#10: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3Ds)

If you have never played a Zelda game before then now is the time to start. It’s got everything you could ever ask for in a game: action, adventure, quests, miscellaneous quests, bosses, dungeons, plot twists and a lot of ways to keep you entertained.

I will say that the best part that I like about having this on the 3Ds is the fact that the controls are SOOO MUCH EASIER TO USE than on the Nintendo 64. If you have ever used the Nintendo 64 before then you should know that the controls are stiff as fuck and it is so hard to do much. Compared to the 3Ds, it is a no brainer. Just play this game on the 3Ds…. or on Project 64. But I am not telling you where to do that or how to do that.

Ok so I will reveal the plot for those of you who have never played this game before. Just don’t look if you want to play the game for yourself.

Plot: The game starts you off as a boy with no name (although you give him a name when you play new-game.. and everyone refers to him as Link), and you are supposedly a fairy that has been summoned by The Great Deku Tree. So you go to the tree and he asks you to go inside of him and destroy the evil within. When you destroy the evil, The Great Deku Tree tells you your destiny of being this great warrior that was destined to defeat a new evil that is about to come to Hyrule: Ganondorf, The Man in Black from the Desert. He has come seeking The Triforce (a symbol of Hyrule that is actually made up of three seperate powers: wisdom, courage, and power) in order to take over Hyrule. The Great Deku Tree then sends you on a massive quest to try and stop Ganondorf by any means necessary. This requires seeing The Princess Zelda and getting her help. She eventually gives you The Ocarina of Time that can learn magical songs that will help you on your journey. She then lets you go on a long quest that involves going into a volcano, going underwater, traveling into the shadows, surviving the desert, and even traveling through time. That’s right. This game, at one point, sends you forward in time 7 years and you are a full fledged adult by that point. When you are an adult you see the world turn into a huge sespit of evil and despair. Ganondorf has turned the great land of Hyrule into a land of the walking dead. There are many evil minions controlled by Ganondorf that are now the boss of an area. Link learns that he must defeat all of them before trying to defeat Ganondorf. Once Link has killed all of the minions of Ganondorf, Link then goes to Ganondorf’s Castle and fights him in a duel. The duel ends with Link being the victor and Ganondorf then turns into the evil monster known as Ganon using the power of The Triforce. Link defeats Ganon and the land of Hyrule goes back to normal again. Princess Zelda then sends Link back into the past in order for him to live out his childhood.

This game brings back so many memories. This has to be one of those games where I can play it time and time again and it never gets old. I will say though that while this game is pretty much as perfect as perfect can be… there are a few MINOR complaints that I have. There are not many I assure you.

I have to say that the first complaint to talk about is the option to re-battle bosses. I will say that this was something that I was looking forward. I mean who wouldn’t wanna kick Ganondorf’s ass again right? Or even Volvagia (seen on the right)? But it is just not necessary to make this game even greater. This is how it works: Once you beat a boss, you have the option to fight the boss again. This can be whenever you so desire but it has to be in a certain place where you do it. If you travel back to your childhood house you can go sleep on your bed and then this will activate the boss-replay-feature within the game. THERE IS THE OPTION TO PLAY THE MASTER QUEST VERSION OF THE GAME ON THE 3Ds but I will talk about that later. Anyways…

Another complaint I have is that … well … I was slightly dissappointed that the game didn’t offer any new kinds of quests or items that could never be obtained from the N64 Version. Now I did say SLIGHTLY dissappointed so I am not in complete dispair over this or anything. I just think that this would be the perfect time to introduce new items or something. Apart from the Master Quest option, there is nothing new (in terms of items I mean) that was included from the original game to the conversion on the 3Ds.

One final complaint, that is not big at all but still a freaking headache is the fishing mini-game. Still hard as all hell. Cannot beat it even to this day. Uggh… I HATE THAT MINI-GAME!!!! IT’S BEEN OVER 10 YEARS AND I STILL CANNOT BEAT IT AND GET THE GOLD SCALE!!! WHYY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!! Hmppphhhh…. Ok Ok I am cool now. If none of you know what I am talking about, then when you play the game go to Lake Hylia and go to the fishing building or whatever and try to play that mini-game. It is really just a big game of stress.

Now let’s talk about the great things about this game: First off – The Controls and Resolution.

If any of you have ever played the Nintendo 64 version then you know that the controls were soooo freeeaaakking stiff and annoying as all hell sometimes. That, thank god, is NOT an issue here. Remember how much of a hell the Water Temple was? And you had to constantly switch out your iron boots and regular boots almost every 5 seconds? Well have no fear because it has been completely fixed here. Lets talk about some of the amazing things that are possible because of the controls now:

  1. Able to carry up to 5 items on the screen at once (so there is not that much need to switch back to the items page any more) and items can be used/taken off the screen easier than ever before.
  2. Camera instances are much MUCH smoother and easier to control.
  3. Everything can be used with the simple tap of your stylus (or fingers).
  4. The Ocarina Songs can easily be remembered and the song page can be used even while you are trying to play a song.
  5. Stiff controls, faulty buttons, and stressful movements are all GONE!

Ok now the resolution fixes:

  1. Game is now presented in HD quality resolution.
  2. All enemies, areas, levels, and characters have gotten a complete tune up in the area of textures and graphics. They all look amazing and I am so glad that everything is fully brought to an amazing HD conversion.
  3. There is the option to play the game in 3D but I would just stay away from this. I only use this if I want to play the game in 3D but I hardly ever do. I don’t see the point of making this game able to be in 3D perception… but whatever.

Here is an example of the graphics and textures fixes: (on top is the 3Ds and the bottom is the Nintendo 64) Is that not just awesome?? Notice all the details that are present JUST in Ganondorf’s face! Now he looks like a dark evil man from the desert instead of being all blocky from the N64.

 Another thing that is just a nice touch is the fact that this is a re-release of a game that people know and love. This really was just a brilliant move by Nintendo. Who doesn’t love this game? WHO I ASK YOU?? WHO?!?!? I’ll tell you who: Nazi’s and Zelda haters. I can tell you that there are re-releases of some games that don’t need to be re-released and/or don’t deserve it at all. It’s been a long time since Ocarina of Time was released on the N64 and I was glad to welcome it back with open arms when the release came out.

Another thing to mention is that in this version of Ocarina of Time, there is a way for you to recieve hints if you need them. Are you stuck with a secret you want to find? Do you need help defeating a boss? Are you lost in trying to find some keys? No need to worry because there is a little “hole” area that allows you to crawl in and see a video of how to do it/find it (these are only located in The Temple of Time and The Kokiri Forest). I find that this is especially useful for new people, but for people who know what they’re doing it will not be THAT useful. It’s mainly just there if you need it.

Ok there is one last thing that I want to talk about before I end this review. Honestly this feature alone is the reason why it took me so long to review this game: Master Quest Mode.

Now I must tell you that Master Quest Mode is HARD!!!! This feature can only be unlocked after beating the original game. There is some things that you should know upfront about Master Quest Mode:

1. All enemies and bosses do twice as much damage than before. So make sure to plan attacks accordingly and not just rush in thinking everything will be ok.

2. The dungeons have been mirrored and have been given more enemies and puzzles to complete than in the normal version of the game (There is an example of this right below here. Check out the picture to see what I am talking about).

3. Gold Skulltulas in the boss dungeons have been moved to different locations.

Here is that picture I was talking about:

Speaking of Gold Skulltulas, I will explain them now for people who have never played the game:

So they are these golden spiders (seen on the left) that are located all over the place in secret hidden locations within the game. The problem is that these spiders only appear outside at night, in patches of soil, in dark areas OR inside of Boss Dungeons. So finding these little jerkwads is easier said than done. It makes sense just to destroy these as soon as possible because they can give you amazing rewards like bigger wallets (to carry more money), a device that finds secrets, pieces of heart, etc.. Just be on the lookout and the easiest way to find them is listen for “rustling sounds” that show up from time to time. Look around you and try to kill them if they are near.

Well that wraps up my review for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3Ds). I would highly recommend getting this game (or the original on the Nintendo 64) because this really is one of the best games ever made. Period. Just find it, or play it at a friends house if need be. For those of you who have never even played a Zelda, now is the time! Go out and get this game IMMEDIATELY!!!

IGN Score: 9.5

My Score: 10.0

Just for fun here is a tv spot that shows off Robin Williams as a hardcore Zelda fan:

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