeat ones that we have all seen before. The repeat ones that show up are the red, blue, and green shells, that annoying squid that appears in front of your screen and you cannot see, bananas, mushrooms, lightning, etc.. The new ones that show up in this game try to update itself and make the game unique but really don’t add to the excitement of Mario Kart. Here are the items:

1. Lucky 7: Just like the item says, it is composed of SEVEN things. The item is composed of 7 different items that you all get at once. The items that you get are: Star, Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Blooper, Bob-Omb, and a Mushroom. The only problem with this item is that it spins all the other items around you like it does with the turtle shells. When someone comes near you, they could possibly get something good like the star, or just get hurt with the bob-omb. Then you pretty much have to use these items all once after another in order to not let anyone else use them. This really is just a waste of time. Just give me 7 bullet bills please! That’ll be awesome!

2. Fireflower: No you don’t turn red and look like a sunburned Mario. You get this item and use it like something else that is familiar. Oh that’s right.. it’s like the shells. However you get like 10 shots instead of only getting a maximum of 3 with the shells. The only thing is that it doesn’t target anyone. You have to be a pretty good shot and hope that the fireball hits someone. I like this item more than the Lucky 7 but it’s not really the new kind of game changer item that I was looking for in Mario Kart 7. Ok 2 down and only one more new item left to review.

3. Super Leaf: Remember getting that leaf from the past Mario games that turns Mario into some kind of Raccoon? And you can fly? Yeah you cannot fly with this item. However you can swish and swash any item away from you that comes near. With this item you can also swish away any opponents in the race that is near you. So basically it is one giant flyswatter that is attached to the ass of your car. Sounds OK but not AMAZING. This item would have been better if your car would turn into a jet and fly for a short amount of time.

So all in all the new items are really kind of underpar. I would have liked to have seen something that is completely new and fresh. I don’t have any ideas here but I am hoping that the next Mario Kart will be able to give me something that I am looking for.

Next thing to talk about: The Character List.

Here is the roster sheet:

It is pretty cool to see some completely new characters in this game. My new favorite is Metal Mario… cause he’s a BOSS! The characters that you start with are Bowser, Donkey Kong, Koopa Troopa, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, Mario, and Luigi. The only way that you can unlock new characters is by racing in, AND placing in 1st place in the 150 cc level races. Some seem like a waste to unlock (like Wario because this is the only one that has never had to be unlocked in previous versions). However I will say that it is cool to see some new faces in this game. The only thing is… I miss Waluigi. THAT’S RIGHT! I SAID IT! I LIKE WALUIGI! Also you an unlock your Mii character by just gettting enough coins or beating one of the lower level races. You don’t need to place in the 150 cc races in order to get that.

Speaking of which there are items you can unlock ONLY by grabbing enough coins in the races. I would like to say that you can only have a maximum of 10 coins per race and that items usually unlock after 100 coins you grab. There are some items (like the gold ones for example) that take a hell of a lot of coins to unlock (LIKE 10,000 coins. REALLY. 10,000. DAMN!) If you happen to try and get that many coins then you have no freaking life. Sorry. But you don’t.

There is one last thing I want to touch on that is new: the ways of racing. The new ways to race are that in some points you can actually fly via hangliding and turn your car into some kinda plane thing. It works but it only lasts till you hit the ground. Then by that point your car turns back into a regular go kart again.

The other way to race is via turning your car into a submarine. The only way that this can happen is by your car being incased in water. As in being underwater. When this happens, your car brings out a propellar from the back and you become a car/submarine hybrid. It’s cool to see this and you don’t become totally screwed over when you are stuck in water as in from the earlier versions.

All in all Mario Kart 7 is good… but it’s completely typical and kind of boring in a number of ways. I enjoyed it but I also disliked it at the same time. I would sort of recommend this game. Like I said earlier, “Honestly if you have played one Mario Kart game you really have played them all”.

IGN Score: 9.0

My Score: 7.5

Here is the trailer for the game:

Oh by the way. You can customize your car with the extra items you unlcock. It’s really cool and I like that part of the game.


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