#11: Skyrim DLC – Hearthfire

Honestly I really had no idea that this was even coming out until the day of. Is that sad? I don’t think it is. Considering how much there is not really in here and it was not broadcasted. To be honest, Hearthfire, to me, was rushed and unfinished. Now if they would have spent more time on it, then perhaps this would have been better.

I will say that if you have not beaten the original game for whatever reason, then you will encounter some spoilers here.

To start off let’s go over the plot:

There is no plot. This DLC is merely a way for people to either A). Adopt children, or B). Create your own house. But these two features are not really worth the $5 that it is. So keeping that in mind let’s break down the features that this DLC comes with.

Building Your Dream House In Skyrim:

Before I start with this, I must inform you that it will take a huge considerable amount of money to be able to get the house you want. So if you want to build a shack and live out your days in a run down piece of crap then really it will cost about 6000 gold. Ok here are the steps to building your dream house:

  1. Have ATLEAST 5,000-10,000 gold. Yeah it will take a bunch of money to get this house off the ground. The funny thing is that you are the Dragonborn. Harvester of Dragon Souls and conquerer of Alduin. So why should you have to pay for your house? Because the Jarls are bastards that’s why. You must first buy the plot of land that your house will reside upon. You only get three choices for the plots: Dawnstar, Falkreath, and Morthal. Go to the Jarls and talk to their stewards. They will offer you the land deed and then you can head over to it, once you buy it of course.
  2. Get a crud ton of Iron Ingots, Wood, Glass, Clay, Conundrium Ingots and Straw. You automatically start off with some of these things (but not all) in your possession next to your plot of land. Your house construction will require a ton of these things because they are all required to build your house. The wood, iron ingots, and clay will be used for the construction of the house and the walls and stuff. The biggest thing to acquire is the Iron Ingots because they will be used for the nails, locks, shingles, and other metal things. So make sure to get a ton of them. The straw, glass and conundrium ingots will be used for the interior of the house.
  3. Get a housecarl. You can get your follower to become your housecarl. What is a housecarl? They are basically your slaves and you can get them to purchase anything for you. This is in the form of materials, hiring carriages, refurbishing the house, etc. They can be very useful and are not to be taken lightly. All you gotta do is take your follower to the house and then ask them to be your housecarl. Easy.
  4. Start building. There is a workbench that allows you to start the construction of your house (seen above). From this you must make the entry hall first and then expand from there. Like I said this will require a lot of materials so make sure to stock up first. The more materials you have the more you can make. From there you can build a bigger hallway and then up to 3 room add-ons out of like 10. So make sure to pick them carefully. These can be like armories, extra rooms, trophy rooms, garden, etc.
  5. Decorate. Now that you have you house built you will notice that it is very very barren. Go around to each room and you will notice that there are workbenches throughout. Go to one of them and add stuff like tables, beds, cabinets, weapon racks, etc. This will take a bunch of money as well so make sure to not be poor.

And that’s it in terms of the house portion.

Now for adopting the kids: the easiest way to do so is just go to that adoption center in Riften. Remember when you killed the owner like a pig when that one kid asked you to do so? Well her apprentice took over and the adoption center is now open for business. Just talk to the steward and ask her to adopt. Then go to the kids and you can adopt up to 2 of them. They will immediately go back to your house and then just hang around. That’s it really. They ask you for money and stuff but other than that you cannot kill them. What? Oh don’t give me that. I have been wanting to kill my kids in a video game since Fable 2. Dammit they need that feature. I cannot be the only one! Oh and you can also adopt them straight from the street if the kids are homeless.

Anyways that’s really all. There are a ton of glitches and bugs in here though but other than that it’s not really amazing or anything. The best DLC so far that has come out was still Shivering Isles. But that’s just me. It’s a cool little add on if you want a bigger house. Other than that it is not worth buying.

IGN Score: N/A

My Score: 5.0

Game Trailer:

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